3 Tips for Success with Baby Portraits

Taking baby portraits can be a difficult job for any photographer, but there are a few tips that you can use to be more successful and less stressed.

1. Consider Baby's Age

If you plan to do newborn baby portraits, it is best to schedule the session within the first 10-12 days after birth. After this point, babies become more wide awake and no longer prefer to stay curled up or in the fetal position. They will stretch out and stiffen and no longer pose quite as easily. 

2. Keep the Room Warm

Always remember to keep the room as hot as possible, usually 85 degrees is about the perfect temperature. Babies get chilly easily. You also want to keep them covered up until right before you begin to shoot; this will help with draftiness as well.

3. Make Sure Baby Has a Full Tummy

You want to make sure that the baby has been fed to his content before the session. That way, he has a nice full tummy and will be more likely to sleep well.