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3 Reasons to Use a Camera Stabilizer

Whether you are shooting home videos or professional films, the benefits of a camera stabilizer are endless. If you have shaky hands or if you are shooting footage with a heavy camera, you know...[more]

How to Build a Cheap Steadicam

A steadicam is a device used to stabilize the camera when filming a scene while it is moving. Before the invention of the tool, there were two other options for filming a scene using...[more]

3 Useful Tiffen Steadicam Models

The Tiffen Steadicam is a camera stabilizer. Some of the available Tiffen Steadicam models include the Ultra 2, the Ultra 2C, the Phantom, the Clipper 324, the Archer 2, the Flyer-LE and the Pilot....[more]

Trapcode Particular: Creating an Apparition Effect

Trapcode Particular is a particle system or particle generator that can be used to mimic natural and artificial particles in a three-dimensional modeling environment. These include the modeling of fireworks, clouds, smoke, waterfalls and...[more]

Trapcode Particular: Creating an Under Water Bullet Trail

The following tutorial discusses how to create an underwater bullet trail using the Adobe After Effects suite, Adobe Photoshop and the Trapcode Particular plug-in for After Effects. Step 1: Setting up Source Files You...[more]

Trapcode Particular: Creating a Thunderstorm Scene

To create a thunderstorm scene using the Adobe After Effects suite, Adobe Photoshop and the Trapcode Particular plug-in for After Effects, you will need to follow the steps below. Step 1: Set up Source...[more]

Using Audio in Trapcode Form

For those who want to manipulate the audio within a video clip, Adobe After Effects’ Trapcode Form can be quite handy. Users can do this either via audio presets or by manually changing the...[more]

Trapcode Form: Using the Fractal Field

Trapcode Form is a sophisticated software program that helps you create intriguing videos, while adding motion tracks and fields using the fractal field feature. This feature is a 4-dimensional noise fractal able to generate...[more]

Using Layer Maps in Trapcode Form

The Trapcode Form is a strong product concept that aims to provide an all-purpose, three-dimensional surface generator that can perform multiple integrations among various elements (such as turning a man to sand and 3D...[more]

3 Ways to Work with Trapcode Shine

Trapcode Shine is a powerful and speedy solution (in plug-in form) for the Adobe After Effects software package. The plug-in greatly enhances the functionality aspect of the base software and provides a powerful interface...[more]

Creating a Psychedelic Background in Trapcode Shine

Trapcode Shine is a plug in developed by Red Giant Software and is ideal for producing radiant light effects that either sweep through your footage or glow from a single point source. Trapcode Shine...[more]

Trapcode Shine: Creating a 3D Gobo Light

For advanced users, Red Giant provides the Trapcode Shine tool to create shine effects. There are 22 presets, but you can also make your own light ray effects. Follow the steps below to find...[more]

Creating an 8 Bit Look with Text Anarchy

Text Anarchy is a wonderful tool which can be used to create and design different types of text. Although modern computers are capable of complex 3D graphics, it's sometimes really nice to create a...[more]

Red Giant Software: Creating a Looping Particle System

The Red Giant Software program allows you to create a particle looping system, which can enhance your visual effects and help you achieve the impression you want. If you want to create this particle...[more]

Red Giant Software: Using Trapcode Starglow

Trapcode Starglow is produced by Red Giant Software. This can be used to create an effect in your photographs which looks like it was taken with a star filter. This is a plugin which...[more]

Red Giant Software: Using Warp

Warp is a toolset by Red Giant Software, allowing you to add reflection, corner point warps and shadow effects. When your video features a TV or computer screen and you would like to position...[more]

Image Lounge: Creating Tunnel Effects

Image Lounge by Red Giant Software is a collection of around twenty-effect filters for the Adobe After Effects software suite. All of these effects have been applauded for their ability to impact images in...[more]

Using the Fractal Brimstone in Image Lounge

The Red Giant Image Lounge is a software plug-in that is compatible with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5. The program comes with more than 20 After Effects filters, which allows users to...[more]

Using the Image Map in Image Lounge

Red Giant Software’s Image Lounge 1.4 is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects, and it comes with approximately 20 effects filters, including fractal, blur and text filters. Within the Image Lounge is the Color...[more]

Magic Bullet Looks: Transferring Looks Between Programs

Magic Bullet Looks can operate either on a stand alone basis or as a plug in for a host of different applications that work both on the MAC and the PC. It is ideally...[more]

Creating Chromatic Aberration with Magic Bullet Looks

Magic Bullet Looks offers the chromatic aberration and is a dynamic software developed by Red Giant Software Company, which has the ability to function both as a stand alone application or a Plug In....[more]

Magic Bullet Looks: Creating a Blockbuster Vibe

Magic Bullet Looks are a set of presets under the Red Giant Magic Bullet program. It is not the same as color correction. Instead, it is a set of basic tools, a starting point...[more]

Magic Bullet Looks: Creating a Holographic Interface

Red Giant Software’s Magic Bullet Looks allows users to add interesting effects to their videos. One of these effects is the ability to create a holographic interface using the Holomatrix tool. To create this...[more]

Magic Bullet Looks: Creating an Old Film Look

It is now possible, with Adobe After Effects (AAE) & Red Giant Software's Magic Bullet Looks, to edit videos in such a manner as to give them that old vintage look that is so...[more]

Magic Bullet Looks: Creating Teleportation Effects

Magic Bullet Looks is another great plug-in for Adobe After Effects production software suite that allows you to recreate a wide variety of different ‘looks’ for your production. In effect, you can shoot a...[more]

