3 Tips for Getting Great Family Portraits

Family portraits are one of the great things about those annual family gatherings. Ten years down the line, you will be pulling out the photos to show the grandkids what Aunt Bessie or Uncle Harold did that was so funny. They are a source of both memories and amusement for many years. When you have your family assembled, your camera in hand, and you are ready to capture those memories, keep the following in mind:

  1. Positioning: The surrounding elements in the area where you’re photographing are useful in posing for the picture. Group the family into a general up-down shape rather than lining them up standing in a row. Have people seated in the foreground while other stand at varying heights behind and next to them. Make sure everyone turns their bodies inwards. The inward movement of the body will bring the focus into the photo.
  2. Eye Levels: Since you have varying heights in the frame; you need the group to come together cohesively. This you can do by arranging their eyes. Although you want to capture everyone’s face, you do not want all eyes on you. Have some people in the group make eye contact with each other.
  3. Multiple Photos: When taking a family photo or photographing any person or group of people; take multiple shots in succession. If you have your camera set on rapid shoot, you will be able to edit and fix any mishap in the photo with your editing software. Two consecutive shots will allow you to fix the photo by taking a section from photo and splicing it into another photo.