3 Tips for Improving Commercial Photography

Commercial photography shots should generally look a great deal more styled and polished than amateur or casual shots. If you are trying to break into the world of commercial photography, there are a number of things that you can do to improve your skills and accuracy. Taking the time to learn new ways to shoot commercial photographs is an investment in your future as a commercial photographer.

Tip 1 - Look to the Light

The correct kind of lighting is vital to commercial photography. Lighting can make a product look wonderful, or it can create hideous shadows and reflections that turn your commercial shoot into a nightmare. Commercial photography professionals utilize specialist lighting to get the best out of a shot, bringing the product into the foreground and giving it a crystal-clear focus. Use strobe lighting to give a product depth when shooting long-range photographs, as these can give a flat product a dramatic three-dimensional effect, and use lighting boxes below the product for closer work.

You can also change the shutter in your camera to give your product maximum light, if it needs it. You could also try shooting some pictures in black and white, as that creates deeper light and shadows for your product.

Tip 2 - Get in the Mood

The best commercial photography professionals use more than a white background to give the product an attractive quality. Sometimes, the minimalist method of shooting is not the best. Creating the right kind of atmosphere for a product is part of your role as a commercial photographer.

First, get your lighting right: home lighting is not always right for a shoot, so bring in dramatic or colored lights for a better mood. Then, set the 'stage' for your product. Imagine a story where the product is being used: for example it would make no sense to shoot a chainsaw in the living room (unless you were using it as part of a complicated editorial shoot), so put things in their rightful place.

Illustrate the product by putting in flower arrangements, or other ornaments relevant to the product. If you are looking to take a refreshing and original shot of a product, try putting it in with items which are slightly incongruous, but not unattractive or with a negative impact upon the product itself: for example, if you are photographing a round object, surround it with square or triangular objects for contrast.

Tip 3 - Use Different Angles

In commercial photography, it is fairly rare for a product to be photographed straight-on. Instead, try photographing the product from different angles. For a refreshing take upon a kettle, for example, go in very close, and then take a picture with the kettle in only 50  percent of the shot. Try photographing flat objects from the side, or tall objects from below. When you change the eyeline of a product, you change the appearance of the product, making things which are everyday seem new and exciting.

You could also do this on commercial fashion shoots: a background can become something to play with, rather than just a set-piece. Toy with your products, and you will get better photographs.

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