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Post Production: A Guide To Disk Duplication Houses

Disk duplication houses are extremely helpful in situations that involve burning a large batch of DVD's or CD's. Save your time from dealing with the hassle of burning and assembling your media individually one by...[more]

Camcorder Controls: How To Use Gain

The gain feature used off your camera can be beneficial for the overall brightness of your video image in a situation where there is no control of lighting at a location. This particular setting can...[more]

How To Hold a Video Camcorder

For a stable image, how you hold your video camcorder is critical. Although there's a place for shaky images, most of the time you'd rather not have that. Many cameras and edit systems have programs...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Photograph Outside in the Fall

There are plenty of  photography tips to offer when it comes to taking great outdoor photos during fall. The lighting is softer and the natural colors found are varied and plentiful. Whether you want to take...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Use a Flash Outside

Photography tips can be helpful when deciding how to use a flash outside. The sun is shining bright, and there's plenty of daylight. So, a photographer doesn't need to use the flash, right? Unfortunately, that's...[more]

Travel Photography: Water

Travel photography is a way for both amateur and professional photographers to document their travels and potentially capture some amazing shots. And, just like the people of the area can tell a story, so can...[more]

Stock Photography: Understanding Royalty-free (RF)

When we're talking about stock images or stock photography, a term that is often bandied about is "royalty-free" or RF images. But, what does the term actually mean? Essentially, stock images are images that are...[more]

5 Indoor Self Portrait Ideas

The self portrait can be the ultimate expression in photography. They show the personality of both the person and the photographer. Indoor self portraits are also a great way for budding photographers to develop skills,...[more]

Android Photography Apps: LifePics

LifePics is a useful service which makes it possible to print the photos on your mobile phone. Mobile phones have excellent cameras these days, and it's a shame that they quite often stay on the...[more]

Android Photo Apps: Advanced Ruler Pro

Android Photo applications are a great way to use the camera on your phone. They are ideal for anyone with an interest in photography because they make it much easier to work out various calculations....[more]

Android Photo Apps: ColorUp

Android has lots of Photo apps which make its camera even more useful and enjoyable to use. These photo apps can add additional features to the camera, touch up videos, or do many other things....[more]

Android Photography Apps: Camera 360

Camera 360 is a useful application which can be installed on any Android phone with a camera. This turns the camera into something which takes great photos. While camera phones are normally nothing more than...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Camera 360 Lite

Camera 360 Lite is a fantastic application for your Android mobile phone. This improves the quality and features of your camera. It turns the camera of your mobile phone into a professional and high quality...[more]

Android Photo Apps: PHOforPHO

Photo apps make the camera on your Android mobile phone much more useful. There are also a number of fantastic free applications which can be just as good as some of the paid applications available....[more]

Android Photo Apps: CamCalc Free

The photo apps for android are very useful because they make it so easy to use your camera and get great results. One of the best things about Android is the number of apps available....[more]

Android Photography Apps: PicSay Pro

PicSay Pro is an award winning photo editor for Android cell phones. The PicSay Pro application allows you to get creative with photos that you take on your Android. You can use PicSay Pro to...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Depth of Field Calculator

The depth of field calculator for Android is a very useful photo application for the platform. Unlike many other photo apps, this does not use the built in camera. Instead, it helps you to work...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Camera Pro

Anyone who wants to use apps like Photostream on their android phone will be looking for a way to make it as professional as possible. Professional digital cameras are very useful because they are capable...[more]

Android Photo Apps: Photo Burst

Android photo apps make the camera on your phone even more useful because they can add all sorts of extra features to the phone. There are many different photography apps which make full use of...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Photobucket

The Photobucket application for Android phones is a must if you have an account with Photobucket. The Photobucket application allows you to quickly and easily upload photos directly to Photobucket from your Android cell phone....[more]

Android Photo Apps: BetterFlickr

Android photo apps make using your phone's camera much more useful. While the camera will never be as good as an SLR camera, it can be made much better using many of these applications. One...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Twidroid

The Twidroid application for Android cell phones is the leading Twitter client for Android phones. The Twidroid application allows you to perform many of the same functions that you could by accessing Twitter on your...[more]

Photography Apps for Android: Facebook

Facebook has been growing exponentially in recent years, and more and more companies are offering apps, such as Android Facebook, so that users can quickly and easily access their Facebook page. iPhone was one of...[more]

Android Photography App: Camera Illusion

Camera illusion is an app camera which is suitable for use on your Android mobile phone. This is a powerful app which makes it possible to edit your photographs in real time. This also means...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Finger Paint

Finger Paint is a very nice and fun digital camera application for Android powered mobile phones. This app makes full use of the touch screen and really simplifies the process of editing and sketching on photos....[more]

