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Photo Explosion: Uploading Photos to Facebook

Photo Explosion is a great and new software package that promises to be an alternative to the mighty Adobe Photoshop at a budget price, and still be competitive with it. It promises to deliver...[more]

Photo Explosion: Using QuickFix Studio

Photo explosion is a photo editing program that provides basic editing functions. This is favorable for individuals that do not need or want the deluxe and advanced editing that is available from Photoshop and...[more]

Making a Montage with Photo Explosion

Photo Explosion is among the very first software packages that delivered powerful editing features coupled, with great special effects and the ability to create professional grade photo projects, to home users. Photo Explosion comes...[more]

Photo Explosion: Sharing on Mobile Phones

Photo Explosion is a great, new software package developed by Nova Development and aims to capture the market segment of people who are just starting out with photo editing. It’s pretty easy to install...[more]

Adding Chapters to Your Movie in Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD makes it very simple to create high quality DVD videos which look very professional. If you have a very large video then it might be necessary to break it up into separate...[more]

Designing Your Menu in Showbiz DVD

When using Showbiz DVD it's relatively easy to create professional video productions. These can then be burned onto DVD or Blu-ray disk to make them very easy to share. If you are planning on...[more]

Ultilizing a Webcam for Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD makes it very easy to create any type of video you want from a video camera or even a simple webcam. This software is produced by Arcsoft who have a very good...[more]

How to Make a WebCam Video

To record a Webcam video, a webcam and video recording software are necessary. But, there is more to creating a webcam video than just setting up the webcam and recording. Videos need to have...[more]

Choosing a Special Effect Option in Photo Explosion

Photo Explosion is a powerful software program that is used for editing and retouching photographs. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. This program helps you add special effects and creates high-quality photos....[more]

Repairing and Editing Photos in Photo Explosion

Nova Development Photo Explosion is a basic photo editing software that allows users to use clip art, templates and other features to craft photos into innovative and fun projects . It is simple to...[more]

Using Intersense in Automotive Testing

InterSense is the current industry leader with regards to precision motion sensing technology, and has been providing technological support to a number of industry verticals such as simulation and training, navigation, stabilization, aiming and...[more]

InterSense and Location-Based Entertainment Gaming

The InterSense is a motion-sensing pioneer that provides a wide range of motion sensing and tracking solutions, that have potential uses in motion sensing, immersive displays, augmented reality and location-based gaming. About Location-Based GamingA...[more]

Using Intersense in the Previsualization Process

Intersense Inc is a pioneer in the field of precision motion tracking and has been championing the conceptualization, design and development of groundbreaking products (which are changing the way things are being done around...[more]

Using Internsense for Motion Capture

Intersense is a system for motion capture that uses a hybrid technology for motion capture. The main technology that is used is the InertiaCube inertial sensor. This sensor makes it possible to capture motion...[more]

How to Use the Intersense Vcam

The InterSense VCam, at its core, is a tracking system that has been very specifically conceptualized, designed and developed for pre-visualization applications in film and video game production. The InterSense VCam empowers the director...[more]

Using a Creature Kit in LightWave

NewTek Lightwave 3D allows animators and developers to create realistic 3D animations, which can be used in nearly any type of medium, including films, animations, video games and print. A new feature of this...[more]

3D Arsenal: Utilizing Ammo Packs

3D Arsenal provides the easiest way to create 3D animation effects when it comes to video editing. Not only does it have a user-friendly easy-to-use interface, but it also offers pack services ideal for...[more]

Combining 3D Arsenal and VT

3D Arsenal software is a powerful video editor with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features. You can use it to add fabulous 3D animation effects and create virtual backgrounds for your video footage. Both...[more]

Combining 3D Arsenal and Tricaster

3D Arsenal provides opportunities for people to be able to add 3D text effects, video effects, as well as 3D composites to various Tricaster projects. It is an integrated solution that is made to...[more]

Combining 3D Arsenal and SpeedEdit

3D Arsenal is video editor software specially designed for 3D animation effects. The user-friendly interface makes it an easy-to-use program, even for nonprofessional users. You can also combine it with a SpeedEdit plug-in for...[more]

3D Arsenal: Combining Video and 3D Graphics

3D Arsenal is specially designed software which allows you to add 3D effects to your video footage. It is the easiest way to combine video and 3D graphics to achieve professional results in no...[more]

3D Arsenal: Making Flying Logos

3D Arsenal is a software solution for video editors who need to create 3D animation. It is a simple and easy to use solution that can be used to quickly create flying logos, text...[more]

Newtek VT: Working with the SX-84

The NewTek VT is an all-in-one solution to provide a fully functional television control room right on your desktop. The system is unique in the sense that it provides a great deal of flexibility...[more]

Newtek VT: Working with the SX-SDI

The NewTek VT acts as a fully functional television control center that sits on your desktop. All the digital signals that originate from the NewTek VT devices are uncompressed, and it is the SDI...[more]

Newtek VT: Moving Titles to Match the Video

Newtek VT is a versatile product ideal for real-time transitions and 3D sets. Using sets such as character generators, keying and virtual networking makes this a simple-to-use and efficient application. Step 1: Understanding Special...[more]

Newtek VT: Importing Text

NewTek VT is a new way to have a television control room in your own PC. This program comes with a video production tool, post-production capabilities and a powerful video editing device. The program...[more]

