3 Tips for Aspiring Urban Landscape Photographers

Urban landscape photographers are city explorers who find beauty in places that people don't often normally see. In fact, the less recognizable the location, the better because it makes the work more unique. In order to be a successful urban landscape photographer, you need to have a great artistic eye along with the willingness to do research and travel to little known places. Here are three tips to shooting urban landscape:

1. Find the Beauty

As an urban landscape photographer, you must develop your artistic eye into a sixth sense so that you will recognize great shots when you stumble upon them. It takes some mental training to do this. One great way to get started is to take a point and shoot camera everywhere you go. If you do this and take plenty of pictures, then recognizing a great shot instantly will become second nature. 

2. Research

If you want to get great urban landscape shots, then you need to do a little research on where to go shoot. Most major cities have websites that list the more unique and unknown things in town. You'll be surprised by what you will find.

3. Safety First

It should be mentioned that most of these unique locations are the products of urban decay. You should never visit these places alone because they can be dangerous. Always have someone with you.