3 Tips for a New Professional Photography Business

If you want to start a new professional photography business, then you must learn the basics of the industry. Here are a few tips you need to follow:

1. Get a Copyright on your Work

If you plan to be in the professional photography business, it’s vital to get a copyright on all of your work. This will prevent someone else from using your work without paying for it. Having a copyright gives you all the rights regarding that particular photo and you are protected by law.

2. Have Business Cards

How do you expect to start a new professional photography business if no one can remember the name of it? Every new business needs business cards to advertise it. The card should have all of the pertinent info so that customers can contact you: name, hours open, what you do, phone number, email, etc. It helps to decorate it with something appropriate like a picture of a camera or other photography related logo.

3. Know the Proper Storage of Photos

You never know when a potential client will want additional copies of a photo you did. It’s vital to have a good method of archiving your photos and digital photo files. Make sure you have the proper sized hard drives for the digital files and if you store actual photos, make sure they are in a place they can’t be damaged or ruined in some way. You can also store files on CDs, DVDs or other storage media to preserve space.