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How To Properly Use Tags in Youtube

YouTube is the most popular video site on the Internet. It receives millions of visitors every year. These people visit to look at some interesting videos. Uploading your video there will make it possible for...[more]

How to Embed a Youtube Video

Youtube is the first and largest video sharing website on the Internet. Sure, there were sites like before it but Youtube allows anyone to upload and share videos. Plus, they even took it a...[more]

How To Convert Youtube Videos to Flash Videos

YouTube is the most popular and best known video sharing site, it is filled with millions of different flash videos. While not all of these will be good fun to watch many of them are....[more]

How To Convert Youtube to an MP4 File

Youtube is home to millions of video clips and learning how to download these as an MP4 file can make it possible to enjoy them offline. It also means that you will be able to...[more]

How to Upload to Youtube from a Camcorder

Anyone who has lots of videos will be able to share them using YouTube or many other video sharing websites. Uploading videos from your video camera is very easy and won't take long to complete....[more]

How To Convert Youtube to an MP3 File

Converting YouTube videos into an MP3 file is a great way to download audio and music tracks onto your computer for free. YouTube has millions of music videos. Some of these are unique and it's...[more]

How To Download Youtube Videos to your iPhone

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites on the Internet. This is designed to make it really easy to find all sorts of videos on the net. No matter what you are...[more]

Myspace, Youtube, and Google: Which One Is Best for Video?

Out of these three, is MySpace, Youtube or Google best for video? Well the best way to analyze this is to see how they're different from each other. Google Google Video, out of all of...[more]

How To Save a Myspace Video on your Computer

Myspace videos might not be as popular as YouTube or Google Videos, however, they are becoming much more common. There are thousands of videos stored on Myspace. Many of these videos are actually quite interesting....[more]

How To Save a Google Video on your Computer

Google video is the second most popular video sharing website on the Internet. YouTube (which is also owned by Google) is certainly the biggest and most popular). Watching these videos on the Internet is very...[more]

How To Embed a Google Video

Google video is probably the second most popular video sharing website after YouTube- which is now also owned by Google. There are lots of different videos on Google Video about a wide variety of different...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Combine and Subdivide Scenes

Pinnacle Studio makes it easy for you to combine and/or subdivide scenes. The only time that you should be combining and subdividing scenes is after the capture process. While you are previewing your captured movie...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Open a Captured Video File

To open a captured video file in Pinnacle Studio, you first need to locate the folder that the file is saved to. By default, Pinnacle Studio will save captured video files to the Windows public...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Source Folders for Album Content

In Pinnacle Studio, most of the content that you will find in the Album is grouped into source folders. Content that you will find in the Album source folders are titles, photos and frame grabs,...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Album

The Album is a very useful tool in Pinnacle Studio. The Album allows you to browse your entire media collection. Pinnacle Studio has designed the Album so that it is very easy for you to...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Scene Detection

The scene detection feature in Pinnacle Studio is very useful. If you have scene detection enabled, Pinnacle Studio will divide your footage up into scenes when you import the footage into Pinnacle Studio. The purpose...[more]

How to Unlock Effect Packs in Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is one of the most powerful video editing tool currently available. This makes it possible to edit various formats of video including videos recorded in high definition quality. The software is completely customisable...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Playback Controls

There are two sets of playback controls in Pinnacle Studio. The playback controls are located in the Player. There are standard playback controls and DVD playback controls. This guideline will go over all of the...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Capture Video

Pinnacle Studio is a video editing software that allows users to create and burn DVDs with a menu, one step to creating the DVD is to capture video to your computer. You must first capture the...[more]

Understanding the Buttons in Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio Pro is one of the most useful pieces of software which can be used to edit videos. In order to use it correctly you will first need to find out how to use...[more]

Pinnacle Studio vs Final Cut Pro

Pinnacle Studio and Final Cut Pro are both programs used in video editing. Features are varied, making each more suitable for a particular type of consumer. Pinnacle Studio Pinnacle Studio is a computer program used...[more]

Pinnacle Studio vs. Avid

Avid Technology Inc. produced both Pinnacle Studio and the Avid Media Composer for the video editing community. Both are used in non-linear editing but designed for specific types of users in the community with different...[more]

Pinnacle Studio vs. Adobe Premiere

Among the brands currently available on the market, Pinnacle Studio and Adobe Premiere are some of the more renowned brands of video editing tools. Each has its own set of advantages to fit specific types...[more]

Preparing for DV Video Capture in Adobe Premiere

Even though tapeless media is growing in popularity, dv video capture is still a common way of bringing your video clips in Adobe Premiere. Up until a few years ago it was the only way...[more]

