2 Secrets of Dramatic Photography Lighting

Dramatic photography lighting is not easy to achieve. There is a great degree of skill, tools and labor involved in creating it. You need to think out the lighting scheme and take the time to execute it, because it is very easy for dramatic lighting to turn into poor lighting. Here are two secrets to help you create dramatic photography lighting.

1. Dramatic Lighting Needs to be Planned

When it comes to photography, whether it's a stills shoot or a movie, planning your decisions before the shoot day is one of the best things you can do. Time is very limited on a set and making the wrong choice can take awhile to undo. Visit your location ahead of time and decide which lights you want to use and roughly where you are going to place them. You want the light to look natural like it is part of the location. 

2. Dramatic Lighting Requires Contrast

For the lighting to be dramatic, there needs to be significant contrast between the light and dark places in the shot. Using shadows to shape your light can greatly increase the dramatic effects. But, you need to be careful with the creation of shadows because you do not want visible shadows coming from more than one direction otherwise the lighting looks unnatural and poor.