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Production: How to Create Your Own Light Reflector

Light reflectors are extremely useful once you get into production. Technically, everything you see is a light reflector since everything in our visual spectrum is reflecting light. However, in order to make something useful for...[more]

5 Guerrilla Production Tips

So you're not a Hollywood production outfit, but that shouldn't stop you from coming up with an excellent video output. With the advent of digital technology, more and more people are able to get into...[more]

Production: How to Properly Do Voiceovers

Voiceovers are a popular story telling strategy that require a bit of planning. You will want to have full liberty throughout your shoot and post-production, but you will also need to keep track of your...[more]

Production: Tips for Field Mixers and Recorders

There are many important pieces of equipment used in production. The field mixers and recorders are used to record audio. Using this equipment is probably the most important part, but many people overlook it. Many...[more]

Production: How To Place a Microphone Correctly

Microphone placement can become a challenge in certain situations. There are many factors that can cause you to compromise high quality sound. There are many microphones you'll use on your shoot, and here is how...[more]

Production: How To Know what Microphone To Use

There are many different types of microphones. Each has its advantages and disadvantages in any given situation. Knowing the differences between them is the key to knowing what microphone to use. Omni-Directional vs. Shotgun The...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Rent Film Equipment

Renting film equipment can be a daunting experience. It will prove to be expensive, but necessary. Here is the way to go about renting equipment for your next production: Step 1: Insurance Every rental house requires...[more]

Production: How To Do the Hitchcock Effect

In the world of film production, there was one director who stood out from the rest. His name was Alfred Hitchcock, and he may have been the greatest director to have ever lived. He made...[more]

Pre-Production: 6 Tips for Location Photos

When you are preparing to make a video, you will need location photos to correctly decide where you want to film. The location of your film will dictate whether it is a success or failure....[more]

Pre-Production: 7 Tips for Location Scouting

Location scouting is a major part of pre-production. Finding a great looking place to shoot is hard enough as it is, but there are still plenty of other things to keep in mind before making...[more]

Production: How To Shoot Day for Night

Many Hollywood film directors know how to shoot day for night, and this is a very important skill to learn. By mastering this skill, it will be possible to apply various effects to your videos...[more]

Production Lighting: Men vs. Women

In a video production, lighting is one of the most important elements because it is responsible for the look of the work. What is particularly important is how you light the actors. You want them...[more]

Production Lighting: How To Do Spot Lighting

Production lighting is extremely important for a number of reasons. First of all, it helps us direct the audience's attention within the frame. Second, it helps establish an overall mood for the audience to experience....[more]

Pre-Production: 6 Tips for a Getting that Great Idea

Pre-production is an important part of the creative process, whether you're creating a movie, music or television show. This is really just making a plan of everything you are going to do. Pre-production is necessary...[more]

Production: How To Film Fireworks

Video production can be great fun, but it's also a real challenge. If you are trying to record anything new, then you will need to first find out exactly how to do it. Recording fireworks,...[more]

Production Lighting: How To Do Cameo Lighting

Cameo lighting is important in certain types of production. This effect is a spotlight which picks out a single person. This is a very popular effect, and it's worth learning how to do it properly....[more]

Should You Put Your Home Movies online?

In the age of increasing technology, home movies that were once relegated to the home are now able to be shared with family and friends around the country, and even around the world. You are able...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Split and Combine Clips

Pinnacle Studio is an intensive, yet easy to use non-linear editing program, that allows you to work wonders with your video clips by splitting and combining them. Why Would You Split Clips Let's say that...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Karaoke Tool

In Pinnacle Studio, when you use the Karaoke tool, you are removing the main vocal from the performance. You can use the Karaoke tool on MP3 songs and CD tracks. The end product of the...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Equalizer

In Pinnacle Studio, the effect that the equalizer creates is very similar to the effects that treble and bass controls create. The main difference is that the equalizer in Pinnacle Studio allows you to perform...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Video Effects Categories

Pinnacle Studio is an easy-to-use, non-linear editing system that is full of a ton of video effects for users to incorporate into their projects. These effects can all be found in the video effects bin....[more]

Production Crew: Professionals vs. Volunteers

To film a good video, you will need to hire a crew  of some sort. Hiring a crew can be expensive, which is why many people turn to hiring volunteers. However, it is important to...[more]

Production: How To Get Amateur Actors

If you are trying to film videos, then you will need to find a way to get some actors on board. You can either hire professionals or alternatively you can hire amateur actors instead. Amateurs...[more]

Production: What Is Chroma Keying and How To Do It

Chroma keying is a commonly used tool in filmmaking today. Learning about and how to use it could make a big difference in how you choose to shoot certain scenes from here on out. Step...[more]

Pre-Production: Tips on Props

Props are essential to create a good video. If you want to learn how to create the ideal video, then you will need to have a wide selection of different props. Depending on the subjects...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Find a Crew

