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Buying a Canon Powershot Digital Camera on a Budget

Many people consider purchasing a Canon powershot digital camera because it is a well known and reliable brand of camera. These cameras might be small, but they pack a wide range of features into their...[more]

Working with Red Camera Files in Avid

You can complete Red camera projects in an easier and more convenient way with  Avid Media composer. The highest possible quality with finishing and editing solutions is provided by the software program. Avid Media composer...[more]

How to Import Media Into Avid Media Composer

You can import media into your Media Composer so that you can work with images, video or audio clips stored on your computer. When you import any media clip into Media Composer, a new file...[more]

5 Useful After Effects Plugins for Action Movies

Adobe After Effects plugins can be used to make the software much more powerful. If you are trying to make action movies using After effects, then you will need to learn which plugins can be...[more]

Overcoming Production Errors with After Effects Plugins

Using After Effects plugins can be a great way to correct any mistakes that you experienced during production. Filming is great fun, however, it's impossible to get everything perfect first time. That's why digital video...[more]

4 Common Reasons to Convert Frame Rate in Films

The frame rate of a film determines how fast or slow it will play back. Film plays back at a rate of 24 frames per a second (fps). When film was recorded at a frame...[more]

Controlling Frame Rate without Expensive Cameras

The frame rate of video determines what its speed will be when it is played back. Normal play back speed is usually 30 frames per second. Some video formats and film play back at 24...[more]

Twixtor: Matching Frame Rate to Soundtrack

Twixtor is a new plug-in that is compatible with almost any image software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Shake, Apple Final Cut Pro and Autodesk Systems. Twixtor improves image quality and...[more]

Using Twixtor to Edit Dramatic Fight Sequences

Twixtor is a very useful video editing plugin which can be used with lots of different video editing software. The plugin is suitable for use with Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Studio and Adobe After Effects....[more]

Changing the Frame Rate of Your Movie Using Twixtor

When it comes to video retiming, Twixtor pops out as one of the best software options. Available as a plug in for Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, one is capable...[more]

Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Contax/Yashica RTS Lens

Canon lens adapters can be used as a way to use virtually any lens on your camera, even if it was designed for a different brand. This is a useful way of saving money and...[more]

Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Nikon AI/AF Lens

Canon lens adapters make it possible to use lots of different types of lenses with your Canon camera. Most Canon cameras use the EOS lens mount, and these adapters suit the majority of digital SLR...[more]

Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Leica R Lens

If you have just purchased a new camera and want to use your old lenses, then Canon lens adapters can be used. This is a special type of adapter which screws into the typical EOS...[more]

"Going Green": Using Your Chroma Key Screen Suit

Chroma key screen suits allow a person to be practically invisible when up against a green screen. These suits are usually close fitting to eliminate wrinkles and shadows. These suits are especially useful for filming...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Optical Centre

Camera lenses, like all lenses, possess an optical center. On simple lenses, like a single, curved piece of glass, light bends as it travels slower through the transparent material. A viewer behind the lens will...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Principal Axis

One feature common to all lenses, including camera lenses, is the principal axis. On a simple lens, say a curved piece of glass, the principal axis is an imaginary line drawn directly through the center...[more]

Manage Formats in Avid Liquid

Avid Liquid allows users to combine and manage video formats no matter what the original format of the video is. To use this technology, videographers just need some simple knowledge of Avid and some pre-recorded...[more]

Color Correct in Avid Liquid

Avid Liquid's Color Correction Editor allows you to manipulate the color, hue or saturation of an object in a clip. This can be very useful when the color of objects are incorrect, or you can simply change...[more]

Using the Avid Media Composer 5 Effects Palette

The Avid Media Composer 5 effects palette offers you the chance to edit and manipulate your video images. If you want an easy and quick way to remove unwanted or unnecessary portions and artifacts of...[more]

How to Use Chroma Key Paper at High School Proms

Using a blue or green screen Chroma key paper for creating special effects for videos and photography is a technique that has been used for many years. The chroma key paper is used for many...[more]

Using a Green Screen to Make a Skydiving Effect

Professional action movies often make use of a blue or green screen. This allows the producer to create all sorts of wonderful effects which you wouldn't ever see otherwise. Green screens make it easier, safer...[more]

Setting up Your Own Chroma Key Studio at Home

Having a chroma key studio in your own home will undoubtedly be beneficial to any of your digital projects. A Chroma Key will allow you to superimpose yourself into any scenes in your video by...[more]

Chroma Keying for Cheap

Chroma keying is a special effect which allows your movies to go to places that otherwise would not have been possible. Originally, this was a technique only available to big budget movies due to the...[more]

How to Use Chroma Key Paint

Chroma key paint is a great way to quickly create a green screen in a studio or location. It can also be used for painting objects needed in the shot that will be removed later....[more]

Lighting a Muslin Backdrop

A muslin backdrop is a useful piece of equipment to add to your studio. This makes it possible to create a light colored backdrop with ease. If you are using muslin backdrops, then you need...[more]

