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Photoshop Effects: Charcoal Drawing Look

A charcoal drawing once took a lot of time and talent to make. But now, Adobe Photoshop allows anyone to turn their favorite photos into charcoal drawings. Follow the steps below to achieve this effect....[more]

Things to Consider When Purchasing Photo Printer Paper

There are many different types of photo printer paper available, so you may have difficulty knowing which type you need. Digital cameras have made it easier than ever to take photographs and print photos without...[more]

How to Install a Wireless Photo Printer

A wireless photo printer eliminates the need for cords, wires, and access to a power outlet, and they reduce the clutter often associated with peripherals that are connected to computers. However, setting up a wireless...[more]

Photo Editing: 5 Storage Tips

Photo editing often involves using a large amount of disk space. Raw images copied straight from a camera and other sources of high resolution photos have large file sizes. It is important to store numerous...[more]

Photo Editing: How to Create A Simple Composite

Thanks to the digital age, it is incredibly easy to create simple composites with photo editing software. Composite images are created when two or more photos are combined into one. Composite images aren't just limited...[more]

Photo Editing: How To Edit Out Reflections on Glasses

Photo editing subjects that are wearing glasses can be a challenge. Depending on the natural lighting as well as the camera flash, glare and reflection can be produced. These can distract the viewer's attention away...[more]

Camera Parts: Accessory Shoe

There are a lot of camera parts that photographers need to learn when they study photography. One of the most useful parts on the camera to a photographer is the accessory shoe, also known as...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: Autofocus Motor

One of the most universal camera lens parts is the autofocus motor. Every camera available on the market that has autofocus also has the motor as part of it's system, regardless if it's a point...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: Lens Cap Ring

One of the most important SLR camera lens parts is the lens cap ring. This ring at the very front of the lens allows a lens cap to be mounted so that the lens is...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: Rear Fix Ring

There are many camera lens parts that go into creating the highly precise optical devices that create superb pictures. Some parts are extremely expensive pieces of crafted glass, and other parts are simply just cheaply...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: Rear Mount Assembly

There are a lot of camera lens parts that go into the complex optical devices that attach to photographic devices. After all, the lens is responsible for focusing, zooming and the aperture. One of the...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: White Button

Camera lens parts on an SLR film camera can get a little confusing because it's a complex instrument. On these cameras the aperture is controlled at the lens with an aperture ring. All you need...[more]

Explaining a Flash Gun

A flash gun is a very useful device that you can use to illuminate the subjects of your photograph. Proper lighting is essential to take high quality photographs. While most cameras have built-in flashes, a...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: Automatic Aperture Coupling Lever

Of all the film camera lens parts, one of the most important and least understood is the automatic aperture coupling lever. When this is working properly, you never pay it any mind, but when something...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: G Lens Mount

A G lens mount refers to the mechanical and electrical interface where a G lens can be attached to a camera body. Because G lenses are manufactured by Sony, the G lens mount is found...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: Rear Group Protection Ring

The rear group protection ring refers to the ring at the back of a camera lens where the rear lens cap screws onto. It is very important to keep the rear group protected at all...[more]

Candids vs. Posing for Graduation Photos

For graduation is it better to shoot candids or posing photos? Each one is great but which one is the best? Well it's a combination of personal tastes along with what creative opportunities present themselves....[more]

How to Get your First Graduation Photography Job

There are a lot of photographers out there making some pretty nice money from graduation photography gigs. They're fairly simple and easy to set up, and there is always a guarantee of customers wanting a...[more]

Darkroom Photography Equipment: Canisters

If you're serious about shooting with a film camera, then you should invest in darkroom photography equipment. Among the most important pieces to own are canisters, which are lightproof containers with traps on the top...[more]

How to Do Fashion Photography with a Point-and-Shoot

You do not need a camera costing several thousand dollars to shoot fashion photography. An ordinary point-and-shoot camera will do just fine, and you can get the same type of photos which are expected out...[more]

Using Track Selector Buttons in Avid

The editing application in Avid allows you to build a sequence with up to 24 audio and 24 video tracks. With the editing process, you can add and remove tracks, and the track selector buttons...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Redetect Scenes

One of Pinnacle Studio's key features is it's ability to automatically detect scenes. As your video is being captured, Pinnacle automatically detects natural breaks in the video and divides it into scenes. For each new...[more]

Using A-Side Single Roller Trims in Media Composer

When it comes to learning how to do A-side single roller trims in media composer, you are going to find that this is one of the easiest things to learn. It can be a little...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Comment View

'Comment View' is an option in Pinnacle Studio that allows you to see detailed information about the scenes in your album. This information can be in the form of keywords, scene names or text comments...[more]

Shooting a Movie Genre: Horror

Horror films, as a movie genre, are challenging to make. There is a thin line of what makes a film scary as compared to being gory. It allows filmmakers to unleash their creativity and gain...[more]

