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The Top 3 Photography Schools in Santa Barbara

There are many reasons why a potential student should choose to enroll at a Santa Barbara photography school. Not only are they well-founded in arts and photography, Santa Barbara itself makes a wonderful subject...[more]

3 Great Photography Schools in Canada

Photography schools in Canada offers various lessons and courses for those who see photography as a wonderful art form and as a career move. Photography is considered an artistry that transcends all limitations when...[more]

3 Great Photography Schools in Tennessee

There are some great photography schools in Tennessee for people interested in pursuing a career in photography. These schools will give students the skills and experience to succeed, and they are: 1. International Academy...[more]

4 Great Photography Schools in Pennsylvania

There are many photography Schools Pennsylvania has to offer if you want to pursue a career in photography or a related field. Here is a listing of four of them and a brief description...[more]

4 Great Photography Schools in North Carolina

If you live in North Carolina, then check out the great photography schools North Carolina has to offer students. You can take courses in everything from digital photography to art photography and more. Here...[more]

4 Great Photography Schools in Massachusetts

There are many photography schools in Massachusetts to choose from if you want to pursue a career in photography. Here is a listing of four of them and a brief description of what they...[more]

3 Great Photography Schools in Indiana

If you are looking to become a photographer and want to earn a degree, then you need to come to see what photography schools Indiana has to offer. Here is a list of some...[more]

3 Great Photography Schools in Chicago

Photography Schools in Chicago are great places to learn photography. With its beautiful skylines and skyscrapers and knowledgeable teachers, Chicago becomes any photographer’s perfect place to study. Here’s a few schools in Chicago for...[more]

3 Great Photography Schools in Minnesota

The photography schools Minnesota has to offer give students a chance to choose from several different types of degrees in photography related fields of study. Here is a listing of four possible choices and...[more]

3 Great Photography Schools in Dallas

If you are going to study art or photography and live in Texas, check out the great photography schools Dallas has to offer. Here is a listing of some of them: 1. KD College,...[more]

The Top 2 Photography Schools in Houston

There are a lot of photography schools in Houston and each school is unique in terms of the training and core content that is delivered to the students. There are a lot of photography...[more]

2 Great Photography Schools in Denver

If you want to get into the photography industry, you need to know more about the photography schools in Denver. Following are the 2 of the best photography schools in and around Denver. 1....[more]

3 Great Photography Schools in Los Angeles

Any student that desires to go to school in the sunny state of California should come to look at the photography schools in Los Angeles. Here is a partial list of photo or art...[more]

The Top 3 Photography Schools in Utah

Photography Schools in Utah are slowly gaining popularity because of the rise in artists' compensation and career options in the city. Add to this the natural beauty of Utah landscapes and geography, and you...[more]

The Top 4 Photography Schools in Arizona

Photography schools in Arizona prepare students for a successful career. These schools and universities offer several courses in photography ranging from technical to artistic approaches. In some cases, there are even career opportunities offered...[more]

The Top 2 Photography Schools in Michigan

If you are looking to take up photography you will want to start with one of the best Photography Schools in Michigan. Following are the best photography schools in and around Michigan. 1. The...[more]

The Top 2 Photography Schools in Washington

The following guide will help you locate good photography schools in Washington. These days photography schools are centers that prepare students for rewarding careers in the professional photography industry. Following are the best photography...[more]

The Top 3 Photography Schools in Oregon

Oregon’s vast photography subjects ranging from natural terrain to geographical wonders creates a perfect venue for photography schools in Oregon. Not only does Mother Nature gift this state with a vast array of lakes,...[more]

The Top 2 Photography Schools in California

Attending one of the better photography schools in California can guarantee a good learning experience and a chance to obtain a job or an internship with a reputed photographer, studio or magazine. There are...[more]

3 Creative Ideas for Your Landscape Photo Gallery

Creating an impressive landscape photo gallery may seem easy to do, but when actually trying to build such a portfolio, things may no longer look as simple. There are huge differences between a banal...[more]

4 Master Contemporary Photographers

If you are studying photography, you should include a lesson on contemporary photographers. Here are some masters that have helped to shape the art of contemporary photography. 1. Robert Adams Robert Adams captures the destructive...[more]

How Online Training Works with Total Training

Creating a presentation online or for a webinar is easy with Total Training. It can help provide a clearer step-by-step procedure and more defined information on training. It can provide valuable lessons to students,...[more]

Virtual Training Company: FAQs

Virtual Training Company is an online computer training company that offers various courses to individuals. You can choose from a wide variety of topics and courses of interest that best fit your needs. These...[more]

What Is the Virtual Training Company?

The Virtual Training Company,also known as VTC, was launched in 1996. It has grown substantially over the years and is now one of the largest trainers of photography software currently available. They create training...[more]

Lynda: FAQs

The Lynda website provides a vast resource for online courses which cover subjects like digital photography, software training, motion graphics, web development and design. Here are some commonly asked questions about this program. What...[more]

What Is Lynda All About?