Muslin Background Usage for Digital Photography

A muslin background is ideal for photography because it's a light background which can be transported with ease. The material is available in many different colors, although the most common is natural muslin. This is...[more]

How to Avoid Mistakes when Chroma Keying

Chroma keying is a wonderful special effect that can take your movies to places that would normally be impossible to go to. You can convincingly set your movie in space or under the sea. If...[more]

The Best Lighting for Perfect Chroma Key Effects

Chroma key effects are a great way to allow your movies to enter worlds that you can't really shoot in. Whether it's space or a place that's over 1000 miles away, a great chroma key...[more]

Freelance Photographer Tips: Children's Sports

As a freelance photographer, it is important to be ready for almost anything. Regardless of the subject being photographed, the weather conditions, as well as a host of other factors, professional photographers must be able...[more]

Pros and Cons of an Inkjet Photo Printer

An inkjet photo printer is the most popular type of printer used to create high quality prints from your computer. These are very popular because they are so affordable and easy to use. Digital photography...[more]

Understanding Camera Bandwidth

Anyone who is using a web cam or IP camera will need to understand exactly what camera bandwidth is and why it is important. It's essential that you have plenty of bandwidth available so that...[more]

3 Flickr Competitors that Allow Photo Sales

Flickr is almost certainly the most popular photo sharing site on the Internet, however, this does not allow any photo sales without a bit of hard work. There are, however, a number of similar sites...[more]

7 Color Photo Printer Calibration Tips

Anyone who has a color photo printer will need to understand calibration and how it can be used to improve the results. Printers are very sophisticated pieces of equipment which are capable of extreme levels...[more]

Compact Photo Printer Features to Compare

A compact photo printer is a very useful device for professional and amateur photographers alike. Amateurs like the ability to print their photos out without the need of a computer. Professionals can use these to...[more]

Baby Portrait Photography vs. Candids

Taking baby portrait photography can be an ideal way to make a regular income from photography. Babies can, however, be very difficult to take photos of because they don't stay still for long. If you...[more]

Education Photography Jobs

There are a lot of photography jobs out there and most of them are very competitive with long hours and sometimes low pay. That being said education photography jobs are highly desired by a lot...[more]

Posting a 365 Project on Flickr

Flickr's 365 Project seeks to capture every day of a person's life, one photo at a time and one day at a time. Doing this will help photographers on a certain day of the year...[more]

Camera Accessories: Shutter Release

Shutter accessories should be a part of any serious photographer's tool box. There are two types of shutter release accessories that you can own. One is a vertical shutter release that can be found on...[more]

Camera Accessories: Battery Grip

If you are a serious photographer with a SLR/D-SLR camera, then you need to get accessories like a battery grip. What Is a Battery Grip? A battery grip serves two functions. First of all, it...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: Electrical Connector Strip

The electrical connector strip acts as the gateway between the lens and the camera body on a digital SLR camera. Both the lens and the lens mount have electrical connectors that need to be properly...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Anterior Surface

Camera lenses are complex pieces of machinery composed of autofocus motors, mechanical rings, a few lenses (to create a compound lens), an aperture and lots more. Lenses function according to the physical law of optics....[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Axis

Camera lenses are extremely complex pieces of machinery that project an image onto a photographic medium, such as an image sensor or film. This is accomplished by the science of optics. One concept to understand...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Anterior Pole

Camera lenses are complex pieces of machinery that employ the science of optics to project an image. In the case of photography, they project an image onto a photographic medium like film or an image...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Posterior Pole

Camera lenses are complex and precise instruments that project an image onto a photographic medium. We may refer to our individual camera lenses in the singular form, but in reality these lenses are actually compound...[more]

How to Playback Bin Sequences in Avid

In Avid Media Composer, your bin is the container for all the sequences of your project. The bin helps to organize your work and prevent any sequence, which is made up of your finalized clips,...[more]

Pan and Zoom Within Avid Media Composer

Have you decided to use the Pan and Zoom within Avid Media Composer effect? Using the popular pan zoom effect with Avid Media Composer is one of the most daunting tasks for most Avid users....[more]

Output to DVD in Avid Liquid

Avid Liquid allows users to output their video to a DVD, allowing them to save and share their videos with friends, family or potential employers. This simple process can be accomplished by beginning and advanced...[more]

Screenwriting: How To Write a Title Page for TV Movies

Screenwriting is one of the most competitive fields to get into. All you need is time, an imagination and a word processor. Now there are many different specializations that a screenwriter can get into. There...[more]

Screenwriting: What is a Submission Script?

Screenwriting is one of the most popular professions in the movie industry. The career path to screenwriting is fairly simple, write a great script. But this is easier said then done. You need a great...[more]

5 Types of Photometers

Difficult lighting situations and inconsistent weather often lead photographers to rely on their photometers to have accurate readings of the light measurements of their photographic subjects. But, most photographers are aware of the importance of...[more]