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What to Look for in Lux Meters

Lux meters will make measuring the light in a scene much easier. This should make it possible to take great photos simply. Of course, you need to be careful when choosing which Lux meter to...[more]

How to Use a Foot-Candle Meter

A foot-candle meter is a type of light meter which measures the light intensity in your picture. These meters are actually very simple to use and will help you to set the camera correctly and...[more]

How to Convert Foot-Candle Measurement

A foot-candle is a measurement of light intensity. This is a non SI unit, but it can be easily converted into more useful units of measure if you prefer including Lumens and Watts. By knowing...[more]

Final Cut Pro: 9 Video Filters that can Improve Your Film

This article lists the different kinds of video filters and the applicable components that can be used to direct effects for film improvement. These effects can be done with Final Cut Pro 1.0 and can...[more]

Final Cut Pro: What is a Expander or Noise Gate Filter

Expander and gate both are basically noise management equipment. The biggest enemy of a recording process is unwanted noise, which can be caused by the environment where the recording is being made, or can also...[more]

Screenwriting: How to Write a Fight Scene

When writing a screenplay, fight scenes often take front and center stage. But, writing a fight scene isn't as easy as simply saying that there will be a fight here. A screenwriter has to coordinate...[more]

Screenwriting: Do's and Don'ts

Creating a screenplay can be an arduous task, but writers can make it worse if they don't follow the basics of screenwriting. Here's a list of screenwriting do's and don'ts for all writers to follow...[more]

Screenwriting: The Difference Between a TV Script and a Movie Script

There are several differences between a TV script and a movie script. Both scripts require different formatting and layouts. The following steps will help you determine the difference between the two script formats. Step 1...[more]

Screenwriting: Do Documentaries Need Scripts?

Documentaries involve capturing real events, and these films can range from filming wars, interviewing real people, even capturing the speeches of politicians or filming disasters. But, do documentaries need scripts? While it may not seem...[more]

Screenwriting: How to Write the Character Name

In screenwriting, a character's name gives an audience the first glimpse into their nature. Even without seeing the movie, who would hire a babysitter named Hannibal Lecter? Done properly, a name puts an image inside...[more]

Screenwriting: Understanding Script Length

A script length is an organized way to estimate the length of your film. A common rule in script writing in the film industry emphasizes that a properly formatted, page of a script equals one...[more]

Screenwriting: What makes a Good Story?

There's more to screenwriting than simply creating characters, creating a storyline and filling in the details. Screenplays need to generate interest in the characters and/or storyline; basically viewers have to care what happens. But, what...[more]

Travel Photography: Religion

Religion is an important part of any culture, and a travel photographer should consider attempting to capture the rituals associated with the local religions where they are visiting.  Just like local cultures, however, photographers need...[more]

Understanding Fine Art and Stock Photography

Stock photography and fine art photography are two different topics. The former is defined as the supply of photographs that have been licensed for defined uses. These are a cheaper and more convenient alternative to...[more]

Understanding Illustrations and Graphics and Stock Photography

In the days of technology and convenience, stock photography has become a source of graphics for various industries and fields. These are defined as photographs licensed for use, in most cases for a fee. Using...[more]

4 Pet Photography Tips

Almost all pet lovers all over the world dream of capturing their precious pet's natural poses through pet photography. Pets are considered an essential household possession if one wants to experience unconditional love, loyalty, and...[more]

Stock Photography: 6 Tips for Creating Photos Based on Concepts or Ideas

Stock photography involves creating photographs for sale online. Although stock photographs appear generic in nature, they are professionally produced and based on concepts. There are numerous sources for a concept or idea for the photographer's...[more]

Android Photo Apps: Picplz

Installing android photo applications on your mobile phone is an easy way to add extra features to your phone. While phone cameras aren't as good as a compact digital camera they are still useful. You...[more]

Android Photography Apps: The Weather Channel

For photographers that want to capture that perfect shot, that often means either getting out of the weather or getting into it. The Weather Channel app for Google Android Version 2.3.14 allows users to check...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Vignette

For Google Android phones, the Vignette app features allows users to create different effects with the photos that they take. The Vignette app allows users to manipulate photos and film by adding filters and other...[more]

How to Use Wide Angle Lenses on a Camcorder

Learning how to use the wide angle lenses mechanism on a camcorder is important to filming. These lenses capture a greater view. Basically, the focal length is much shorter than normal lenses. Also, there are...[more]

Understanding Camcorder Bit Rates

Camcorder bit rates have facilitated the movement of video data from one type of storage device to the next. Scientists have described it as being the quantity of condensed video information being transferred into a...[more]

Understanding AVCHD Camcorder Format

Advanced video codec high definition camcorder format is a modern technological device utilized in the filming industry. It allows recorded video files to be captured on a hard drive. This is a phenomenal twenty-first century...[more]

Understanding Camcorder Frame Rates

Camcorder frame rates are used as a device to offer viewing audiences correct imaging and excellent audio clarity in a video. Its function is very important to film production due to the significance of sound...[more]

