10 Advanced Digital Photography Tips

The innovations in digital photography have enhanced the quality of images, and now even amateurs can take some stunning photos. Here are 10 tips for advanced digital photography.

Tip 1: Focusing

It has often been seen that while you focus on your subject to get a high level of sharpness, the area around the subject looses a little bit of the sharpness. This can be remedied by widening the depth of field by reducing the size of aperture.

Tip 2: Use Flash Outdoors

Using the flash outdoors is the best way to avoid dark shadows in some of the facial features and provide a uniform fill to your images.

Tip 3: Lighting

For taking portrait photos, choose soft light. In the studio, make use of a soft box, and while outdoors, choose cloudy days. For shots of scenery, take the photo when the shadows are casted long (preferably during early morning or late evening).

Tip 4: Background

Choose the background to your subject carefully. A background which is cluttered can cause distraction and will not emphasize the subject.

Tip 5: Closer Shots

To create an impact, fill the frame with your subject. Either move closer or make use of the zoom feature to take closer shots.

Tip 6: Avoid Red Eye

Move the flash away from the lens so that the bright light is not reflected back on to the lens. If you cannot move the flash make the subject look away from direction of the lens.

Tip 7: White Balance

Automatic white balance settings may not work in all photos and hence you might need to calibrate your settings manually by holding a white or grey colored object (which totally fills the frame).

Tip 8: Shooting in Low Light

In low light conditions, set the ISO to 800, the F-stop to 2.8 and make sure to use a tripod.

Tip 9: Angle the Shot

When taking shots of small or short subjects, you need to come to their level and take the shot. Whereas, a vertical angle looks good on images that have a vast downward view.

Tip 10: Move the Subject Off-Center

While framing a shot, you can place the subject off-center if you want to integrate a look of vastness in the image.