Your crew is comprised of the people who will essentially make the movie for you. Having a complete and talented group of people putting all the pieces together is critical to maintaining the quality of your...[more]

Pre-Production: The Basics of Budgeting

The most prominent task during pre-production is budgeting. Everything you do will all come back to the budget. Writing out your budget accurately is just as important as sticking to it. Step 1: Contingency Film...[more]

Pre-Production: Film Scheduling

Scheduling is an important part of pre-production. Setting reasonable goals for the timing of your production will keep things running efficiently. Step 1: Start Date The first thing you need to schedule is the first...[more]

How To Plan for Greenscreen

Greenscreen has become a popular tool in film making today. Though it may seem to be a simple thing to come by, there are many things to consider before jumping into such a project. Step 1:...[more]

Do You Need a Script for a Web Show?

Web shows are changing the entertainment world down to the very idea of a script. There are as many ways to go about shooting a web show as there are different kinds of content. Scripted...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Create a Storyboard

A storyboard is crucial to the filmmaking process. It is a nice visual to present during fundraising and also very informative to the crew. Storyboards do not always need to look pretty; sometimes stick figures...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Create a Shot List

One of the best ways to plan out your shoot is to create a shot list. Though this may seem like a simple task, you should be careful to keep it clean and organized in...[more]

How To Get the Best Video of your Child's Recital

Taking a video of a child's recital is important, as it serves as a lasting memory of this special event. As recitals only happen a few times over the child's life, it is vital to...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Write a Script

A script can be hard to crank out. Translating your ideas onto the page takes a lot of skill and practice. On top of that, there are some established conventions that you will need to...[more]

Sell Photos of Landmarks: Permit Required?

If you are interested in making money by learning to sell photos of the different objects, people, and places you have shot over the years, you need to be aware of the rules and regulations associated with selling photos. If...[more]

Pre-Thinking for your Pre-Production

Pre-production is the most important phase of making a movie. Planning is everything, and you will need to start thinking about it even before you officially begin pre-production. Step 1: Fundraising Before you can start doing anything,...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Open and Use the Title Editor

If you're editing your own movie - whether it be an amateur film, simple home movie or professional presentation - you will find that adding titles to it will be very useful. If you're working...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Set Up the Make MPEG Settings

In Pinnacle Studio, you will use the Make MPEG File options panel to adjust MPEG compression settings. You will notice that there are many presets that you can choose in the Make MPEG File options...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Set Up the CD and Voice Over Settings

The CD and voice over settings in Pinnacle Studio are grouped into three categories. The categories are CD audio recording, voice over recording and surround sound playback. All of the settings relate to editing and...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Set Up the Capture Source Settings

In Pinnacle Studio, the capture source settings panel contains three areas. Those areas are capture devices, scene detection during video capture and data rate. The changes that you make to the capture source settings panel...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Use Reverb

In Pinnacle Studio, the Reverb effect is used to simulate the effect of playing back the source sound in a room of a given size and sound reflectivity. This guideline will go over how to...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Grungelizer

In Pinnacle Studio, the Grungelizer allows you to add noise and static to your recordings. The Grungelizer has six dials and two switches that you will need to use. This guideline will go over how...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To View Captured Video

In Pinnacle Studio, you can view individual or multiple scenes in the open captured video file at any time. In two easy steps, you are able to view captured video in Pinnacle Studio. This guideline...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Diskometer

In Pinnacle Studio, the Diskometer is located in Capture mode. To switch into Capture mode in Pinnacle Studio, you need to click on the Capture button, which is located at the top of Pinnacle Studio....[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Output your Movie To DVD, VCD or S-VCD

Pinnacle Studio makes it easier for consumers to export their edited videos to DVD, VCD or S-VCD. The process can be done using the following steps. Step 1: Launch the Pinnacle Studio Program Double click...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Save your Movie as RealVideo or Windows Media

Before saving the movie in Windows Media, RealVideo or any other format, make sure that there are no other changes that need to be made. Up until this point, the file you are working on...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Save your Movie as an AVI File

By using Pinnacle Studio, consumers will find it easy to convert an AVI file and other video formats into RealVideo or Windows Media. Consumers who have never used the program before will be able to...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Leveler

In Pinnacle Studio, the leveler is considered to be an audio effect. You will use the leveler to help compensate for the imbalance of the recorded volume in the original audio (of varying elements). For...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Use Noise Reduction

In Pinnacle Studio, the noise reduction option is available in the cleaning effects list. The cleaning effects list is considered to be a video effect. The noise reduction option may help improve the appearance of...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the CD Audio Tool

In Pinnacle Studio, you will use the CD audio tool to create an audio clip from a CD track. The CD audio tool is available in the audio toolbox. To access the audio toolbox, you...[more]