3 Ethical Guidelines of Professional Baby Photography

Professional baby photography has its own sets of challenges as compared to photographing children or adults. Babies are not capable of listening to instructions and cannot be posed. The following are a few ethical guidelines to remember when photographing babies.
1. Always Obtain Permission

With photographs taken in the studio, the parents are willingly giving the rights to photographing their infant. Photographing babies in public is a different matter. Countries and states have different laws regarding photographing children and infants in public. Some parents are also wary of their child being photographed, as they have little control of what happens to the photo afterwards. To avoid causing trouble with local authorities, always try to get the parent’s or guardian’s permission prior to taking photographs.

2. Clothe the Baby at All Times

Photographing infants without any clothing on is subjective to how it was presented. There is a thin line of what views can be considered artistic or obscene.

3. Do Not Place Them in Unsafe Positions

Babies are uncontrollable and unpredictable. They can be sleeping one minute and crying the next. Never place them in high or precarious positions and expect them to stay still, as they can fall off.