3 Industry Rules of High Fashion Photography

Most people understand that high fashion photography is a tough business for everyone involved. This can include the photographers to the models and everyone in between. There are some very specific guidelines that simply must not be ignored.

1. Model Types

High fashion modeling deals with a lot of fashion runway shows. With that being said, there is a certain type of look that agencies look for. The high fashion look is meant for women with square jaws, long necks and high cheek bones. Those with oval faces will venture well in glamour categories. The ideal type should look fit but not too muscular, and the model's eyes should be almond shaped and wide set.

2. Model Size

For the most part, high fashion models need to be tall, young, thin and beautiful. They should range from 5’9” to 5’11” in height and weigh between 108 and 130 pounds, giving most of them an average dress size between 6 and 8. The waist should be larger than 25” with 35.5” hips. The average starting age is between 13 and 19.

3. Lighting

In high fashion photography, lighting is the key when it comes to producing professional looking images. Being creative and using inventive lighting techniques can give your photos a surreal look and feel. Consider some of the works of some of the most popular high fashion photographers and you will understand the importance of pushing lighting and colors to the edge.