3 Best Photography Poses

Anyone wanting to make a career as a professional photographer will have to spend time learning about the best photography poses and how they can make their subjects get into them quickly and easily. there are dozens of different poses, each of which is useful for different reasons.

Poses are essential because without the right pose your photo will be much less likely to work. The right pose will improve any photo and make it look much more professional. Learning how to make your subjects get into the right poses can be a challenge, especially if you're dealing with children.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Patience
  • Extra Patience When Working with Children
  • Even more Patience when working with Animals
  • Camera
  • Memory Card

Step 1 - Baby Photographs

As a professional photographer you will have lots of baby portraits which you need to take. Babies look cute for a small amount of the time, but whenever they're crying they're certainly not cute. Taking baby photos is a challenge but there's three main poses which can be used.

Taking a photo of a baby when it is eating is an easy photo to take and it will work no matter what the baby is eating. A baby drinking from a bottle will make them look cute, and a baby with food smothered all over their face looks a little sillier.

Another great way to take a photo of a baby is when they have their fingers in their mouth. What's more this is a very easy pose to get from the baby because they will do it naturally without asking. If you do choose this option then try to avoid him covering his face with his hand. If the baby can smile through the fingers then this will create a much better photo.

The best baby photo is to try and capture the baby's personality. Even at a young age all babies have their unique personality which can be captured on film. Try and get your baby to do what they enjoy to do the best, including laughing, playing a game, playing with animals, or even blowing bubbles.

Babies are naturally beautiful and as long as they are happy and smiling they should take some fantastic photos.

Step 2 - Keeping It Simple

It's possible to over think absolutely everything if you put too much thought into it. Some of the best photos can be taken by keeping everything simple. When taking photos of adults try to keep everything as natural as possible and don't end up over thinking everything, if you put too much thought into the poses then it will come across as being staged and unnatural.

Allow the subjects to put their hands wherever they want to and don't tell them exactly how to stand. However you can give them some pointers which will help improve the look of the photo.

Step 3 - Using a Stool

Using a stool in your photo can be a fantastic way of posing subjects because it gives them one less thing to think about. Taking a photo of someone seated is often the best way to go and will make getting a great photo very simple.

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