Lynda is a resource for educational purposes and digital arts. It also has, in a decade of existence, managed to gain acceptance throughout the world. Lynda Weinman is the co-founder and is an author...[more]

4 Benefits of Lynda Tutorials

Lynda tutorials is a solid tutorial and training resource for many people. The program offers multiple levels of tutorials to meet and address all needs. Following are four of the main benefits of Lynda...[more]

3 Websites for Master Landscape Photographers

It takes a special kind of eye and skill for landscape photographers to practice their craft and artistry. Capturing the beauty and essence of nature in a photograph can be considered a work of...[more]

3 Art Photography Websites to Study for Aspiring Pros

If you want to be a professional and create art photography, then there are things you need to learn about. Here are some good websites for you to study. 1. This website features...[more]

Photographic Masters: 3 Websites for the Best Photographers

All the best photographers have websites they turn to to gain inspiration and see what other photographer's are creating. Presently, many of the best photographers have managed to expand their artistic ideas from their...[more]

3 Creative Ideas for Your Digital Photo Gallery

If you like to take lots of photos and share them online, then you should take a look at a digital photo gallery, a place online to share photos and organize your photos. This...[more]

3 Fashion Photography Tips for the Aspiring Pro

Fashion photography is when the photographer takes pictures of all the latest clothing lines, either on the runway or in a studio with the model showing off the clothing. Here are some tips if...[more]

3 Tips for Great Digital Photography Workflow

Most digital photographers fall into a routine of capturing pictures and processing them, and it gets tough to maintain a consistent digital photography workflow after awhile. Here are a few tips to get and...[more]

What Is Digital Photography Workflow?

Digital Photography Workflow offers you a way of handling your photography assignments in a methodical format, layout or plan. It is a process that begins with the capturing of an image and ends only...[more]

3 Reasons to Read Understanding Exposure

Understanding Exposure is a very important photography handbook that offers a look into why you need to have great exposure as a photographer. The right exposure can give you great results, while bad exposure...[more]

4 Essential Photography Classes for Becoming a Pro

Becoming a professional photographer means taking lots of photography classes that will help you in your chosen field. Here are some of the ones that are essential for your future as a pro: 1....[more]

4 Popular Websites for Black And White Art Photography

Dear Editor, As asked by the other editor, I am removing the links. Thanks Black and white art photography is something that many people collect and hang in their homes. Photographers who use this...[more]

4 Popular Websites for Black And White Portrait Photography

Dear Editor, As asked by the other editor, I am removing the links. Thanks Even in this day and age when most people prefer color pictures, there are some striking effects that can be...[more]

3 Popular Websites for Black and White Landscape Photography

Dear Editor, As asked by the other editor, I am removing the links. Thanks There are dozens of websites online where you can find some striking and beautiful black and white landscape photography by...[more]

4 Popular Websites for Nature Art Photography

There are several websites online that feature nature art photography and have many photos you can browse to get ideas for your own nature photos. Here is a list of just a few of...[more]

4 Popular Websites for Black And White Fine Art Photography

There are several websites online that feature black and white fine art photography that both sell it and tell the story of the photographers behind it. Here is a list of just a few...[more]

4 Popular Websites for Nature Landscape Photography

Dear Editor, As asked by the other editor, I am removing the links. Thanks If you are looking for websites that feature nature landscape photography, there are many out there that give you hints...[more]

3 Popular Websites for Black And White Nature Photography

Dear Editor, As asked by the other editor, I am removing the links. Thanks There are many websites online that have beautiful black and white nature photography taken by both famous and amateur photographers....[more]

3 Modern Photographers for Beginners to Study

As photography becomes more and more intense and complicated, new and modern photographers are slowly inching themselves up the industry with amazing photos and effects. They are the new era of individuals who capture...[more]

4 Popular Websites for Seascape Photography

The Internet is filled with videos and photos, including a variety of seascape photography websites. They usually include seascape photos, their corresponding photographers and some explanations about the photos. Here are four popular websites...[more]

2 Tips for Stunning Beach Photography at Your Wedding

Beach photography is something you should understand if you plan to be wed next to the ocean. Taking photos at the beach has special requirements. Here are some tips to help you get stunning...[more]

4 Popular Websites for Unique Photography

There are many different types of photographic images, but if you want to find websites that offer you something other than just the standard type of images or boring static shots, then check out...[more]

Guide to Shooting Dramatic Maternity Photos

Maternity photos capture a special moment in a woman’s life when she is carrying another life inside her. Pregnant women tend to feel uncomfortable having their pictures taken during this time, but the acceptance...[more]

3 Popular Websites for Industrial Photography

Industrial photography is valuable to businesses that need to show how their particular industry works. Or, perhaps businesses need some industrial photography images to demonstrate a procedure for a presentation. Whatever the case, there...[more]

4 Tips to Shoot More Artistic Photos

Shooting artistic photos can make them look unique and interesting. You will need to employ some special techniques when taking these photographs to get the very best results. Artistic photos can be a very...[more]

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