How to Use the Exposure Settings on Your Digital Camcorder

The exposure settings on the camcorder can be used to help get the best videos. Much of the exposure has to do with the amount of light that is let into the film when the...[more]

How To Transfer VHS to Digital Video

Transferring a VHS video to digital video is a great way to save and preserve your videos. There are many machines that help to transfer this form of media. With so much video format being...[more]

Protecting a Digital Camera Lens

A video camcorder is a very sensitive piece of equipment. It can be easily damaged through careless handling. As such, persons who manage this equipment need to be aware that there are definite techniques that...[more]

Android Photography Apps: My Tracks

If you don't have another GPS unit for geotagging, then you can use the My Tracks application to turn your phone into one. Your android phone has a built in GPS receiver, which can be used...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Sunrise Sunset

The Sunrise Sunset application for Android is perhaps one of the most useful photo tools available. This is designed to make it very simple to find out when the sun rises and when it sets....[more]

Android Photography Apps: Time-Lapse

There are many different types of android photo apps including time-lapse, which will make it really easy to take fantastic photos. Because there are so many different photo apps available, you will need to spend...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Photo Tools

The many different photo tools available for Android make using the camera on your phone even easier and more useful. There are dozens of different photo applications which add many different features to your camera....[more]

Android Photography Apps: Lookout

The Android Lookout app can be a useful way to backup all of your photos to an online service. If you are a keen user of your phones camera, then you will need to back...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Retro Camera

Anyone who wants to take interesting photos on their Android camera phone should use the Retro Camera application to make their photos look much more interesting. This app is designed to make your photos look...[more]

Twilight Photography Android Application

There are many different photography applications which can be used with your Android phone, and one very useful app is the Twilight photography app. Unlike others which make the camera more useful, this is designed...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Tickr

There are lots of different photography apps which can be installed on your Android mobile phone. One such tool is Tickr, which makes it easy to search for images on Flickr and then display them...[more]

8 Technologies used in the Distribution of Web Television

Web Television is becoming an increasingly popular way to watch TV. People really like the idea that they can watch a wider range of different television programs on the Internet without being tied to their television....[more]

The History of Web Television

In today's thriving Internet marketplace, it seems that merging the web with television would be a natural blend, but, not so many years ago, web television wasn't even on anybody's radar. Now, the idea of...[more]

Travel Photography: Socializing

An important part of travel photography is capturing people while they're socializing. Photographers will need a good digital camera, lots of memory cards and a wide angle lens for most of these activities. Step 1:...[more]

Travel Photography: Young People

When traveling to other areas of their own country or even countries, photographers will often encounter new people and experiment with travel photography. And, the difficulty of taking photos of young people will vary by...[more]

How To Take Great Celebration and Holiday Stock Photos

You can take great celebration and holiday stock photos with just a little bit of know how. You've been taking pictures for years, everything from graduations to birthday parties. Use your hobby to put extra...[more]

Post Production: Understanding Match Action

Editors make a comfortable income putting one frame next to another, and one trick of the trade to make their editing flow is to cut with match action. This technique helps mask the fact that...[more]

How To Use Fixed Focus Lenses on a Camcorder

Fixed focus lenses can be used in camcorders and digital cameras. These are a much cheaper type of lens than zoom lenses and are technically inferior. This lens does not move to magnify the picture;...[more]

How To Collaborate with Online Friends When Making an Online Short Film

Anyone who plans to make their own short film with friends will need to find a way of collaborating and working with their contacts. The Internet has made it easier than ever to contact and...[more]

Web Show: How To Create a Parody

A popular web show that is gaining rapid audience appeal is a parody. Part of their appeal is built in-you're not creating something brand new, but you're spinning something that already exists. Audiences are already...[more]

How To Get Video Conferencing To Work in Your Office

Video conferencing is making it easier than it has ever been to do business all around the globe. By setting up video conferencing in your office, it is possible to have meetings with people from...[more]

The History of Internet Television

Since its inception, television has grown and blossomed over the years, and with the rise in power of the world wide web, Internet Television is exploding across the world's monitors. It was only two generations...[more]

How To Make It Big in Web Television

Entertainment has entered a new age with the advent of web television on the internet! There are key factors to help you if you want to make your mark in web television. Remember that there are...[more]

How To Advertise Your Web Show

There are many options and routes to advertise your web show. This approach is more convenient and cheaper than the traditional way to advertise on television. With convenience comes a whole new level of difficulty....[more]

How To Make Effects for a Horror Web Show

Horror special effects will make your next web show chiller even more terrifying! The popularity of horror films on the web is growing. Part of the thrill of horror is based on the unexpected popping...[more]

Web Shows: How To Make a Camcorder Look Like a Web Cam

When you are recording web shows, you might want to make it look like certain parts of the video are recorded on a web cam. If you're using a top of the range camcorder, then...[more]