3 Creative Ideas for Your Landscape Photo Gallery

Creating an impressive landscape photo gallery may seem easy to do, but when actually trying to build such a portfolio, things may no longer look as simple. There are huge differences between a banal picture of a forest and a dramatic image of the same forest. Here are a few useful tips for creating a great landscape photo gallery:

1. Play with Lines

Lines lead the eye of the viewer and give field depth. They can also create interesting patterns, so feel free to experiment with them.

2. Befriend the Weather

Scenes suffer dramatic appearance changes because of the weather, so depending on what emotion you wish to transmit through your image, weather conditions must always be taken into consideration and be the first factor to influence how you set your camera.

3. Capture Movements

Everyone is expecting still frames when thinking of a landscape photo gallery. However, movements completely change the perspective of an image and give life to a still, average landscape. Waterfalls, wind blowing, moving clouds and birds flying are all valuable elements to include in an artsy landscape photo gallery. A longer shutter, more light on the sensor and a tripod are absolutely necessary for such shots.