Newtek VT: Setting Up Audio

When setting up Audio Mixer Presets in Newtek VT, it is mandatory that you have a rough idea of how your show is going to be in the end. The following tutorial will setup...[more]

Newtek VT: Titling Live Television

NewTek VT[5] is the latest live production hardware and software program that seeks to improve how live broadcasts are recorded, and one way that is does this is by allowing users to title broadcasts...[more]

Newtek Tricaster: Picking Your Set with LiveSet

The NewTek Tricaster, coupled with the latest in NewTek’s LiveSet™ technology, allows any small time producer and content manager to achieve professional looking sets in virtual space. It allows you to look like a...[more]

Newtek Tricaster: Selecting Templates from Graphics Packs

NewTek Tricaster Graphics Packs provide users with tools to create professional-looking videos using pre-formatted sports templates. These templates are compatible with HD graphics, which means that they will not look clunky when placed up...[more]

Newtek Tricaster: Adding Text with LiveText

The Newtek Tricaster is the latest installation from the manufacturer that allows small production houses and players to be on a level playing field with the big boys. It is a small and compact...[more]

NewTek Tricaster: Mastering Clip Selection with TimeWarp

The NewTek Tricaster is the leveler that allows small production houses and players to be on a level playing field with the big boys. The NewTek Tricaster TimeWarp enhances the small and compact HD...[more]

7 Production Problems Solved by Newtek Tricaster

Newtek Tricaster is a portable system that contains everything needed to broadcast and record live sets. This is used by many networks that use live broadcasting and live streaming. It is possible to produce...[more]

Newtek Tricaster: The Easiest Way to Make Live TV

NewTek TriCaster was made with the small live production team in mind. The system is extremely portable and can be set up virtually anywhere, allowing small production crews to film in areas where they...[more]

LightWave Plugin: Advantages to Incremental Save

The LightWave plugin is great for 3D animation and special effects. Now you can create 3D animating effects or add new ones to your existing projects. The plugin also comes with various incremental save...[more]

LightWave Core: Utilizing the MDD Format

LightWave Core is the next-generation 3D that features a very flexible user interface, which is customizable to a great extent and offers python scripting integration to provide real-time codes and view previews. The LightWave...[more]

Where to Find the Best LightWave Tutorial

A LightWave tutorial is the best way to learn all the functions and features of this program. This is a high end graphics program designed and released by NewTrek.  It can run on Mac...[more]

LightWave: Using SpriteGen

LightWave 10 is the newest addition to a long line of industry defining products. It is the next-generation in 3D modeling and animation software and provides a completely customizable user interface that is highly...[more]

LightWave: Using the Zbrush for UV Maps

LightWave and Zbrush are some of the most important tools in a 3D artist’s arsenal, and do an amazing job at trimming down the number of technical decisions that one has to make during...[more]

LightWave Plugin: How to Use Pick Surname

A LightWave plugin can have many functions. LightWave is a computer graphics program that was designed by NewTek. This program will render static and animated 3D images. Some of the advanced features offered in...[more]

LightWave: Using Collada for Camera Data

LightWave 10 is the first ever release by NewTek that incorporates the “CORE” technology coupled with enhanced “Modeler” and “Layout” features. “CORE”, “Modeler” and “Layout” elements form a trident that enables you to work...[more]

LightWave: Understanding Viewport Preview Rendering

LightWave 10, one of the newest in a long line of celebrated and widely respected products by NewTek, promises to bring a host of new features to the table. Apart from the promise to...[more]

LightWave Plugin: How to Use Distance Scale

When you watch 3D Blockbuster movies, you enjoy the spectacular graphics delivered by the Newtek LightWave plug-in and award winning artists. NewTek LightWave, in collaboration with 3D artist, has received worldwide recognition for its fantastic...[more]

LightWave Plugin: How to Use LW9 Logo

LightWave plugin 9 logo enables you to create different kinds of animations such as Motion Graphics, Cartoon Animations, Special Effects and Technical Animation, among many more. It is a more defined continuation of the...[more]

LightWave Plugin: How to Use Step Selects

The LightWave plug-in has a user-friendly interface which allows anyone to work easy with the application. You can add a vast range of animations and special 3D effects to your projects or create new...[more]

LightWave Plugin: How to Use Shadow Designer

The Shadow Designer LightWave Plugin is a third-party shadow simulating system for LightWave. It is a favorite among many 3D artists and renderers for its fine rendering quality that is produced at great speed....[more]

LightWave Animation: Using Soft Body Dynamics

LightWave animation is a great 3D software with easy-to-use features and a user-friendly interface. Another great thing about LightWave is that you can use the Soft Body Dynamics to animate even gelatinous forms. Step...[more]

Rigid Body Dynamics: Creating Hard Effects

Rigid body dynamics are used to show how motion occurs with rigid bodies. These dynamics take inertia, mass and other motion dynamics. These rigid bodies cannot be used to deform bodies. These rigid bodies...[more]

NewTek LightWave: UV Unwrap Tool

The NewTek LightWave is a high-end computer graphics program developed by NewTek for use in 3D modeling and animation processes. One of the most critical features used while modeling is the use of UV...[more]

NewTek LightWave: Loading and Saving Camera Data

Whenever you create a Newtek LightWave animation or still image, you always have a display device in mind. In case of a video, it’s probably a TV set or a monitor. You might also...[more]