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Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the The Chroma Key Tool

The Chroma key tool in Pinnacle Studio allows users to superimpose an image onto any video or background recorded through a green or blue screen. The video editing software in Pinnacle Studio 12 is used...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the the Picture-In-Picture Tool

The Picture-In-Picture tool in Pinnacle Studio allows users to show more than one video on the same screen. Picture-In-Picture, or PIP, can also show multiple video shots in a single screen to simulate a simultaneous...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Lens Flare Effect

To understand the lens flare effect, you need to understand what lens flare is. Lens flare occurs when light is directly hitting the camera lens, creating a glaring light on your frame. They're typically avoided,...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Sepia

Sepia is a video effect available in Pinnacle studio. it is a reproduction of the sepia photographic effect. Sepia gives a photo a warm tone, and it's achieved by developing the film in a special...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Color Correction

Color correction is one of the final stages of the post production process. To understand how color correction works, you need to understand how a digital image is created. Digital Image Creation A digital image...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Speed

Pinnacle is a dynamic and easy-to-use video editing system. One of the options that Pinnacle offers you is the ability to change the playback speed of you video clips. But, in order to fully utilize...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Auto Color Correct

Auto color correct is a quick, but imperfect way to color correct your video. What it does is hand over control to the computer and allows it to decide what color is true white in...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Work with the Effects List

Pinnacle Studio comes preloaded with many effects. You can apply these effects to video or image clips in your movie project. If you apply more than one effect to a single clip, the effects will...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Insert Editing in the Timeline

Insert editing in the Timeline refers to replacing part of the video track while the original audio track is not touched. Insert editing can also refer to replacing part of the original audio track while...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Reset Trimmed Clips

You can quickly and easily reset trimmed clips in Pinnacle Studio. If you change your mind directly after trimming a clip, you can click the Undo button or press Control and Z on your keyboard...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Clip-Trim

Pinnacle Studio gives you a couple of different options for trimming clips. You can trim clips directly on the Timeline by using handles or you can use the Clip properties tool to trim clips. To...[more]

Clever ways to Edit Your Home Movies

Computers and video editing software have made it easier than ever to edit your home movies to improve them and make them look much more professional. Armed with a computer and the right pieces of...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Trim on the Timeline Using Handles

In Pinnacle Studio, the fastest way to trim clips is to use the handles in the timeline. When you trim clips, you are essentially creating new in and out points for the clip. You are...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Add Video Clips To Your Movie

Pinnacle Studio makes it easy to add video clips to your movie. There are several ways of adding video clips. Video clips can be come from a variety of sources including videotapes, memory cards or...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Video Toolbox

In pinnacle Studio, the video toolbox is the fastest and simplest way to create and modify visual clip types. The eight tools in the video toolbox are clip properties, montage themes, titles, disc menus, frame...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Timeline View

The timeline view in Pinnacle Studio is one of three Movie Window views. The other two Movie Window views are the Storyboard view and the Text view. The Timeline view displays the position and duration...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Basics of the Movie Window

In Pinnacle Studio, the Movie Window will be where you spend most of your time. The purpose of the Movie Window is to allow you to build your movie using items that are located in...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Disc Menus Section

In Pinnacle Studio, the Disc Menus section is located within the Album. The Disc Menus section is represented by an icon that contains a folder that is overlapping a compact disc. When you open the...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Sound Effects Section

The sound effects section is located within the Album in Pinnacle Studio. The Sound Effects section contains many sound effects that you can use throughout your movie project. The sound effects that come preloaded with...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Titles Section

In Pinnacle Studio, the titles section is located in the Album. The Titles section is represented by the letter T in the Album. In the Titles section, you will find a wide variety of text...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Transitions Section

The transitions section is located within the Album in Pinnacle Studio. Within the Transitions section, you will find many drag and drop clip transitions. A clip transition can be applied to the end of a...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Use the A/B Editing Workspace

Those new to editing may have some difficulty wrestling with the dizzying number of options in Adobe Premiere. If you've had some experience with other software in the past, the adjustment may not be as...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Manage Media and Motion Analysis Data

In Final Cut Pro, you can manage both media and motion analysis data of your track. It is important that you understand or are able to manage the motion analysis data in your clip. The...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Understanding External Audio Monitors

The first step to understanding and manipulating audio in Final Cut Pro is to know how to properly connect the external audio monitors to your editing system. When you connect your external audio monitors or...[more]

Production: How to Create Homemade Sound Effects

Sound design is a highly important and often overlooked aspect of production and part of great sound design is sound effects. Sound effects add to the illusion created by a film, and they have the...[more]

