3 Photography Tips for Dramatic Images

Dramatic images have an emotional impact on viewers whether it's conscious or subconscious, and here are three photography tips to help you achieve this type of drama.

1. Camera Placement

Where the camera is placed and at what angle it views the shot is extremely important for creating dramatic images. If the camera is placed where it can see a lot of depth, then that looks dramatic. If it's placed dead on looking at white wall, then it's not dramatic. Likewise, the angle of the lens is important to the drama as well. A dead-on eye level shot is not as dramatic as a shot with the camera looking up at the subject.

2. Composition

The blocking of the actors or models and the composition of the set objects will greatly affect how the shot will look and thus it's dramatic impact. Everything in your frame is a tool at your disposal that should be effectively utilized. The staging and blocking of your shot should be constructed in a way that it effectively communicates what is happening to the audience.

3. Lighting

Lighting has a huge influence on the mood of your shot which means that it has the power to make a dramatic image. If you effectively use light and shadows, you can great a dramatic mood almost anywhere.