2 Tips for Posing Group Child Portraits

Child portraits are a task in patience. It is extremely difficult to get one child to sit still while setting up the shot to take a photo and to get more than one to do it is almost impossible. The secret is organization and preparation.

  1. Take Time to Prepare: Sounds simple but a lot depends on the height and age of the children. With articles on hand to position them correctly, a lot of the time will be eliminated. If you are photographing them in a studio setting, you can have chairs and benches available to enable you to position them correctly without too much patience being required. In taking time to prepare where you are going to position the children and marking it out with chalk, your studio time can be cut in half.
  2. Have Distractions for the Younger Children: Nothing fascinates children more than water. A fish bowl without the fish can keep them amused for a long time. They can put their hands in it and splash without fear of upsetting the fish. It can also be a good tool to utilize in the photo. It provides a focus for their eyes and also adds interest to the scene. With a few digital props one can create many different scenes, which can later be adjusted to create a photo album of many sorts. By combining the water with the baby and arranging the other children to look on, you can have a natural looking photo shot of the whole group.