Edit Audio in Avid Liquid 7

Avid Liquid 7 is not just a video editing tool but serves just as great for audio editing as well. Audio editing includes special effects, mixing and also adding a soundtrack. Let us see some...[more]

Camera Parts: Zoom Lens

One of the most important camera parts is the lens. The earliest cameras had "fixed" or "prime" lenses. These lenses capture images and project them onto a sensor or film plane in the back of...[more]

How to Preview Sequences in Adobe Premiere

An Adobe sequence refers to the timeline in Adobe Premiere. It's in this part of the program where clips from the bin are turned into a fine tuned edited video. Clips are first brought into...[more]

Remove an Object in Frame in Avid

Avid's Boris Continuum Complete AVX allows users to remove an objects from a frame, and this is done via the Motion Key filter. Users need later versions of Avid to use this filter. Beginners should...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Using Audio Presets

Final Cut Pro's audio presets are used to generate preset configurations, and these configurations can be used to map tracks for up to 24 output channels, or to select the type of Capture presets that...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Select Colors for Effects

Pinnacle Studio is an easy to use program full of effects. If you're new to video editing, then this is a great program to get your feet wet with. It's simple interface allows anyone to...[more]

Understanding the Industry Structure of Stock Photography

Unknown to many, the business of stock photography is not something that emerged in the digital era. For photographers and those in the advertising industry, this trade may already seem familiar to them. This allows...[more]

Camera Parts: Self Timer

When taking pictures, a lot of the time people like to be included in them, and one of the most convenient features to help with this is the self-timer. Most digital cameras have a self-timer....[more]

Camera Parts: Lens

One of the fundamental camera parts is the lens. The dictionary definition of a lens is a curved, transparent material that bends the light passing through it. A camera lens contains several of these lenses,...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Focal Length

One of the properties of camera lenses to think about is focal length. In order to take well-focused pictures, there is a length from the lens to the sensor (or, in film cameras, to the...[more]

Avid Media Composer: Removing Extra Frames

When you are working with Avid Media Composer, there can be extra frames in your video clips which you might not want included. Among other video editing software, Avid Media Composer is a great tool...[more]

How to Do Motion Tracking with Symphony Nitris

Avid's Symphony Nitris has an internal motion tracking tool that tracks information on a certain group of pixels. Motion tracking allows users to track one or multiple movie objects with their camera. Avid makes this process...[more]

Organizing Projects in Avid Media Composer 5

Organizing projects in Avid Media Composer 5 does not have to be a difficult task. Avid Media Composer 5 allows users to easily organize clips and organize projects via Bins. Bins will have all the...[more]

Photography Tips: Lens Distortion

Here are a few photography tips to handle the problem of lens distortion, which is quite common while using zoom lenses having a wide-range or wide-angle lenses. The main effect of lens distortion is straight...[more]

Christmas Photography: How to Photograph Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are beautiful to behold and even prettier to photograph. Capturing these lights in Christmas photography, however, can be a difficult task. To take great pictures of Christmas lights, users just need a standard...[more]

Camera Parts: Battery Cover

All modern cameras, both SLRs and point-and-shoots, have a battery cover amongst their camera parts. This is a panel, made of plastic or metal, that encloses the battery for the camera. It is common for...[more]

Camera Parts: ISO Setting Knob

One of the most important factors of a properly exposed image on a digital camera is the ISO setting. ISO is digital photography's equivalent to film speed. This setting determines how much light will be...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: Step Down Ring

Among the various camera lens parts, a step down ring is used to make your lens compatible with different converters, filters and other attachments. These attachments are usually sold separately and may not fit into...[more]

Light Box Photography

A light box is a device that photographers use to create soft light. There are two types light boxes in photography. The first type, also called soft boxes and chimeras, is placed directly on a...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: Lens Hood

A lens hood is a necessity to every photographer on a bright, sunny day. There are two major reasons for the use of a lens hood, and these make them worth the extra bit of...[more]

How to Get the Best Candids of your Child

Candids of children are generally the norm, as kids do not like to pose for photos, and these types of photos reflect the child's personality. All photographers should capture candid photos of children with a...[more]

Photo Editing: The Difference Between Clarity and Vibrance

Photo editing is a craft in itself. There's a huge debate in the photography community over the validity of touching up digital images. Some of the old school film photographers believe that that is cheating....[more]

How a Sublimation Photo Printer Works

A sublimation photo printer allows photographers to print high-quality photos from their home or home office. These types of printers are superior to inkjet printers, which create colors by using individual dots. Instead, these printers...[more]

How a Photo Negative Scanner Works

While most people use digital cameras and do not need to worry about negatives, some people still use photo negative scanners in order to create digital images of their standard photos. These photo negative scanners...[more]

A Complete List of Tripod Parts

Parts for a tripod allow photographers and videographers to take shots without having to worry about a shaking camera or camcorder, which can lead to blurry shots. Tripod parts ensure that the tripod is steady,...[more]