2 Great Photography Schools in Denver

If you want to get into the photography industry, you need to know more about the photography schools in Denver. Following are the 2 of the best photography schools in and around Denver.

1. The Denver School of Photography

The Denver School of Photography is a well-known photography school that constantly raises the bar on expectations as well as education pertaining to digital photography. The school has a lot of classes, workshops and regular courses on offer for photographers with all kinds of interests, backgrounds and ages. These programs are designed to explore their creative interests and prepare them for basic jobs in the professional photography circles by providing a very solid foundation in digital photography basics. The teaching methodology is mostly focused on hands on experience and real life application of concepts.

2. The Art Institute of Denver

The Art Institute of Denver has a Bachelor level program that allows the students to hone their photographic skills in one of the best environments available. Again, the program has a core focus on preparing the enrolling students for jobs in the professional photography verticals like commercial photography, magazine photography and photojournalism. Each program offered by the institute is designed to offer cutting edge education in the fields of coloring, digital imaging, lighting, compositions and designing. Each of the labs is pretty well stocked with the latest and the best of photographic equipment.

Students are encouraged to create their own photographic portfolios and explore their original means of creative expression. The institute believes in combining modern and contemporary photography with the tried and trusted principles of classical photography.