3 Creative Ideas for Your Nature Photo Gallery

All photography enthusiasts have a nature photo gallery as part of their image gallery collection. Photographing nature can be an emotionally rewarding experience for many photographers. However, random clicking of trees and beaches does not make a great photo gallery. Here are a few ideas to get creative with the process and start building your nature photo gallery.

1. Try the 'Magic Hour'

Shooting during the early morning and evening hours--after and before the sunrise and during and after sunset--will rough out all the harsh shadows and edges that bright daylight is likely to create in the photograph.

2. Try Different Perspectives

Try to not always capture the picture from standard angles. Experiment with your angles and perspectives. This alone can make the same location seem very different from an ordinary picture. That is one advantage of digital shooting. Just try try and try and you might get the perfect shot soon. Also, this is a great way of develpoing technique. Try different lighting and exposure techniques.

3. Explore Your Photo Editing Software

Not all shots that you capture seem to turn out great right away. Most of them are lacking in basic aspects like exposure and color or perspective. So, a slight cropping job and color boost is all it would take to create a picture worth framing.