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Rendering with LightWave Layout

LightWave is a computer graphics program that can run on Mac OS X and Windows. In particular, this is used to render static and animated 3D images. Animation uses dynamics, particle systems, character animation...[more]

LightWave Modeler: Working in Wire Frame

Working in Wireframe Mode facilitates a better result when using LightWave Modeler. This article will focus on how to Patch in Wireframe mode. Step 1: Patch in Wireframe Mode When you are patching your...[more]

LightWave 3D: Creating Hair

LightWave 3D is a powerful 3D system specialized in modeling, rendering and animation effects. It has a unique user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use for both professionals and beginners. It is a...[more]

LightWave 3D: Using Bone Tools

There are various animation fundamentals that need to be considered when doing an animation in LightWave 3D. LightWave has come up with various features, through which you are able to edit the bones in...[more]

Animating Chapter Buttons in Showbiz DVD

ShowBiz DVD makes it simple to create professional high quality DVDs that you are proud of. One of the simplest things about DVDs is that viewers are able to quickly and easily find the...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Equator

Understanding camera lenses can help you become more creative when shooting pictures. Digital photography made the art of photography much more interesting and intriguing. If you choose the right lens, you can take amazing...[more]

LightWave 3D: How to Model a Head

LightWave 3D software uses a 3D system specialized in modeling, rendering and 3D animating effects. Its user-friendly interface makes the application easy to use for both professionals and beginners. Step 1: Using 3D Modeling...[more]

LightWave 3D: How to Animate A Walk Sequence

The following tutorial will show you how you can create a walk cycle of your own dummy character, and how you can make it perform animation exercises using LightWave 3D (with emphasize on how...[more]

LightWave3D: How to Animate Text

NewTek LightWave 3D and award winning 3D artists are responsible for the spectacular 3D animation and graphics, not just in blockbuster movies, but also in billboard ads and magazines. The most common of these...[more]

Designing Power Plants in Autocad Plant 3D

AutoCAD Plant 3D rides on the AutoCAD platform and is easy to use. It requires little or no training to be able to understand it. It is also simple and quick to install. Step...[more]

Autodesk Showcase: Eliminating Physical Prototypes

Autodesk Showcase is a professional modeling package which can be used to design and check that various products will work as they should. This helps to minimize any potential design mistakes which could plague...[more]

Civil Engineering: Using Autocad Civil 3D

AutoCAD Civil 3D is the new software by Autodesk, which provides an ideal solution for civil engineers involved in Building Information Modeling (BIM). With the help of Civil 3D, project visualization, analysis and designing...[more]

3D Rendering of Displacement Mapping in Maya

3D rendering will use displacement maps when effects that occur on specific points will be displaced. This type of effect creates more detail, self shadowing, self occlusion, sense of depth and more silhouettes. However,...[more]

Getting the Most Out of Autocad

Autocad is the industry standard CAD application which is used by all sorts of different people. This application is popular with many different professions, including architects, engineers and even civil engineers. If anything needs...[more]

Adjusting Aperture Controls in Renderman

RenderMan is an application program interface that controls how both the modeling software and animation software communicate to the rendering software. It is actually the communication protocol. In order to have a complete image,...[more]

Autodesk Inventor: Mastering 3D Mechanical Design

Autodesk Inventor is a 3D animation program that specifically animates mechanical designs. It can be used to create tools, product simulation and design communication. It is possible to integrate all types of data into...[more]

Making BIM with Autodesk Revit Architecture

Autodesk Revit Architecture was almost solely created for BIM (building information modeling). BIM is a way for architects and designers to stay on top of projects by figuring out the end result before construction...[more]

Making Texture with AutoDesk MudBox

The AutoDesk MudBox software is a great help when wanting to make textures or add textures to your 3D project. The user-friendly interface makes it simple and easy to use, even for those who...[more]

AutoDesk MotionBuilder: Using the Real-Time 3D Engine

For those of you who are not familiar, AutoDesk MotionBuilder is a very popular software program that is used for creating animated effects. It has a user friendly interface, making it is easy to...[more]

Smooth Surfaces: Using Subdivision Surfaces

Subdivision surfaces are used in order to build and create images and models. Maya has 2 options for modeling: NURBS and subdivision surfaces. With surfaces, an initial geometric shape is divided and then the...[more]

How to Perform Surface Modeling in Maya

Maya is a type of 3D animation software that contains many functions including surface modeling. This software is used for visual effects, modeling, rendering, simulation, compositing and match moving. There are 2 different ways...[more]

Maya Rendering: Editing Simple and Complex Shading

Maya rendering uses hypershade in order to edit, create and connect rendering nodes. These nodes can be used for special effects, rendering utilities, lights, materials and textures. This is a free form way to...[more]

Utilizing Maya Paint Effects for Cartoon Action Scenes

The different Maya paint effects can be used to create realistic looking animations, even for cartoons. This is one of the most impressive tools available in Maya, as it is possible to use brushes...[more]

Understanding NURBS in Computer Graphics

NURBS stands for non uniform rational basis spline. This is a type of mathematical model that is used to create curves and surfaces in computer graphics. These are particularly useful when creating freeform shapes....[more]

