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Avid Tips: Quickly Transitioning from Offline to Finishing

Working with Avid is a great way to make videos. However, sometimes exporting your videos from the offline applications to Pro and finishing the video can be very time consuming. There are, however, a few...[more]

Avid Tips: Using the Keyboard to Lift and Extract

Using the keyboard is an option to go through all the different menus in Avid software. Instead of pointing and clicking with the mouse, there are keyboard strokes and keys that can be used to...[more]

High Definition Considerations for Avid Media Composer

Avid media composer supports both Standard and High Definition video files. High definition files are much larger and have a higher resolution. If you are using high definition videos then there are some important considerations...[more]

How to Upload Video to Avid in High Definition

Editing your video with Avid is one of the easiest ways to create a professional edit. Avid is quickly becoming the most popular video editing application, which can be used by professionals and amateurs alike....[more]

Web Cams: How to Upload Videos from a Web Cam

Web cams are extremely useful devices which not only make it possible to see other people half way around the world, but also broadcast yourself on the Internet. Video sharing sites such as YouTube have...[more]

Web Cams: 5 Safety Tips

When working with web cams, there are a number of things that you will need to do to make sure you stay safe. Web cams can put your privacy at risk. It's important to learn...[more]

Web Cams: How to Live Stream on a Website

The Internet has become a lot more personal thanks to web cams. While these are normally used to see people when you're talking to them online, it's not the only option. Actually, they can also...[more]

6 Ideas for Using Old Stock Footage

Also referred to as archive footage, the availability of old stock footage has made it easier for filmmakers to create their own works of film art. From the comforts of home and through the internet,...[more]

Camcorder Controls: How To Use the Iris

The iris is an aperture that controls the amount of light that comes in through the lens of a camera. The principles of the iris are the same as the human eye. When light is...[more]

How To Film Great Stock Footage for Documentaries

Documentary filmmakers often cannot get all of the actual footage they need to complete their documentaries, so stock footage and stock photos are often used. You must remember that stock footage is generally nondescript in...[more]

Production: How To Make Your Own Pan-&-Tilt Jib

With any video production you must make the finished project look as special and interesting as possible. There are a number of ways to add interest to a video. One such possibility is using a Pan...[more]

How To Film Great News Stock Footage

Filming news stock footage is quiet easy if you know how to maximize the different scenes you encounter and stock photos you have in your library. Step 1: Choose a Subject When filming news stock...[more]

How To Film Great Travel Stock Footage

Travel stock footage is a type of stock footage that is often used a lot by film makers to provide interest and background to a film. Step 1: Choose a Subject There are numerous subjects...[more]

How to Film Great Wildlife Stock Footage

Stock footage is video footage that is not customized to use in any specific television programs or film. It can be used in previous productions, or it may be an archive of video footage from...[more]

How To Film Great Sports Stock Footage

Sports stock footage is often used to create sport documentaries or films that require specific actions or personalities to complete a film. Using this type of coverage is a great way to get professional footage...[more]

Production: How To Film at a Low Angle

One of the most useful techniques at conveying a powerful message is through the use of the low angle. Though this may seem like just another vantage point in videography or photography, the low angle...[more]

Production: How To Film at a High Angle

A high angle is when the camera is positioned high above and over a subject to emphasize the overall smallness within the shot. A high angle also changes the viewer's perspective to symbolically show the...[more]

Production: Understanding Head Room

Head room refers to that space between the top of your frame and your subject's head. In both photography and video production, observing the proper head room can spell the difference between a good shot...[more]

How to Use Stock Footage for Children's Television

Using stock footage is a great way to save time and money in the making of a great commercial. There are literally thousands of such stock footages for you to choose from, with many of...[more]

How to Use Stock Footage for Commercials

Small time film directors on a budget like to use stock footage for commercials for many reasons. They are cheap, require no production costs, and they can be used immediately. Using stock footage also leaves...[more]

Production: How To Do a Two Shot

Sometimes in your video, you will need to shoot more than one subject at a time and do a two shot. The two shot is used when two people need to be visible in a...[more]

Production: How To Do a Reaction Shot

A reaction shot adds an emotional 'glue' between several different shots in a scene through the use of a cutaway edit. The use for a reaction shot is to show an emotional response on the...[more]

4 Tips For Filming Home Movies

Home movies are more popular than ever, but once people take their new camcorder out of the box, there are usually more questions than ever. The easy-access of videos on the Internet makes it seem...[more]

Photography Tips: How To See the Preview Screen on Sunny Days

When learning photography you will discover many photography tips which will help you to make the most out of your hobby. There are hundreds of different tips that will help you to master photography. One...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Photograph Landscapes

When it comes to photography tips, landscape photography involves taking pictures of everything from mountains to trees to deserts to canyons. But, there's more to landscape photography than simply pointing your camera at the horizon...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Photograph Outside in the Winter

