3 Tips for a New Professional Photographer

Being a professional photographer is a dream job for many people. It takes a lot of hard work just to get to the point where you can call yourself a professional, and then once you reach that level, you might find that it's hard to find steady work. Here are three tips for a new professional photographer.

1. Save Your Earnings

Most professional photographers either own their own business or are freelance. That means that you are not always bringing in money everyday. So, when you do make a lot of money on a gig, you should save most of that check because there are going to be weeks when you will be living off your savings.

2. Take Almost Any Gig

Being a new professional means that you have to build up a reputation for yourself, clients, a portfolio and experience. You can't be too choosey when it comes to work. Not every gig you take will pay a lot of money, but it will help you build up yourself and your business. Of course you don't need to take every gig; use your common sense.

3. Shoot When You're Not Working

Even when you're not working, you should be engaged in some sort of photography that will keep your skills sharp and your portfolio fresh.