3 Popular Websites for Black And White Nature Photography

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There are many websites online that have beautiful black and white nature photography taken by both famous and amateur photographers. Many people believe black and white photography methods are superior to color and that it takes more skill to show the beauty of nature when it is done this way. Here is a list of just a few websites where you can view this beautiful art form:

1. Clydebutcher.com

Clyde Butcher says he was inspired to take black and white nature photos in the wilderness to get peace after his son was killed by a drunk driver. He used this horrible incident to help him retain his sanity through the beauty of nature and continues to use his talent to take beautiful black and white nature photography.

2. Blackandwhitenaturephotography.com

This website gives photographers who want to learn about black and white nature photography a chance to learn how it works and why it is so special to some photographers. It contains black and white photos uploaded by members, as well as a wealth of tips and hints in taking them.

3. Sgbphotography.com

Steven Beck is another photographer who likes using black and white media to take his nature photos. He says he does this because it is more interesting to shoot photos in black and white. He feels it gives him a chance to use his imagination more and make some things look abstract and different. His photos are also for sale on the website.