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6 Industries that Use 3D Modeling Software

Contemporary technology has made great strides, and our culture is marked by many advances. One of them that is becoming more and more useful (and less and less noticeable) is 3D modeling software. This...[more]

AutoDesk Maya: Making a Fire Effect for Music Videos

The music industry has changed globally in that music videos have become a must for musicians to be able to succeed. With this in mind, a number of video editors and producers have become...[more]

AutoDesk Maya: Making 3D Animated Movies

Autodesk Maya is a powerful post production software that can create 3D images and animations. It is even possible to create an animated movie completely within the software. Maya can be used to compile...[more]

Photo Slideshow on DVD: the Basics

A photo slideshow on DVD is a great way to show all of your photos in a creative and entertaining way. These slideshows can be played on the TV, mobile devices and your computer....[more]

AutoDesk Maya: Making Video Games

Autodesk Maya is a powerful 3D application which can make it possible to create movies and games. Maya is quite difficult to use because it is such a capable app. You will need to...[more]

Maya Software for Beginners

Maya software is extremely powerful 3D design software which can be used by anyone who wants to create games or 3D prototypes. For any of your 3D design needs, Maya can be very helpful....[more]

8 Tips for Using Movie Sound Effects

Movie sound effects can completely enhance a movie. Sound effects can be created from many different sounds, changing a single sound and more. The more creative you can be producing sounds, the better the...[more]

Exporting Your Video in Showbiz DVD

ShowBiz DVD offers several options for exporting video once all the editing has been completed. This software is one of many from ArcSoft, and it is used to create and edit home movies. Once...[more]

Creating Albums in Showbiz DVD

ShowBiz DVD is video editing software available from ArcSoft. It was designed specifically for enthusiasts to turn their home videos into great movies. With this software, text and menus can be added, as well...[more]

Making A Digital Transition in DVD Slideshow Builder

A digital transition is frequently used with DVD Slideshow Builder. This software is used to create shows with photos. It produces photo slide shows. A transition can be added in between each photo. There...[more]

Creating a VR DVD Using MovieFactory

MovieFactory is a type of video editing software that can be used to create DVD-VR format discs. This media format makes it possible to easily create, edit and burn DVDs. There are several different...[more]

5 Tips for Using Home Movie Software

Home movies software makes it easier for users of all skill levels to produce and edit their own videos. These videos can be viewed on computers, burned onto a DVD or CD or even...[more]

Limitations to the DVD VR Format

Anyone that has edited or re-edited digital video files will have used DVD VR formats. This is very similar to machines that are used on digital video recorders that will record television shows. Once...[more]

5 Reasons to Use the VR Format

VR format is one of the latest formats for digital video. There are many benefits to using this format over other more traditional digital video formats. Ultimately, in VR format, the movie can be...[more]

Making a Dynamic Movie Introduction

A movie introduction is what will grab the viewer’s attention and interest. If the introduction is fun, exciting and dynamic, then the viewer will stick around for the entire movie or purchase a ticket...[more]

Making a Digital Transition in a Home Movie

There are many DVD editing software programs that can be used to add a digital transition within home movies. This is an excellent choice to save well loved home movies and edit them into...[more]

Making a Movie Commentary in Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD is a product of ArcSoft and it offers enthusiasts an easy way to create professional looking movies with movie commentary. If you are struggling with your home movie project where you have...[more]

Adding Movie Credits in Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD can be used to design and author professional DVDs, including movie credits. These credits might not seem like the most important part of the film, however, it makes it much easier for...[more]

How to Animate Text in Showbiz DVD

This article will explain how to animate text using ShowBiz DVD. Showbiz DVD has come up with a way in which video editors and other interested users are able to animate their text in...[more]

How to Upload Video Files to Showbiz DVD

The following article will show you how to upload video files to ShowBiz DVD. Video files need to be edited so that they can convey the desired message more effectively. A video file needs...[more]

Telling a Story with DVD Slideshows

DVD slideshows are an excellent way to tell a story. These are frequently used for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, family reunions and more. These sideshows can add a personal touch to a gift or celebration....[more]

5 Tips to Making a Professional Slideshow

A professional slideshow is great when making a presentation, lecture, seminar and a whole lot more. It is simple to make and can be done within minutes. There are a number of computer programs...[more]

How to Make a Photo DVD

Creating a photo DVD can be a fun way to remember an event, vacation or party. Or, photo DVDs can just be used to capture important memories. Digital photos and a photo editing program...[more]

DVD Photo Album: The New Time Capsule

A DVD photo album is an easy and inexpensive way to create a time capsule for loved ones to open and view in the future. It is always fun to tuck away memories and...[more]

Editing Home Video for Showbiz DVD 2

ShowBiz DVD 2 software is home movie editing software produced by ArcSoft. This software provides many creation, editing and DVD features and functions. It is very easy to use with an easy to understand...[more]

Teach Video Editing Using a DVD Maker

There are plenty of video editing features that can be used when using DVD Maker. DVD Maker is a piece of software released for Windows. This program can be used to create and edit...[more]

