3 Art Photography Websites to Study for Aspiring Pros

If you want to be a professional and create art photography, then there are things you need to learn about. Here are some good websites for you to study.

1. DanielKennedy.com

This website features art and fashion photography by Daniel Kennedy. If you are trying to learn techniques and features of this type of photography, then you can use this website to study the kind of designs that this well-known professional teaches through his gallery of photos. There are examples of several kinds of art photography which can give new beginners a chance to see what the best examples of good photos look like.

2. JessicaHilltout.com

Jessica Hilltout is a professional art photographer whose website features a wide variety of photo techniques for the budding professional to study and learn from. She lists her email so people can ask questions about her work, which could also help a new photographer get some hints and tips. Take a look at her varied shots and poses to help teach yourself how to create proper form and style.

3. Photography-Art.com

At this website, aspiring pros can learn about art photography from photographer Lee Mason Lustwig. He prefers black and white for his medium, but does use color as well in his images. He includes his contact form so other photographers or customers can ask questions. He uses a Nikon D200 and Photoshop CS. He gives his reasons why he likes these (as well as some other gear). This sort of advice will help you learn how others interpret and use art photography.