3 Popular Websites for Black and White Landscape Photography

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There are dozens of websites online where you can find some striking and beautiful black and white landscape photography by well-known artists. Here are just a few of the most popular websites for black and white landscape photography to choose from:

1. Martyknapp.com

This site is run by photographer Marty Knapp from Point Reves Station, Calif. He specializes in doing black and white landscapes of places like Death Valley, Port Reves Island and Tomales Bay. Knapp started in the business of landscape photography in 1986. He says he loves photography and he got his first camera for his 11th birthday.

2. Michaelmironov.com

Photographer Michael Mironov says he does black and white landscape photography because it is more interesting to see how it looks in black and white instead of color. He has been taking black and white images since 2004. Some of his recent works include pictures of the Gulf of Finland, and the Karelia, and the Lake Ladoga skerries. His shots are taken using a long exposure effect, which helps bring out special and dramatic images. His work is for sale through the website.

3. Steveshamesphotos.com

This photographer likes to use Kodak infrared film in some of his landscape photography. Steve Shames has taken pictures all over, including in Africa and he gives his mother credit for inspiring him to look for the charm in taking photos.