3 Great Photography Schools in Chicago

Photography Schools in Chicago are great places to learn photography. With its beautiful skylines and skyscrapers and knowledgeable teachers, Chicago becomes any photographer’s perfect place to study. Here’s a few schools in Chicago for those who wish to learn more about photography:

1. The Illinois Institute of Art

This is one of the most popular photography schools in Chicago. They make education vivid, helping people understand in-depth approaches and how things can be improved through a hands-on approach.  This school also offers evening and weekend classes. An open house is scheduled every year for prospective students.

2. American Academy of Art

This school was founded in 1923 and is renowned for its history. Despite being traditional in its teaching and learning programs, the school has properly integrated modern technology, such as digital photography and 3D imagery, into improving a student’s learning process. The Bachelor’s Degree in Photography offered helps students become more familiar with modern trends in photography, making them more appealing to companies in search of eyes and minds that can reach out to the public with their photographic skill.

3. Chicago Photography Academy

This school enable students to learn the basics without the extra costs. The school offers short courses in digital photography and digital printing without having to worry about buying photo paper, lab fees or extra camera equipment. Check out the school's specialty workshops in photography.