Creating Liquid Effects Using nParticles

Maya’s nParticles software allows users to give their objects properties that appear as if they are flowing like liquids. This includes giving the effect of running water, flowing lava and the like. As long...[more]

Maya: Understanding Rigid & Soft Body Dynamics

Maya is an excellent program since it is difficult to animate natural movement, especially if many different elements are needed in the animation and for motion that is not necessarily the most important in...[more]

Making Clothing Using Maya's nCloth Feature

Autodesk Maya is a very famous software application offering designers the ability to create several effects with features like nCloth and others. nCloth is primarily used to create cloth effects that are dynamic in...[more]

How to Use Color Management in Maya

Color management in Maya is undertaken by using the render view and render settings. The color profile that is used for inputs and outputs when rendering can be controlled. Many different elements within the...[more]

Controlling Motion Blur in Renderman

Enabling motion blur in RenderMan results in objects to be blurry when they are in motion. This results in the objects looking more interesting and realistic. The pixel numbers need to be increased, and...[more]

Rotoscoping: Vector Paint Usage in Maya

The vector paint tool in Maya can be used for more realistic rotoscoping. Rotoscoping basically paints a digital image over a live film. The newest technology for rotoscoping today is motion capture analysis, in...[more]

Making Skin in AutoDesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is a very useful tool which can be used for 3D design. One thing that it's very good at is making the skin look very realistic. By using Maya, it's surprisingly easy...[more]

Rendering Fine Hair and Fur Using Renderman

Renderman can be used in conjunction with Maya for high quality rendering and animation. Renderman can also work with many other software programs. The software can automatically render Maya fur and hair. These 2...[more]

Creating Visual Effects Using Renderman

Visual effects using Renderman are normally used to make the end result of a scene more appealing and realistic. Using special-purpose shaders is very important when it comes to doing this. Effects such as...[more]

Cross Platform Operating System for Maya

The cross platform operating system options for Maya include Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. These operating systems all have different features which show how compatible Maya is. Despite its high compatibility, various issues have...[more]

Using the C++ Application in AutoDesk Maya

C++ is a general programming language that is free form, statically typed and multi paradigm. It combines low level features and high level features. This is one of the most popular scripts ever created,...[more]

Using Python Scripting in Maya

Python scripting can be used within Maya in order to create effects, models and imaging. It is one of the many scripting languages that can be used with Maya. Maya has a Python plug...[more]

Still Images: Complete Control in Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD gives you control over not only videos but also any still images that you want to include. These still images can be displayed for any length of time and can be used...[more]

Making DVD Photo Slideshows for Family Reunions

Making DVD photo slideshows for family reunions and other occasions is now easy to do thanks to the DVD Slideshows software. To make a family album into a slideshow, follow the steps listed below....[more]

Software Interoperability: Combining Maya and Photoshop

Software interoperability is one of the main benefits of the Maya animation and composite software. In particular, Maya can be used in and with Photoshop. These are 2 very different programs, but the features...[more]

Understanding UV Mapping

UV mapping is a technique used to take 2 dimensional images and turn them into 3 dimensional images. This is done by applying a texture map that uses an additional set of coordinates above...[more]

Using the Enhanced User Interface in Maya

Maya is a top animation and 3D modeling software that is used widely in the entertainment, architecture and car manufacturing industries, amongst others. The latest version offers an enhanced user interface that can make...[more]

Making Photorealistic Images with Mental Ray

Mental Ray is a type of rendering software that produces very realistic images. One of the main features is that it uses the proper light simulation for each object, and these light factors can...[more]

5 Uses of Photorealistic Rendering

For creating a perfect image, photorealistic rendering is a practical option that has found use in several different fields. The first step in rendering is to building a wireframe model, then the outer layers,...[more]

Mastering MELScripting

MEL scripting refers to the Maya embedded language that is used to create different objects. The different variables in the language can be used to treat general conditions, as the signifiers will represent different...[more]

Utilizing BIM Software for Perfect Construction

BIM software is the latest software used for building construction. This is a software that not only helps with designing the building, but is also used for planning what is needed and construction. It...[more]

Understanding BIM for Architecture

BIM stands for Building Information Model and is used frequently in architecture. This software makes it possible to know what the building will look like even before it is built.  This helps to reduce...[more]

Utilizing Design Visualization in Advertising

With the explosion of increasingly powerful computers and improved photo-realism, the use of design visualization has saturated our culture, and it has become invaluable in advertising. Essentially, design visualization has been a part of...[more]

Practical Uses for Maya in Advertising

Maya and advertising are two words that most people don't ever hear together. Autodesk's Maya software is a computer program used for 3D animation and visual effects. If you've seen any of the Ice...[more]

Maya for Automotive Creation

Maya is one of the leading software products and can be used for automotive creation. This software produces high quality animation and can be used in conjunction with many other rendering and video editing...[more]

Maya for Architecture

An excellent program for 3D animation and visualization is Maya. Many architecture schools will use Maya in their courses. Maya is much more suited for architectural visualization over actual architecture design because it does...[more]