Android Photography Apps: Camera ZOOM FX

Camera zoom FX is a very useful application which can be used to add extra zoom features to the digital camera included with your android mobile phone. While mobile phones aren't as high quality as...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Kids Frames

Sometimes you might like to use an application such as Kids Frame on your android phone to make photographs look much more professional and special. The main purpose of Kids Frames is to make it...[more]

Android Photo Apps: BreadCrumbz

One of the great things about Android is the number of apps available; these include plenty of android photo applications. These photo apps add something extra to your phone and make the camera even more...[more]

Android Photo Apps: PicPush

Android photo applications make your phone's camera even more useful. Cameras included with modern smart phones are very good. While these are not as good as a standalone camera, they are good enough. These cameras...[more]

Android Photo Apps: PhotoFlux

Using Android photo applications will help to improve the use of the built in digital camera on your Android powered mobile phone. Your android phone won't take as good a photo as a compact or...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Photoshop Mobile

Photoshop Mobile is a photo editing application that is now available for all Android cell phones. Photoshop Mobile has many of the same features that a traditional copy of Photoshop has. You can use Photoshop...[more]

Android Photography Apps: FxCamera

There are dozens of different android photography apps which can be used to make your camera much more powerful; one such app is FXCamera. This is a useful application which makes it easy to edit...[more]

Web Show: How to Collaborate with Online Friends

Anyone planning on hosting a web show with their friends or colleagues will need to find a way to stay in touch. The Internet has made it really easy to stay in touch with people...[more]

How To Make Your Own Web Short Film

Video productions seem easier now than ever before, and the opportunities to display your own web short film have exploded with bursts of growth through the Internet. Whether you want to make a comedy piece,...[more]

Internet Television: Platforms and Availability

Internet Television is a very popular use for the Internet. When the Internet was first created, it was only used as a way to share information using websites. However, recently there has been an interest...[more]

Travel Photography: Africa

Travel photography can be a great way to remember your trip and potentially earn some extra money. If you enjoy traveling, then you will be able to visit lots of different countries. All of these different...[more]

The Difference Between Internet Television and Web Television

Anyone interested in broadcasting their videos using web television will discover that it's also possible to use Internet Television. While these are very similar, there are some differences which makes both of them suitable for...[more]

Post Production: Basic Tips for Chromakeys

Post production is the final phase of production when the movie really comes together. This is the process of turning footage into a polished film. One of the things that happens in post production is...[more]

Post Production: How To Use Green and Blue Screens

You will replace the blue and green screen you used in shooting during post production. This technique creates a composite of two images. So wherever you had a blue screen, a completely different image will...[more]

Post Production: How To Create a Binoculars or Telescope with Mattes

Mattes cut holes in one clip to allow portions of another clip to show through. Mattes are used to create binocular and telescope point of view shots that were common in older movies and TV...[more]

Post Production: 5 Tips for Using Slow Motion

There are lots of effects that can be added to your films to make them more interesting and these include slow motion. Slow motion is an interesting effect and as long as it's not used...[more]

Post Production: How To Edit Action Scenes

Action scenes add interest and excitement to your video. Filming action scenes can be very difficult simply because they are high speed scenes. Getting everything right can be very tricky. In order to make your...[more]

Post Production: How To Do a Motivated Edit

Any type of edit in post-production literally breaks continuity, but a motivated edit is the most discreet and least jarring type of cut. A motivated edit or motivated cut is often cued by necessity -...[more]

Home Movies: How To Film In the Delivery Room

All families tend to shoot home movies with the big start of this trend normally being the birth of the first child. However, filming in the delivery room is not as easy or straightforward as...[more]

Adobe Premiere: The Project Settings

Adobe Premiere software contains many project settings which are preset options. There are many different preset categories. These different settings contain settings for typical projects that are commonly used. Users will have the option of...[more]

Adobe Premiere: Adding Transitions

The purpose of transitions in Adobe Premiere is to move a scene from one shot to the next shot. You do not need to use transitions, but they do add a pleasant effect to your...[more]

Final Cut Pro: 4 Tips for Using the SmoothCam Filter

In Final Cut Pro, the SmoothCam filter allows you to reduce the amount of unwanted camera movement that is in the footage that you captured. Unwanted camera movement could be the result of movement from...[more]

Final Cut Pro: 4 Audio Filters and What They Do

Final Cut Pro provides many audio filters. Audio filters can be used to clean up audio or to apply special effects to audio. All of the audio filters that are available in Final Cut Pro...[more]

Avid Tips: Placing SD and HD Together

When using Avid you have the option to place SD and HD video clips together. If you are doing this then it's important to follow a few simple tips which will make it possible to...[more]

Avid HD to SD DVD in 5 Steps

Avid hd video editing is very useful because it makes it possible to edit videos that are very detailed. This means that many people are looking for a way of burning HD footage to DVD. While...[more]