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Complementing a Set's Interior Color Palette with Actors

When deciding on the interior color palette used for your film, you need to give it some consideration. You need to design the color scheme so that you will be able to create an interesting...[more]

Complementing a Set's Interior Color Palette with Props

When working with the interior color palette for your film, it is important that you give some thought to the colors used for props. The colors throughout the scene should work well together. This ensures...[more]

How Much Should You Charge for Stock Photography?

Stock photography is the provision of licensed photographs to users for a specific use. The photos in stock photography or stock photos are used much the same as stock footage in films. A factor that...[more]

How Much Should You Charge for Stock Footage?

Determining how much you should charge for your stock footage will depend on several factors. By looking at these factors, you will be able to more or less have an idea of how much you...[more]

How Much Should You Pay for Stock Footage?

Stock footage is one of the most convenient ways to create video footage without spending too much on the entire production. Nowadays, you can find several film production companies, film makers and independent production companies...[more]

Why to Avoid a Safe Color Palette

When creating a video you will have the option of choosing to use a safe color palette or using something much more adventurous. It's always important to try and make your video as appealing as...[more]

Complementing a Set's Interior Color Palette with Costume

The interior color palette of your film is very important since it is what adds interest and definition to your film. If the colors clash with one another, then these will become annoying to your...[more]

Limiting Your Color Palette in Camera

The color palette is used to create interest in your video. Modern films have a very high color depth which means that a large number of different colors are displayed on the screen. If you...[more]

Avoiding Shine on Bald Heads with Lux Meters

Lux meters are a very useful way of measuring the light inside a scene. This makes it possible to avoid the possibility of glare which can affect your films. If you are filming men with...[more]

Reducing Glare with Lux Meters

Lux meters are all designed as a way of measuring the light in a picture easily and accurately. These measure the amount of light which bounces off a subject in Lux which is a popular...[more]

How Knowing Lux Light Helps in Low Light

Knowing the exact lux light when filming makes it very simple to create professional looking videos. If you are trying to take a photo in low light conditions, then it is imperative that you know...[more]

Using a Light Level Meter to Create Shadows

A light level meter might not be essential to create films, however, using one will make your movie look much more professional. Light meters are capable of detecting the amount of light bouncing off a...[more]

How the Latest Illumination Engineering Improves Your Lighting

Illumination engineering has come a long way since it was first used in films and theater productions. At one time, film and theater lights were made by using a oxyhydrogen flame pointed at quicklime. Lime...[more]

Adjusting a Luminance Meter for Outdoor Use

A luminance meter is another name for alight meter. These are very useful when recording videos because it is possible to use them to measure the brightness of a scene. If you are using the...[more]

Getting the Film Look Using a Lux Meter

A lux meter is a very useful device which makes it very simple to record professional looking videos. Lux meters are special devices which are capable of measuring the light intensity in the scene. This...[more]

Why a Light Intensity Meter Is Important

A light intensity meter is a very useful device for anyone taking photos or recording videos. While a light meter isn't essential, it will make recording professional quality videos much simpler. By using a light...[more]

Finding the Balance in Light Intensity

Recording good videos is a real challenge, but it's something that is easier if you know about light intensity. When recording videos, light is very important because this is what is captured and makes up...[more]

What Are Foot-Candles?

When filming videos, it is important that you measure the foot-candles. Foot candles are measures of brightness, and this makes it really easy to check that the right settings are used by your camcorder. By...[more]

Web Show: How To Create a Comedy Series

People love to laugh, and the Internet allows almost anyone to create a comedy web show if they're willing to give it their best. There's more "right of entry" for the individual than ever before....[more]

Web Show: How To Create a Skit Show

Skit shows have been a mainstay of entertainment since the earliest days of vaudeville, and they translated well to film and television. Now, they're also an excellent vehicle for a web show. If you're considering...[more]

3 Ideas for a Live Streaming Web Show

A web show is the fastest and easiest way people can reach a large number of audiences without the huge amounts of equipment and crew needed. Nowadays, having your own live streaming web show is...[more]

How To Make Your Own Intro for Your Web Show

Anyone interested in creating their own web show which will be shown on the Internet needs to first come up with an introduction. The introduction is useful because it tells your audience about your show...[more]

Camcorder Controls: Understanding Focus Pulling

Focus pulling seems like it should be a simple thing to do. In actuality, this job is one of the most difficult to master. It takes a lot of practice and experience to become a...[more]

5 Ideas for Using NASA Stock Footage

Stock footage is a very useful way to include clips on your website or in your film without having the expense of taking them yourself. If you want to use videos of space, the moon...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Snap Photo Pro

Snap Photo Pro is an application available for the Android G1. While the Android has many great features, its 3.2 megapixel camera can benefit from additional software. The application allows the user to turn the...[more]

Production: Working with the Foreground

During production, you will be constantly trying to achieve the most dynamic framing possible. There are many ways to transform that standard shot into something interesting. One such technique is to use foreground elements to...[more]

