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Using the Mixing Console Window in Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is one of the most popular Non-linear editing (NLE) software available today, which provides an all in one solution for all editing needs. Sony Vegas also includes an elaborate audio mixing console...[more]

Making Animated Text Effects in Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is a useful piece of video production software which can create some unique and interesting effects. If you want to create animated text, for example, then this is very simple. Animating text...[more]

Tagging Photos with MediaShow

Media Show is all-in-one software for sorting, organizing and sharing your favorite moments in videos and photos. This application gives you numerous options to organize your media content in a truly hassle free way....[more]

One-Click Fixes with MediaShow

MediaShow is powerful software which provides a host of easy solutions for managing and editing videos and photos. Among its many features, the one-click fixes are particularly appreciated by people who do not have...[more]

Using Touch Interaction in YouCam

YouCam is a fun application designed to jazz up your boring and mundane webcam experiences. It allows you to capture your moments and apply some great effects to them. It also enhances the standard...[more]

YouCam: Making Dynamic Webcam Videos

YouCam is one of the most well known applications, which can be used to have some fun with your webcam. Whilst webcams aren't the best quality cameras available, they are fun to use and...[more]

Power DVD: Making Your Own Movie Reviews

Power DVD allows you to make your own movie reviews. You must make the reviews during playback and the reviews will then be available in the Movie Info tab. If your version of Power...[more]

Power DVD: Upscaling Movies to HD

Power DVD supports upscaling of standard definition video files to high definition formats and transforms your movies. PowerDVD uses TrueTheater, which is actually a collection of a wide range of audio and video enhancing...[more]

Power DVD: Enjoying Video Playback

Power DVD is a video and music playback software program for your computer; it is one of the most reliable and high quality players you can have installed in any type of PC –...[more]

Power DVD: Converting 2D Movies to 3D

Today’s audiences can all enjoy 3D movies in the comfort of their own homes, thanks to Power DVD. Some DVD movies have been originally released in 3D, and television is anticipating the release of...[more]

PowerDirector: Adding Particle Effects

Power Director is a power photo editing program that takes the open editing approach to templates and effects. Some of the existing design tools include menus, animated PiPs and titles. However, the latest version...[more]

Upscaling Video in Power Director

Considered one of the best digital video editing software out in the market, Cyberlink’s Power Director allows users to enhance videos and pictures complete with music and voice-overs, amongst a host of other special...[more]

PowerCinema: Controling the TV

PowerCinema is a very popular home theater application which can be used to turn a regular computer into a fully functional home theatre system. Home theatre systems make it possible to simply put one...[more]

PowerCinema: Picking a Tuner Card

PowerCinema is a very popular home entertainment media suite. This has a large menu which can be displayed easily on your television. This makes controlling it easy. To get the most out of your...[more]

PowerCinema: Review Your Videos

PowerCinema turns a standard computer into a Home Entertainment system. By installing this software on a Windows computer, you can use it to make your TV much simpler. As soon as this software is...[more]

PowerCinema: Using the Native Widescreen

The PowerCinema by CyberLink is a complete home entertainment suite/solution that is intended to roll up a lot of functionality into a nice and compact framework. It allows the user to enjoy forms of...[more]

Power Producer: Outputting to Blu Ray Discs

Power Producer is a disc burning and outputting software program for your computer. This authorizing software supports the creation of DVD discs and Blu ray discs. Basically, the Power Producer software has the ability...[more]

Creating a Disc Menu with Power Producer

Under the Power Producer, the Customize Menu window gives you creative control over the look and creation of your disc menu. You can select a custom background as your menu or choose from a...[more]

Power Producer: Optimized NVIDIA CUDA

Power Producer is a video production and editing software that has been optimized with NVIDIA CDU hardware. This optimization means that HD video rendering can be achieved much faster and in much shorter time....[more]

Power Producer: Optimized for the ATI Stream

Power Producer can be used to create professional slide show presentations and videos. This is very powerful software which works very quickly. Normally video editing tasks are time consuming and demanding on your computer's...[more]

Correcting Shaky Videos with Power Producer

Power Producer has come up with more innovative ways for editing video. The Magical Tools Edit is now incorporated into the software to ensure that all videos edited are in top shape. One of...[more]

Importing Video with Power Producer

Power Producer is a piece of powerful video editing application which was developed by Cyberlink. This software is ideal for anyone interested in video production because it makes it easy to create a wide...[more]

Gimp Software: Making Shapes

In Gimp software, the path tool is a powerful tool, which uses smooth mathematical curves instead of your own shaky mouse trails. It makes complex selections specifying certain points that are connected together by...[more]

Gimp Software: Removing Red Eye

Gimp Software is a free photo editing package which can be used for a number of different tasks. Red eyes are a major problem which affect photographers. The problem is caused because the light...[more]

Using Differential Focus in Movies

Differential focus is used quite a bit in photography, but it is also utilized in movies. This refers to keeping a small area in focus and then having the background be out of focus...[more]

