3 Great Photography Schools in Canada

Photography schools in Canada offers various lessons and courses for those who see photography as a wonderful art form and as a career move. Photography is considered an artistry that transcends all limitations when the proper education is attained. These Canadian schools offer photography as part of their curriculum:

1. The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

This photography school focuses on intimate learning environments that help nurture all potential talent in a student. Since 1996, the school's courses have ranged from animation to art and photography, making it an excellent place to learn the craft. Their application time is year-round through a representative who will contact you through phone or email once you’ve applied.

2. The International Academy of Design & Technology

Learning is taken to a real-world and practical level, helping students achieve entry-level status in their dream jobs. Photography lessons focus on history, process, application and all forms of technological support in order to make students capable of handling themselves professionally in the art form they have chosen.

3. Okanagan University College, Fine Arts Department

Taking pictures can range from simple “point-n-click” to even more complicated methods of exposure, such as angling, zoom and color correction. Students can get a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts or a two-year diploma in photography to expand learning to its limit.