3 Secrets of Black And White Photography

Black and white photography has its own appeal, distinct from color images. There are subjects and images which look better in black and white while others require color to convey the message. The following are three secrets to creating great black and white photographs.

1. Place Emphasis on Composition

Photographers that are used to photographing in color will find it challenging to see the world devoid of color. There is greater focus on the elements used in the image. Composition becomes more important. With no colors to distract the viewer’s attention, the message of the image becomes clearer.

2. Look for Tones, Textures and Contrasts

One difficulty in photographing in black and white is understanding how the colors will appear in a black and white image. An image with bright blues and reds may appear the same in a black and white photograph. Photographers will need to learn how to see in contrast. The difference between textures and tones will appear better in black and white.

3. Mix Colors in Black and White

A common way of converting a colored picture into black and white is by desaturation. This gives equal importance to red, blue and green channels. By color mixing via a photo editing program, the user can choose to increase the proportion of one color. This creates a better contrast between colors.