3 Tips for Dramatic Landscapes Photos

In taking landscapes photos, it’s not enough for you to simply click away at a breathtaking view. There are several tricks and techniques to make sure that your search for the perfect landscape is not in vain and that you take a great photograph the moment you find your subject. Taking perfect landscape photos does not only entail luck in finding the perfect moment in nature, there are also some trade secrets that you might want to remember. Here are some tips when you’re trying to take dramatic landscape photos.

1. Observe the Spot

Landscape photography can be hard work. It’s not merely finding the perfect view, but also finding out the perfect time to take your picture. In some instances, professional photographers would spend all day observing a certain landscape. Take note of how the light hits your subject at different times of the day, and if there is an interesting focal point such as animals that pop up during certain moments. These will all lend to the overall dramatic effect of your landscape photograph.

2. Return to Your Spot

It’s not enough to take photos of the view for one time. It’s advisable to see how the landscape looks during weather changes. You might want to capture it in the midst of a thunderstorm or during a hazy day.

3. Use Filters

Few photographers dare to use filters for fear of ruining their shot. In landscape photography, sometimes this is a must. Try different sets of polarizing filters and see their effect. You might also want to test some colored filters and effects filters. Maybe that starburst filter will do well for that sunlight shot, or your tilt-shift lens will create more drama to that cow herd by the meadow. Dare to experiment with your equipment.