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Using Slow Motion In News Reports

News reports use slow motion in many different ways. In particular, weather will use a type of slow motion similar to many other news events. As with any slow motion usage, it is best...[more]

Four Tips for Using Slow Motion in Comedies

Slow motion is a special effect that can get a lot of laughs when it is properly used in comedy. The effect can be achieved either in camera or in post production with an...[more]

The Time Warp Effect: Frame Rate Conversion

In movies, a filmmaker has the ability to alter time thanks to a technique called frame rate conversion. A typical video plays back at a speed of 30 frames per a second (fps), which...[more]

Using Twixtor For Instant Sport Replays

Twixtor is a useful plugin which can be used with Adobe After effects and many other popular video editing packages. This plugin is used to change the timing and create various effects. One of...[more]

Using Slow Motion in Action Movies

Slow motion makes almost everything look cool. For example, take the opening credits of the movie Reservoir Dogs. In this sequence, the characters of the film, all dressed in suits, walk down a city...[more]

Using a Konica to Nikon F Lens Adapter

If you have a KonicaSLR camera then you might find it difficult to find the right lenses to use on your camera. It's possible to use a number of different types of lenses on...[more]

Using a Konica to Pentax 42mm Lens Adapter

When you are using Konica equipment, you will sometimes find that you will need to change the lens of your camera, but do not have the correct make of lens to do so. This...[more]

Using a Konica to Exakta Inner Bayonet Adapter

If you have a Konica camera body then you might want to use many different types of lenses on it. There are a few different types of adapters that are suitable for use on Konica...[more]

Using a Fujica Bayonet to Fujica 42mm Adapter

If you own a Fujica SLR camera which has a Bayonet mount then you might struggle to find the right lenses. This is because these are vintage cameras which are not available new any...[more]

Using a Fujica Bayonet to Pentax 42mm Adapter

Anyone who has a Fujica camera with a Bayonet fitting will find it easy to use a Pentax 42mm Adapter to use different lenses. The advantage of lens adapters is that you can use...[more]

Using an Exakta Inner Bayonet to Topcon Adapter

If you have an Exacta camera which uses an Inner Bayonet mount, then it can be extremely difficult to find the right lenses to use. This is made more difficult because the cameras haven't...[more]

Using an Exakta Real/Twin to Inner Bayonet Adapter

Exacta cameras were once very popular with professionals and amateurs. These haven't been made for quite some time, but are still very capable cameras which can teach you a lot about photography. Anyone who...[more]

Using a Contax/Yashica to Pentax 42mm Lens Adapter

If you have a vintage contax/yashica SLR camera then finding lenses for it can be difficult. It is often slightly easier to track down adapters that can accommodate different types of lenses which might be...[more]

Using a Canon FD/FL/Canonflex to Pentax 42mm "P" Adapter

If you have an old canon camera tbat uses the Canon FD, FL or Canonflex mount, then you might struggle to find suitable lenses. One alternative is to use lens adapters. These lens adapters...[more]

Using a Canon FD/FL/Canonflex to Nikon F Adapter

When using a Canon fd Fl or Canonflex camera you might struggle to find the right lenses to fit on your camera. This is because the camera is old and new lenses haven't been...[more]

Using a Canon FD/FL/Canonflex to Exakta E Adapter

Anyone who has a vintage Canon FD/FL or Canonflex camera then they might find it difficult to get themselves new lenses. Finding these lenses can be difficult because they are all second hand and...[more]

Using an Alpa to Leica Visoflex Lens Adapter

Alpa cameras were fairly popular with professional photographers. These were designed and made in Switzerland to a very high quality. These are vintage cameras, which can make it very difficult to find the right...[more]

Using an Alpa to Leicaflex / R Adapter

Alpa SLR cameras were once very popular, and many people still want to use them. However, it can be very difficult to track down the right Alpa lenses to mount on these. It's often...[more]

Using an Alpa to Pentax 42mm Adapter

Alpa produced some very well-known SLR cameras which were very popular with professionals. While these might be outdated compared to modern auto-focus SLR cameras they still have a number of popular features which make...[more]

Using an Alpa to Nikon F Lens Adapter

Alpa was once a Swiss manufacturer of high end professional SLR camera bodies and lenses. These cameras have been out of production for quite some time, which can make it challenging to find the...[more]

Using an Alpa to Exakta Bayonet Adapter

Anyone using an Alpa SLR body might be finding it increasingly difficult to get suitable lenses. These lenses haven't been made for some time which can make it very difficult to find suitable ones...[more]

Using an Universal Bellows to Leica R Adapter

Anyone who uses a Universal Bellows camera might be finding it increasingly difficult to find the correct lenses to use with this type of camera. This is because the cameras haven't been made for...[more]

Using an Universal Bellows to Canon FD Adapter

Lens adapters can be used to utilize many different types of lenses on cameras which use the Universal Bellows mount. This makes it possible to save money by being able to re-use the same...[more]

Using an Universal Bellows to Canon EOS Adapter

Universal Bellows cameras were once very popular with professionals and amateurs alike. These cameras used a unique lens mount and while many of the cameras still work, finding suitable lenses can be challenging. If...[more]