Preparing for Analog Capture in Adobe Premiere

Performing an analog capture is very similar to capturing digital video from a camcorder. The main difference is the hardware, but the process is essentially the same. You still use the capture window, you still...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Record and Replace Timecode

The timecode is recorded by almost all digital video cameras and the majority of professional video recording equipment. The timecode is very important for certain editing techniques because it helps to identify a precise part...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Use and Set Up Your Video Settings

When you start a new project in Adobe Premiere one of the first things that you need to set up is the video settings. You want the settings in Premiere to match the settings you...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Export to the Web

Adobe Premiere is one of the best editing programs on the market and part of what makes it so prestigious is that you can easily create videos that can be exported to the web. This...[more]

Output Options for Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere 6 is one of the most popular video editing packages available, one reason for this is because of the large number of different output options available. These make it possible to save the...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Animate a Still Image

Adobe Premiere makes it possible to animate still images easily. There are many other features which make the software so powerful. A still image such as a photograph or drawing can easily be animated using Premiere. The...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Use the Title Window

Adobe Premiere is one of the best non-linear editing programs anyone can use and part of what makes it a leader in the industry is its ability to create complex and dynamic titles. It's easy...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Use Keyframes

In editing, you will encounter the need to put effects and to properly manipulate those using keyframes. Learning the purpose of keyframes and how to use them effectively, can spell the difference between an amateur...[more]

Adobe Premiere: 5 Great Effects and How To Use Them

Using Adobe Premiere as an editing software has a lot of advantages, one of which is the number of effects and tools that are available to you. Most free video editing software only provide the...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Apply Effects

Those who are adept at video editing know that adding effects to your project will make it appear more professional. In Adobe Premiere, there are a number of special effects and transitions that you can...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Adjust Audio Levels

Adobe Premiere gives you several options for adjusting audio levels. You can adjust both gain and volume. Gain is the audio level in individual clips, while volume is the audio level in sequence clips or...[more]

Adobe Premiere: Understanding Playback and Preview Options

Playback is fundamentally important to editors because we need to see how the results of our work plays. You need to watch your edits to make sure they work. Without playback you're working blind. In...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Do a Rolling Edit

A rolling edit in Adobe Premiere is when you want to adjust the running time of several clips without affecting your total video length. In other editing software, particularly those you can get for free,...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Do a Ripple Edit

In Adobe Premiere, doing an edit on your clips and timeline is made easy with various tools and options. Unlike other video editing programs out there, such as those available for free, editing on Adobe...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Trim Clips

There are several ways to trim clips using Adobe Premiere. The most common and most convenient is using the Trim-In and Trim-Out tools. You can also cut clips with the Razor tool. This is best...[more]

Adobe Premiere: Three Ways To Add Clips To the Timeline

The timeline is where all the video you shot comes together. You start off a project with video footage and end it with a movie, created in the timeline. Here are three ways to add...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Import Clips and Folders

Today we import clips to a video project more than ever. Just a few years ago there was only one way to bring video clips in an editing program like Adobe Premiere and that was...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Capture Video

The skill of knowing how to capture video is becoming less frequent due to camcorders now using memory cards and internal hard drives. But it is still a relevant skill that every editor should know....[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Use the Monitor Window

Those who are working with Adobe Premiere will notice that you have a monitor window on the default project layout. Those who have worked with other editing software will be familiar with this tool. The...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Use the Project Window

Adobe Premiere has a project window that helps you organize your files and clips for use in your work. If you know how to effectively use this Project Window, there won't be any more problems...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Use the Tools and Palettes

Adobe Premiere is one of the most popular pieces of video editing software currently available. The software is very popular because it's from such a trusted name. Adobe is well known for making video and...[more]

Adobe Premiere: The Basics of Starting a Project

Before you begin editing a project in adobe premiere there are a few basic but important decisions that you need to make about the project. While they're easy to do, you should be careful because...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Set Up a New Workspace

Adobe Premiere Pro is a very powerful piece of software which makes it possible to edit videos. Video editing applications are very popular because they make editing digital videos very simple. One of the best...[more]

Adjusting Your Digital Video Camera View Finder Explained

Working with the camera view finder as opposed to the LCD screen can be more beneficial to the videographer because it is a true representation of the image that will be captured. Your LCD screen...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: A Basic Guide To Menu Buttons

Menu buttons are what make DVDs an interactive form of media. If you plan on having a menu for your DVD, then you need buttons, otherwise your disc is just going to consist of just...[more]

How To Create a Simple DVD with DVD Studio Pro

Building a simple DVD in DVD Studio Pro is easy to do. The first thing you need to do before you beginning the process is to prepare for it. You do this by assembling together...[more]