3 Reasons Why You Need a Photography Business Plan

A photography business plan is the foundation of your business. Like any business, the photography business needs the formality of a business plan. Starting any business needs solid goals and steps to achieving success.

Starting from scratch, if you just tumble headlong into the business you will be pulled in many different directions.

  1. Line of Photography: With so many options available as far as photography is concerned, you are almost spoiled for choice. Wedding photography is the most lucrative with baby photography coming a close second. There are, however, many more kinds of photography, such as wildlife photography, think on the line of National Geographic. Travel photography is another.
  2. Cost Estimate: When you are starting out, you will need to get the basics depending on which branch you are going to be doing. If you are doing studio work you will need a studio, even if it is a room in the house. You will need equipment and lighting. All these items need to have their cost estimated.
  3. Advertise: While word of mouth is the best advertising one can get, you need to start somewhere and that means printing flyers and business cards to hand out to everyone you can think of. That taxi driver taking you downtown might just have a wedding coming up or a granddaughter that needs a baby photo taken. Give him a card.