Student Films Made Easy with Arsoft Showbiz DVD

ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD is excellent software that film students can use to create movies and films. This is powerful software that makes it easy to edit home videos and produce professional looking DVDs. The...[more]

How to Find Unbiased DVD Slideshow Software Reviews

There are a lot of DVD Slideshow Software reviews available that can help you use DVD Slideshow Software. This program is ideal for combining photos and images into slideshows. Here are a few steps...[more]

Make Great Surfing Videos Using Arcsoft Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD is a great professional way to create professional surfing videos. The software is much simpler to use than other video editing packages, but still very powerful. You will be able to use...[more]

Using the Storyboard View In Arcsoft Showbiz DVD

When using Arcsoft ShowBiz DVD, all the components of the video need to be added onto the Storyboard for the compilation of the video clip. The function is very critical to the users because...[more]

Making Your DVD Photo Slideshow Look Professional

Making your DVD photo slideshow look professional can be quite challenging because there are so many home software packages which make it simple for everyone to do. If you want to make yours stand...[more]

Making Home Movies Using Showbiz DVD

If you like creating home movies, then you should check out the Showbiz DVD software. This simple but powerful software allows you to create movies and edit them, so that your end result is...[more]

Setting the Color Conformance Controls in Ultimatte

Compositing technologies are responsible for spectacular special effects in movies, and one icon and pioneer in this type of digital artistry is Ultimatte Advantedge. The software’s plug-in system has streamlined the compositing technique by...[more]

Green Screen Software That Gets Results

There is a lot of video editing software that can be used to make green screen effects. The best software will be easy to use and produce some truly great green screen shots. Green...[more]

4 Most Useful Final Cut Plugins

There are several Final Cut Plugins available online, which are available for free or a small fee. The user can choose to add plugins to the software and customize how the program functions. Plugins...[more]

Working with Green Screen Software

For filmmakers, green screen and green screen software opens a large number of options to unleash their creativity. The use of a green screen and related software allows them to recreate new worlds and...[more]

9 Ways to Fix Blue Screen Problems

Blue screen problems are a common thing in the digital world. For designers and video-makers who want to create special effects, but stumble upon blue screen problems, there are a few solutions out there....[more]

3 Common Blue Screen Problems During Production

Blue screens problems are issues that a filmmaker needs to overcome when using the chroma key effect. Chroma keying is used to replace a solid color in a shot with a different image. With...[more]

3 Easy Ways to Avoid Blue Screen Errors

Blue screen compositing, or most currently known as green screening, is a very handy method when making films or photos, but blue screen errors are still common. The process involves wrapping the entire background...[more]

Video Compositing: Steam

Video compositing refers to merging 2 different video shots together. These composites will overlay 1 video shot that was shot in front of a blue screen or green screen and other footage. Video compositing...[more]

Ultimatte: Shooting Foregrounds on Film

Ultimatte is the ultimate compositing plug-in that can be used for several post production details, along with several compositing and digital motion graphics softwares like After Effects, Auto desk, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and...[more]

Ultimatte: Mixing Foreground and Background

Ultimatte is a chroma key video editing program that makes it possible to mix foreground and background images. This software is one of the most powerful plug-ins for aftereffects. Instead of switching back and...[more]

Chroma Key Effects: Making an Invisible Man

Through the use of chroma key effects, a green suit and tools such as Ultimatte, creating an invisible man has become much easier and cheaper. It involves a technique referred to as chroma key...[more]

Compositing Semi-Transparent Clothing with After Effects Plugins

Adobe After Effects Plugins allow users to do a lot of extras, including compositing semi-transparent clothing. This trick is done via the BCC Chroma Key Filter, which can capture foreground images and move them...[more]

Compositing Translucent Glass with After Effects Plugins

Adobe After Effects Plugins can be used to capture semi-transparent objects, including translucent glass. This effect can be done via both the BCC Chroma Key Filter, which allows users to capture foreground images and...[more]

Creating Water Reflection Effects with Ultimatte Advantedge

Ultimatte Advantegde is a very powerful and advanced plug-in that can be used with several compositing software programs to apply water reflection effects, such as Photoshop, After Effects, Auto Desk and other host applications....[more]

Compositing Shadows Using Ultimatte Advantedge

Advantedge is Ultimatte’s newest software which is an advanced plugin that you can use for compositing multi frame images while retaining their finer details like shadows, water, reflection, smoke and the other fine details....[more]

Compositing Motion Blur in Ultimatte Advantedge

Motion blur is an editing effect that can be applied to an already rendered video. It is a simple process if you follow these steps. Step 1: Software Compatibility You can use the Ultimatte...[more]

Correcting Color Reflection Using Ultimatte Advantedge

Ultimatte Advantedge is powerful software that is widely used to composite multi frame images and correct color reflection in just a few minutes. This software has the ability to maintain all the finer details...[more]

Blurring Edges in Ultimatte Advantedge

Ultimatte Advantedge is a compositing software that allows video correction filtering, also known as VCF, for digital video formats such as 4:1:1, 4:2:0 and 4:2:2. VCF allows you to restore color information that was...[more]