3 Modern Photographers for Beginners to Study

As photography becomes more and more intense and complicated, new and modern photographers are slowly inching themselves up the industry with amazing photos and effects. They are the new era of individuals who capture images with grace and glamor. Here are three modern photographers to study if you are a beginner:

1. Florian Schulz

Florian Schulz is a professional photographer who mainly captures wildlife and nature subjects. His works have become well renowned and a lot of people try to imitate the essence of his photographs. An especially good thing about this photographer is that his photos have a purpose, and that is to protect the natural ecosystems that he captures on his camera.

2. James Nachtwey

James Natchtwey is probably the best war photographer there is. He is a photojournalist and is able to vividly capture the essence of war-torn countries. He is able to capture their pain and show the world what war has done to his subjects.

3. Joe McNally

Joe McNally currently shoots for National Geographic and is a very multi-talented photojournalist who can capture images as they should be caught. He is able to fully express the emotion of his subjects so that when readers see them, they immediately understand what it is they are seeing.