10 Useful Digital Photography Terms to Know

There are a number of useful digital photography terms which photographers starting out in the field should know. Knowing the basics will help in understanding more about the field and improving related skills. The following terms are some of the most commonly used terms in digital photography.

1. Aperture

This is the opening inside a camera’s lens which controls the amount of light that reaches the sensor when capturing an image. The size of the opening is determined by the F-stop number wherein a larger number indicates a smaller aperture. Some cameras allow users to adjust the aperture manually.

2. Digital Camera 

This is a device used in photography which uses an electronic imaging sensor that captures the image instead of film.

3. Fill Flash 

This is a method in photography typically used outdoors which involves forcing the flash device to fire to brighten dark areas.

4. Image Editor  

This is a type of software used to enhance the overall appearance of an image. Some features include darkening or lightening an image, adjusting the contrast levels, rotating or cropping areas, among others.

5. Image Resolution

This refers to the number of pixels contained in a digital photo.

6. JPEG  

This is a compression method where some detail and quality is lost to reduce the overall size of the image.

7. Pixel

These are the building components of a digital image, amounting to thousands or millions in a single image.

8. RAW

This refers to the format of the image directly coming off the camera where no processing or compression has been performed.

9. RGB

This is short for red, green and blue, the three basic colors by which the eye and digital devices are responsive to.

10. Shutter Speed

This refers to the amount of time the camera’s shutter remains open to allow light in. Some cameras allow users to adjust the shutter speed manually.