Production: The Basics of Composition

Honing your composition skills is only a matter of practice. However, there are some conventions that you can try out as you discover your own personal tastes. 1. Rule of Thirds Imagine an empty frame....[more]

Production: How To Do an Over-The-Shoulder Shot

Shot design is a key part of the production process. Shooting coverage may seem boring, but with the proper investment of intuition, you can enhance a standard conversation. An over the shoulder shot can add just...[more]

5 Tips for Shooting Portraits in Bright Sunshine

The following photography tips will help you shoot portraits in bright sunshine. For many photographers, taking photos in bright sun can seem like an overwhelming challenge, one that they will never get quite right. But...[more]

An Introduction To The Photographer's Ephemeris

Until recently, the only way to ascertain sunset/sunrise times and information about the phases of the moon was to pore over tables of numbers, but The Photographer's Ephemeris has changed all that. That's no fun!...[more]

Travel Photography: Celebrations

Regardless of the occasion or where people travel, photography is a great and an important way to preserve moments. A photograph is a reminder of a specific point in time, making it last forever as...[more]

7 Ideas for Using Archival Stock Photography

If you are building a website, creating a video or writing a magazine, then you will probably have a need for stock photography. Stock photography is where you can buy the rights to use photographs...[more]

Production Lighting: How To Light Car Interiors

With production lighting, certain productions may require you to light a car interior. Whether the scene takes place at night or during the day, this will require some technique. Step 1: Lighting during the Day If...[more]

Production Lighting: How to Do Rim Lighting

In production lighting, you can often add a bit of glamor using a rim light. Lighting the person's face is always the primary objective, but you can create a greater aesthetic if you can go...[more]

Production Lighting: How Light Using Practicals

Production lighting is not just about exposing the characters in a scene. Lighting is about painting a setting into a beautiful frame. Practical sources can create exquisite highlights in any space. Step 1: What Is...[more]

How To Take Great Food and Drink Stock Photos

Learning how to take great stock photos of food and drinks can be one of the most challenging things to master. It requires mastery of lighting concepts, angles and an understanding of food. The goal...[more]

Screenwriting: How To Write a Dramatic Scene

When it comes to screenwriting, drama is the backbone of any movie, book and play. Even comedies must have some type of drama, or the plot won't move forward.  So, writing a dramatic scene is...[more]

Travel Photography: Pacific Europe

Travel photography is a form of photography where the photographer documents his or her travel through photography. This also means that the photographer captures the essence of the destination through a picture of the landscape,...[more]

Travel Photography: Animals

Probably one of the most difficult subjects to shoot for a travel photography journal is animals. However, there are some basic guidelines you can follow to capture a great animal shot. Step 1: Choose a...[more]

Travel Photography: Older People

One of the most loved aspects of travel photography is capturing the faces and movements of the elderly. This is because old people often capture the essence or feel of a place. The stories these...[more]

Stock Photography: Notes on Photographing Children

Stock photography is a very useful way to make some extra money on the Internet. Stock photography is extremely popular because it's useful for use on websites or in various documents. One very popular type...[more]

Photographing to Tell a Story

When photographing, it is important to remember that each photo conveys a message or tells a story. Even a single photograph can make a powerful statement, similar to how a headline photograph functions. A series...[more]

How To Blend a Photo from Color to Grayscale in Photoshop

Working in Photoshop is very useful because it makes it easy to edit photos in a number of different ways including creating grayscale photos. With a bit of practice, it's easy to convert your color...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Photostream

Photostream is one of those Android photo apps that is really easy to use. Simply put, Photostream is a basic Flickr photo browser and viewer with some extra features. It was developed by a Google Android...[more]

How To Use Optical Zoom Lenses on a Camcorder

Today there are two types of zooms that can be found on cameras: an optical zoom and a digital zoom. In order to get the best from each zoom, it is necessary to understand how...[more]

Mise en Scene: Selecting Props

Setting up a scene, or mise en scene, often involves selecting the right props for that scene, and there's more to prop placement than simply adding something to fill in the background. A prop tells...[more]

Getting Excellent Skin Tones with a Spotmeter

A spotmeter can be used to detect the light conditions in the area where you are taking photos or filming videos. This will make it easy to determine the exposure settings that you should use for...[more]

Where to Place a Spotmeter

A spotmeter is a special type of light meter which only measures a small part of the light in a scene. This makes it much easier to identify the light coming from certain sources or...[more]

Shooting Varying Foot-Candles within one Shot

If you want to take a photo or video which has varying foot-candles throughout the shot then you will need to spend time finding out exactly how to do this. Fortunately this is fairly easy thanks...[more]

Why use a Photography Light Meter?

Photography light meters aren't essential for taking great photos or shooting great videos but they do make it much easier. By using a light meter it is also possible to measure the amount of light hitting...[more]