Red Giant Magic Bullet: Using Instant HD

Red Giant Magic Bullet offers an up-scaling tool that provides a mechanism to convert SD (Standard Definition) videos and media into HD (High Definition) video footage. Instant HD serves as a plug-in to major...[more]

Red Giant Magic Bullet: Using Magic Bullet Frames

Red Giant Magic Bullet is a useful program for people who edit videos or create new videos from scratch. Using Magic Bullet Frames, you can de-interlace your video by testing it for all the...[more]

Colorista II: Digital Cosmetics

Colorista is a fantastic choice for digital cosmetics. You can easily do skin retouches, remove unwanted aging signs or unaesthetic looks, and add healthy colors to pale-looking skin. Step 1: Open Your Project Launch...[more]

Using Power Masks in Colorista II

Power Masks in Colorista II are tools enabling you to perform advanced editing of footage. Colorista II is a plug-in with three stages of color correction. At the Primary stage, the overall look of...[more]

Using the Keyer in Colorista II

Magic Bullet Colorista II is the newest version of Colorista, which is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects and Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro. The latest version comes with plenty of new features,...[more]

Working with Multiple Shots in Colorista II

Working with a multi-shot sequence may require applying the three stages of color correction that Colorista II provides you with. This is how you can use their features within one effect. As an example...[more]

Basic Controls for Red Giant Colorista II

Colorista is a powerful and easy-to-use color corrector. Using the special features of this program, users can now adjust individual colors and add cool touch-ups or even rebuild highlight details.Three-Way Color WheelsThis is the...[more]

Converting DSLR Video into Pro Resolution

Nothing can be easier than using the Magic Bullet Grinder by Red Giant Software to convert any DSLR video files into other more useable editable formats. You have the option of adding timecode and...[more]

DecoStudio: Making Embroidery Effects

DecoStudio is a Wilcom product that is widely used by embroidery designers, which provides stitch processor, lettering and monogramming, among other effects. When it comes to embroidery effects, DecoStudio can be used to create...[more]

Creating Text Effects in DecoStudio

DecoStudio is a user-friendly tool that enables you to design logo projects, special signs, screen prints or vector-based embroidery, helping you to realize your ideas in an expert manner even with moderate skills. The...[more]

Creating Custom Patterns in DecoStudio

The Wilcom DecoStudio software, along with CorelDraw X4 Suite, is a complete solution for decorative graphics and embroidery patterns. The easy-to-use software is a must for any type of embroidery business, as it has...[more]

WinDVD: Understanding Trimension

Corel WinDVD 9 is an exciting new media viewing package which plays back DVD, HDDVD & Blue Ray content on your PC or MAC. It has exciting new features, including the Trimension All2HD technology,...[more]

DVD Factory: Adding Effects

Corel DVD MovieFactory 7 (DVD Factory) is a picture and video editing application that allows you to spruce up the image quality of your media, in addition to letting you create high definition presentations...[more]

Working with HD Features in DVD Factory

Corel DVD Factory is a user friendly piece of software which can be used to create professional looking DVDs. This also makes it possible to create videos in high definition which can be burned...[more]

Making Slideshows with DVD Factory

The DVD MovieFactory 7 (DVD Factory) by Corel is a simple DVD production application that allows users to create high definition media presentations, to burn onto their own DVDs. It works well with all...[more]

How to do Simple Camcorder Playback

Camcorder playback, or playing a recording back, in your camcorder is really simple. If you are unable to do so for some reason, and the user manual is not really helpful, this article will...[more]

Corel PhotoImpact: Enhancing Digital Photos

Corel PhotoImpact has a feature that allows you to edit and enhance RAW files. If you are not familiar with RAW files, they are equivalent to a negative in traditional photography. When you enhance...[more]

Corel PhotoImpact: Creating DVD Labels

In a few easy steps, you can create DVD labels in Corel PhotoImpact. Corel PhotoImpact provides many customizable DVD label templates in Photo Project. You can also use Corel PhotoImpact to create labels for...[more]

How to Use Cool 360 in Corel PhotoImpact

Corel PhotoImpact has a feature called Cool 360 that allows you to combine several photos together. It can be very difficult to take a picture of a tall subject when you are close to...[more]

Using the Cloud Pen in Corel PhotoImpact

If you are a creative person, you will love the Cloud Pen that is available in Corel PhotoImpact. The Cloud Pen allows you to create realistic looking clouds that look like they are moving....[more]

Creating a Calendar in Corel PhotoImpact

It is very easy to create your own custom calendar in Corel PhotoImpact. You can use different photos, icons and markers for all 12 months in Corel PhotoImpact. Corel PhotoImpact allows you to save your calendar...[more]

Corel Designer: Importing 3D Models

The Corel Designer is a vector-based graphical and drawing tool that is extensively used in the heavy industries to create technical graphics for engineers and professionals. The USP for Corel Designer works out to...[more]

Using Corel Draw in a PDF Presentation

Corel Draw Graphics Suite X5 is an extremely powerful graphic designing tool appropriate for both amateur and professional graphic designers alike. The real strength of this software lies in its massive amount of design...[more]

Corel Draw: Understanding Photo Effects

Corel Draw is a graphics design suite from Corel, which can be used to edit photos, create animations or design website images. Within this suite are several photo effects, which can be used to...[more]

Corel Draw: Cropping Graphics

Corel Draw allows users to remove unwanted parts of a graphic image quickly and without difficulty. The technique is referred to as cropping. There are actually several ways of cropping an image. Here are...[more]