Using the Lomographic FishEye Camera

When you want a shot that’s quirky, dramatic or simply distorted in an artistic way, the FishEye is the best way to go. With Lomography, it’s assumed that your shots will yield brightly colored,...[more]

4 Uses of a Fish Eye Lens

For photographers, a great piece of equipment to own is the Fish Eye Lens. This camera accessory is an extreme wide-angle lens that distorts images into a spherical orientation  Historically, the Fish Eye Lens...[more]

How to Make a Cheap Fish Eye Lens

A Fish Eye Lens can create a very unique look. They are very wide lenses that were originally developed for meteorology so that scientists could study cloud formations. They quickly became popular in photography because of...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic

The Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic is an optic that is used for capturing soft photos, such as photos of flowers and landscapes. The Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic is a member of the Lensbaby Optic...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Pinhole Zone Plate

The Lensbaby Pinhole Zone Plate is used for creating pinhole and/or zone plate photos. Generally speaking, most people use the Lensbaby Pinhole Zone Plate when they are looking to capture soft focus photos. The...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Plastic Optic

The Lensbaby Plastic Optic is one of the best optics available for creating photos that contain a lot of chromatic aberration. The Lensbaby Plastic Optic features a focal length of 55 mm and an...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Single Glass Optic

The Lensbaby Single Glass Optic belongs to the Lensbaby Optic Swap System. The Lensbaby Single Glass Optic is great for those that are looking to get soft and subtle shots, which is why many...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Double Glass Optic

Amateur and professional photographers alike know that when it comes to creating a dreamlike photograph, Lensbaby is the best accessory to turn to. Lensbaby is known for recreating hazy blurs while keeping an area...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Muse PL

Lensbaby, a popular manufacturer of selective focus lenses, has a second product to add to their motion picture line. The Lensbaby Muse PL was created for moviemakers and cinematographers who want to incorporate the...[more]

Using the Lensbaby 3GPL

The Lensbaby Movie Lenses come in two forms, one of which is the Lensbaby 3GPL. Due to their popularity among DSLR users, this popular lens brand has come up with some specialty gear for...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Step Up/Shade

The Lensbaby line of lenses is slowly gaining popularity among photographers and videographers alike, because of its flexibility in being able to take pictures with one distinct spot in sharp focus, while the rest...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit

Lensbaby lenses are gaining a big cult following among professional and amateur photographers alike. One of their hot items is the Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit. With this kit, your aperture shape is no longer...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Super Wide Angle Lens

Lensbaby lenses have become highly popular among photographers due to the dreamy, diffused effect they provide. Unlike other normal lens add-ons that can recreate this halo feel, Lensbaby has a flexible grip that allows...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Wide Angle Lens

Taking dreamy, blurry photos is a breeze with Lensbaby lenses. Lensbaby is best known for achieving shots with Selective Focus. The Sweet Spot – the sharpest area in your frame – is adjustable due...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Macro Kit

Those familiar with the Lensbaby line know very well that this popular brand of specialized lenses is best for dramatic, dreamlike shots. Lensbaby has been very successful in penetrating the world of professional photographers...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Control Freak

The Control Freak lens from Lensbaby is a lens that can be used for selective focus. Selective focus creates photos that have a single object in focus, with the rest of the image out...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Composer

The Lensbaby composer is a brand new lens created by Lensbaby. The design of the lens mimics a ball and socket in order to get the smoothest selective focus. Selective focus is used frequently...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Muse

The Lensbaby Muse is 1 of 3 different special lenses that can be used for differential focus. This focus is frequently used on nature photos and portraits, and will have the subject be sharp...[more]

Gimp Software: Using the Quickmask Tool

A short form for the GNU image manipulation program, Gimp software is a raster graphics editor, and it is used in the retouching and editing of an image. It accomplishes essential image work-flow steps,...[more]

Radial Distortion: Correcting Pincushion

Radial Distortion is one of the most common “diseases” of inexpensive and common camera lenses, especially the zoom lenses. Typically, there are two types of distortion: pincushion and barrel distortion. The pincushion distortion is...[more]

Creating Differential Focus in Photoshop

Differential Focus is all about keeping a small area in your photographs in focus and allowing the background details to blur or vice-versa. Differential focus allows the main subject to be more obvious in...[more]

Differential Focus Photography at Weddings

Differential Focus is a photography technique that takes advantage of using depth of field to create layers within an image. It also helps give 2D images a 3D perspective because the focus layers express the distances...[more]

Framing a Differential Focus Shot

Differential focus is a photography technique that involves using a lens' depth of field to create focus layers within an image. The extreme contrast between objects at different distances serves two functions. It can...[more]

Selective Focus in Nature Photography

In nature photography, it is most effective to use selective focus to be able to draw attention to your subject. Selective focus and macro photography often come hand in hand. Sometimes, your subject could...[more]

Selective Focus in Fashion Photography

Selective focus is a photographic technique that utilizes depth of field to create layers in an image, based on focus. A subject would be in sharp focus while the background would be blurry. This...[more]