Production: How to Build Your Own Homemade Sound Booth

If you are serious about making high quality videos, then you will want to build your own sound booth. A sound booth is a special room or area of your home which has good acoustics....[more]

Pre-Production: 4 Basic Pieces of Film Equipment You Need

In pre-production, you will need to track down a good amount of equipment for the upcoming shoot. Your crew members should be able to advise you about this, but before you have hired everyone, you...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Buy Film Equipment

Film equipment can be expensive to buy and there are a lot of times when it might seem like it makes more sense to rent it for your shoot. Here's a brief guide to help...[more]

Pre-Production: Tips on Costumes

Costumes can be a tricky thing to keep up with in filmmaking. There are many methods of managing them, but a good amount of factors should be considered before going down any one path. Consider Your...[more]

On Location vs. Sound Stage

There are many factors that hang in the balance when deciding between location shooting or sound stage shooting. Every element of your production will be affected by your choice. Production Design The most obvious department...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Plan for Set Construction

One of the most challenging parts of filmmaking is set construction. This will require a lot of planning and preparation in order for it to work. Step 1: Find a Specialist Before you make any...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Find a Cast

Finding a cast can be a tedious process of filmmaking. Make sure you start early so that you do not run out of time to find the perfect people for your roles. Waiting until the...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Write a Scene Breakdown

Pre-Production is the most important stage in the production process because the quality of your shoot is determined by how well you prepare for it. One of the first pre-production steps is to write a...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Write a Treatment

One of the first steps in pre-production is the writing of a treatment. A treatment is a loose term that is thrown around in the industry. It's basically a summery of the work that is...[more]

How To Get the Best Video of your Child's Sports Games

We now live in an age where everyone has access to a video camcorder. As parents, the biggest benefit of this technological revolution is that you can now preserve the memories of your children forever....[more]

How To Get the Best Video of your Child's Graduation

A video is a great way to preserve the memories of some of the most important memories in your life. One of these memories that you'll want to keep is your child's graduation. Now, if...[more]

4 Tips for Archiving Your Home Movies

Home movies are great because they allow you to look back on some of the happiest years of your life. They also make it possible to record important events and look back on them in...[more]

Home Movies: 5 Tips for Filming Kids Birthday Parties

Filming home movies of a kiddie birthday party is almost as stressful as planning the party itself. Oftentimes, the finished product is a shaky and unwatchable hour-long footage of a lot of running around and...[more]

How To Make your Home Movies Watchable

Home movies have always had a bad reputation for being long, boring and highly amateur. Oftentimes, the only people interested in seeing your homemade videos are parents and grandparents. These movies are supposed to capture...[more]

Home Movies: Giving your Child the Camera

Learning how to capture the best home movies can take a very long time. Home movies work the best if they are unstaged and record how your family really lives. to make this possible it...[more]

Home Movies: How Much Footage do you Really Need?

Learning how to shoot the best moments in your home movies can be very difficult. You will need to learn how to recognize something of interest and how to capture it quickly on film. This...[more]

6 Tips for Making Home Movies Look Great

Home movies are family treasures, as they capture important moments that can always be treasured. By following the simple tips below, you will end up with a home video that looks like a professional created...[more]

3 Tips for Gang Scanning Photos in Photoshop

If you have old photographs lying around at home, then learning how to scan photos is one of the easiest ways to get them onto your computer. By scanning the photos, you will be able...[more]

5 Alternatives to YouTube

Over the past few years, more and more webhosting websites are now popping up, most of which are giving YouTube a run for its money. These sites provide web users with an alternative to upload...[more]

How To Upload Videos to Youtube

There are many video sharing websites out there but the king amongst them is the first one to have been created, youtube. Whenever someone is looking for a video online they always try searching for...[more]

How To Upload Videos to Vimeo

Any videos that you record on your digital camcorder can be uploaded to various video sharing sites, including Vimeo. This makes it really easy to share your videos with friends and family. This means that...[more]

How To Upload Videos to Photobucket

If you have a digital video camera then sharing your videos on photobucket is one of the easiest ways to share them with your friends and family. This is an easy video sharing site which...[more]

How To Upload Videos to Facebook

It is very easy to upload videos to facebook. When you upload videos to Facebook, the videos will automatically be added to your profile so that your friends and family can instantly view them. Facebook...[more]

How To Use the Bulk Upload Tool in Youtube

The youtube Bulk upload tool makes it possible to upload many videos at the same time. This makes it much easier if you are uploading more than just one video because you don't have to...[more]

How to Use the AudioSwap Tool in Youtube

Youtube is the largest video sharing website in the world. Anyone can create an account for free and upload as many videos as they want. However, when making videos you can not add music to...[more]