Using an C-Mount to Bellows Lens Adapter

Finding a bellows lens suitable for older cameras can be very difficult. This is because many of these cameras have been out of production for quite some time. The easier solution is to use...[more]

Nikon Lens Adapter: Leica Visoflex

The Nikon lens adapter for Leica Visoflex lenses is compatible with almost all Nikon cameras and other selected camera bodies which can take the Nikon F mount. Advantages The advantage of this adapter is...[more]

Leica M Lens Adapters: Leica M Bayonet Mount

The Leica M lens adapter allows you to connect your Leica screw lens to a bayonet mount on an M camera. Without this adapter, it is impossible to combine the screw lenses with M...[more]

Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Rollei SL-35 Lenses

Four thirds lens adapters make it possible to mount SLR lenses to a four thirds camera body without sacrificing an image's quality. Four thirds camera are an SLR camera type designed exclusively for digital...[more]

Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Exakta Lenses

Four thirds lens adapters are available for Exakta lenses so that people who are fans of these lenses can use them on their digital cameras. These adapters provide the full capacity for infinity focusing...[more]

Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Pentax K Lenses

Four thirds lens adapters make it possible to use regular SLR lenses on a four thirds camera body. Four thirds cameras get their names from their image aspect ratio, which is 4:3. They employ...[more]

Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Pentax M42 Lenses

The four thirds lens adapter for Pentax M42 lenses lets you attach this lens on camera bodies which have a different mount, and a depth of flange which is either equal to the M42...[more]

Analyzing Avid Audio Wave-form Height

Avid Audio, or Avid Media Composer, is one of the pioneer software products in the non-linear audio/video-editing domain and has been completely put over with a lot of professional audio and video editors due...[more]

Sony Digital Camera NEX E Adapters: Nikon F

All Sony digital cameras are reliable and trusted. The NEX E series of cameras are all compact and portable cameras. Unlike other compact cameras, these use interchangeable lenses which makes it possible to change...[more]

Using Green Screen: Combining Animation with Live Action

The magic of filmmaking gives filmmakers the opportunity to take their audience into worlds where they have never been, and one of the easiest way to do this is by using a green screen....[more]

Green Keying Together a Digital Scrapbook

A digital scrapbook is a wonderful way of displaying your photos, and by using green keying effects, it is possible to create interesting layouts. With a digital scrapbook, the images are laid out in...[more]

How to Chroma Key for Broadcast Journalism

Green screens effectively composite two separate images together, and it’s important to know how to chroma key to get the same effects for your production. The most common place you’ll notice this effect is...[more]

Chroma Key Stock Footage for Sci Fi Movies

Certain genres seem more apt for the possibilities to chroma key with stock footage, and science fiction is one that has effectively shown its potential for that. Classic science fiction has always incorporated stock...[more]

Horror Movies: Keying Out Limbs Using Green Screen

While many people only view green screens as a way to change the background, using a green screen can enhance the effects of horror movies. With a combination of both a green screen and...[more]

Chroma Key Tutorial: 3 Tips For Chroma Keying Animals

Anyone interested in video special effects can benefit from reading a chroma key tutorial. It’s a challenging effect that needs to be properly executed in order for it to work. And, shooting animals is...[more]

Acting and Reacting in Front of a Chroma Key Screen

Working with a chroma key screen is awesome because it allows filmmakers to take their movies to places that would otherwise be impossible to go to, like space or under the ocean. It’s a...[more]

Chroma Key Tutorial: Green Screening and Motion Tracking

This chroma key tutorial explains green screening and motion tracking while using this feature. Chroma Keying allows users to remove the background from objects and then combine two images. This is done via green...[more]

Chroma Keying at Night

Chroma keying for a night scene can make the entire process very easy. Night scenes can be difficult to shoot because night scenes require a lot of light. Originally, the chroma keying was done...[more]

Chroma Keying Underwater

Chroma keying can be a great technique for shooting action or objects in an underwater experience. It can be very expensive to get all the equipment, location and lighting needed for real underwater shooting....[more]

Animated Backgrounds and Chroma Keying

Chroma keying is used specifically for blue screening. It is quite common and easy to use. One such excellent example is the weather broadcast during the news. The weather maps are seen in the...[more]

Advanced Techniques for Chroma Keying

Chroma keying was first used in the middle of the 1990s, and the creator won an academy award for the use of this effect. However, since then technology has greatly improved, and chroma keying...[more]

Methods for Chroma Keying

Chroma keying refers to replacing a specific color key with another image. Normally, this is referred to as green screen or blue screen. Certain types of chroma keying are used every day, in particular,...[more]

Basics Techniques for Perfect Green Screen Effects

A common, popular effect used by professional filmmakers is the green screen, but it’s something that has become accessible for filmmakers at all levels. The things you’ll need to get started with green screen...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Thickness

There are many types of camera lenses, and the make and material of a particular lens is highly dependent on its use. If you’re talking about lenses, there are different types fitted into different...[more]

Taking Care of Your Chroma Key Equipment

Your Chroma Key equipment is essential in making your intended video project a huge success.  They can save you the extra expenses of having a professional studio do the work for you. Your Chroma...[more]

Professional Chroma Key Equipment at Amateur Prices

A chroma key equipment can be used for green screen or blue screen effects depending on its type. Chroma key is known as green screen effects because the green background is completely replaced. Green is...[more]