3 Reasons to Read Understanding Exposure

Understanding Exposure is a very important photography handbook that offers a look into why you need to have great exposure as a photographer. The right exposure can give you great results, while bad exposure can ruin the image completely. Exposure is nothing but the amount of light required to best see the object in focus. This is perhaps the single most important thing that a photographer needs to understand before venturing into a career. Here are three reasons to learn more about exposure through Understanding Exposure.

1. Exposure

Exposure is the amount of light required to illuminate an object so it can be seen vividly when photographed. Most photographers have a light meter through which they measure the light hitting the subject; they will then adjust the exposure on the camera accordingly. Some cameras come with built-in light meters, but these cannot correctly read the amount of light outside the camera. This can lead to either very dull or very bright photographs.

2. Shutter Speed

A few things that you would need to understand about shutter speed are the exposure time, shutter speed and the aperture. Exposure time is the duration through which the light enters your camera and aperture is the amount of light you allow to enter. If you need to capture a fast moving object, then you need to have a higher shutter speed to capture the image properly.

3. Aperture 

Aperture is like the pupil in your eye. The pupil contracts in bright light and expands in dark or dim light, so you can adjust your vision. Similarly, you need to adjust the aperture of a camera according to the situation to get the proper exposure and hence the proper image. Aperture and shutter speed need to be proportional to get the right exposure for an image.