Following a few photography tips for winter photos can help you create breathtaking pictures. The sunlight is different depending on the season, and a few things will affect the final picture. Here are a few...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Photograph Outside in the Summer

There are lots of photography tips that you can learn when you are first starting out in photography. A very common tip is learning how to photograph outside during the summer. During the summer months,...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Photograph Outside in the Spring

There are millions of photography tips which can make your photographs look much more professional. If you want to take photos outside during the spring, then you will need to learn some basic tips which...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Photograph the Sky

When it comes to outdoor photography tips, most people only think about photographing objects. However, the sky itself can be the subject of a photograph. While large expanses of dead sky in the middle of...[more]

How To Take Great Current Event Stock Photos

Taking great current stock photos is similar to being a photojournalist. You are required to take pictures at events like a wedding or when a political speech is going on. As the photographer, you will...[more]

How To Film Outdoor News Stock Footage

Stock footage, also known as archive footage, is video footage that is not shot for a movie or a film. Filmmakers like to use stock footage, as it cuts down production costs. Examples of stock...[more]

The History of Stock Photography

The history of stock photography, or photographs created not to fulfill a particular assignment but rather for sale to any client who may need them, tells the story of how the photography world has been...[more]

How To Take Great Children Stock Photos

Taking stock photos of children can be a fun and fulfilling thing to do. For starters, children are cute and full of energy. There are many creative actions they can do to enhance the photo....[more]

How To Take Great Music Stock Photos

Taking stock photos in the Music category gives you a whole bunch of choices. Music is a very diverse and wide subject and there is no hard-set rule on what you must photograph. As there...[more]

How To Take Great Health and Beauty Stock Photos

Selling stock photos can be a good source of income if you know the ropes. One of the most in demand categories in stock photography is health and beauty. Because it is highly in demand,...[more]

How To Take Great Fashion Stock Photos

Fashion and lifestyle is one of the most in-demand categories for stock photos. With a number of women's magazines and websites devoted to this, unique photos that cater to fashion and women's lifestyle will most...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Use Ultra-Wide Lenses

There are plenty of sites that offer photography tips. One tip that is worth reading about is how to properly use an ultra wide angle lens. Many amateur photographers assume that using a wide angle...[more]

How To Take a Professional Looking Self Portrait

A self portrait is necessary for things like business cards, websites or even social networking sites. The goal of the self portraits is to show the subject's personality in the right light. But, hiring a...[more]

3 Uses for a CMOS Inverter

Many people don't give a moments thought to the CMOS inverter in their digital camera. However, this is actually a very clever piece of technology which is used to convert light into electrons, which can...[more]

Video Camcorders: 4 Basic Lighting Tips

When dealing with video camcorders, one of the first things you'll notice in a quality video is good lighting. Highlights or bright spots are the first thing that draws your eye's attention. Here are a...[more]

Understanding Focal Length on a Camcorder

Most people who use a camcorder do not understand exactly what the focal length is. This is because you don't really need to understand this term to use your camera. If you want to make...[more]

Understanding CCD & CMOS Camcorder Image Sensors

When considering digital video cameras, you will need to take a look at the image sensors. The image sensor is the most important device inside your digital camera, which is responsible for converting the light...[more]

A Guide To Camcorder Features

If you've just picked up your new camcorder, you'll notice several select camcorder features that will be helpful as you make your videos. Some of these features may be the reasons you selected a particular...[more]

Camcorders vs. Cameras: For Video and Stills

Many digital cameras can take videos as well as still photos, which means that many people do not see the need for camcorders. Camcorders are also capable of taking still photographs. However, they are designed...[more]

Travel Photography: Asia

Few places feature the variety of images that Asia offers to a travel photographer looking to shoot travel photography. From historical sites, to religious shrines, to everyday life, one does not have to look hard...[more]

How Much Should You Pay for Stock Photography?

Anyone interested in stock photography will quickly discover that they will need to pay for it. Although some sites do offer free stock photography, it's generally much better to actually pay for the stock photography...[more]

How To Take Great Business Stock Photos

As an amateur photographer, taking stock photos might be the easiest and most successful way of making money from your hobby. Stock photos are uploaded to a website and can be sold much easier than...[more]

How To Take Great Nature Stock Photos

Stock photos can be a great way for any photographer to supplement their income. Taking stock photos is also a good way for budding photographers to gain some practice and experience. Nature photos are always...[more]

How To Take Great Animal Stock Photos

Animal stock photos are always in demand. Whether you are visiting a local zoo or taking photos of pets, capturing great animal photos to sell later can be pretty simple.  What You'll Need: Wide angle...[more]

6 Great Photography Blogs

Anyone interested in photography will want to find ways of improving their skills over time. Photography is one of those things that you can never completely master. It's something that you will be learning for...[more]