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4 Reasons to use Divx Pro Instead of Xvid

Divx Pro and Xvid are video codec software, and although Xvid is free, there are reasons to use the Divx Pro. 1. HD Quality Divx Pro provides HD quality playback, which is not available...[more]

How to Compress a DVD with Divx Pro

DivX Pro allows you to compress your DVDs into DivX and Avi files. It is a software program that can help you compress the DVD into a file with menus and audio streams. It...[more]

Compressing Video in Movie Maker

Compressing Video is necessary if you want to upload it on the web for people to watch it. Here are the steps of how you can do this in Windows Movie Maker. Step 1:...[more]

4 Tips for Using Sorenson Squeeze

Sorenson Squeeze is comprehensive video compression that provides multiple encoding options and a much smoother workflow. It enables you to publish on multiple websites. Here are a few tips for using Sorenson Squeeze so...[more]

Using Sorenson Squeeze to Compress Video Files

Sorenson Squeeze is versatile video compression software that enables you to encode in different formats. The software has an easy workflow due to the many presets which are already available in it. Here are...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Working with a Time Freeze

Time Freeze is one of the cool special effects you can add to your movie clip with Movie Edit Pro, which is advanced video editing software. The Time Freeze effect means that all the...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Replacing the Sky

Movie Edit Pro is excellent video editing software that has many tools and functions, which let you add a variety of effects. While shooting, it is quite common that you will not get a...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Creating Stop Animation

Creating Stop Animation can be one of the most creatively gratifying experiences for an artist. However, it is considered to be a time consuming and labor intensive process. Step 1: Setting up Animation Studio...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Creating a Mirror Effect

Movie Edit Pro is a versatile movie editing software that lets you also create a host of special effects. By just a few clicks, you can transform an ordinary looking footage to something quite...[more]

Adding an Explosion in Movie Edit Pro 14

Movie Edit Pro 14 now provides advanced features and tools to create a variety of special effects. One of the cool features of this movie editing software is that you can add an explosion...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Creating a Ghost Effect

Movie Edit Pro by MAGIX is sophisticated software for editing movies. The software is packed with various tools for editing and debugging, and contains many features which will let you create special effects. The...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Disappearing Effects

Movie Edit Pro by Magix is a professional audio/video editing software suite that provides a number of quality editing tools for your video footage. Among the main attractions of the Movie Edit Pro is...[more]

Making a Muzzle Flash in Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro allows users to add effects to the video sequences and clips. One of those effects includes adding muzzle flashes to a shooting gun. This will make the sequence look more...[more]

Making 3D Text in Magix 3D Maker

Magix 3D Maker is a sophisticated software program that allows you to create your own 3D text, titles and animations. Then, you can export your creation as a graphics file, an image or an...[more]

4 Artistic Features of Photo Premium

Photo Premium is a photo editing program that is made by Magix. In addition to allowing you to edit photos, Photo Premium can also be used for portrait optimization, graphic design and the creation...[more]

3 Tips For Being a Good Steadicam Operator

Being a good Steadicam operator is not too hard to do. When you are operating any Steadicam model, it is important that the vest be properly attached to your body and that you remember...[more]

How the Glidecam Smooth Shooter Works

The Glidecam Smooth Shooter works just like a Steadicam. It allows users to achieve camera movement without using large devices like dollies and cranes, and does not create the shaky footage you get when...[more]

Steadicam Pilot: Adding Weight and Increasing Length

Steadicam Pilot is a very useful tool if you are a professional video producer. If you have managed to assemble it properly and you have already used it, you know that there are still...[more]

Steadicam Pilot: Adjusting the Arm

You will need to adjust the arm on your Steadicam Pilot after you have adjusted the balance of the sled and placed the vest on your body. The purpose of adjusting the arm on...[more]

Steadicam Pilot: Attaching the Camera

The Steadicam Pilot is a new device which uses the Steadicam technology. The device is composed of three main parts: the sled, the arm and the vest worn by the cameraman. This system is...[more]

Steadicam Merlin: Shooting on Stairs

One of the best accessories a videographer can have is the Steadicam Merlin. This nifty piece of equipment allows for steadier handheld shots. Any videographer knows that when it comes to tracking action or...[more]

Steadicam Merlin: Trimming For Shots

Steadicam Merlin is a camera stabilizing system for light weight camcorders. Based on the professional Steadicam Technology that is employed in the entertainment industry world wide, it is an ultra-light, ultra-compact, strong stabilizer that...[more]

Steadicam Merlin: Knowing the Film Positions

The Steadicam Merlin is a device used to stabilize the camera for steadier shots. It is based on the technology of the Steadicam, which is renowned and used extensively worldwide in producing film and...[more]

Steadicam Merlin: The Importance of Hand Positions

There are two ways to hold the Steadicam Merlin. You can hold the Steadicam Merlin with one hand or with two hands. It is highly recommended that you hold the Steadicam Merlin with two...[more]

Assembling a Steadicam Merlin

Assembling a Steadicam Merlin should take no more than a few minutes. There is no true assembly required with the Steadicam Merlin. The Steadicam Merlin is shipped to you in folded or travel mode....[more]

Mounting a Camera to a Steadicam Merlin

Ask any videographer who is accustomed to backpack shoots, and they will certainly say that the Steadicam Merlin is one of the best inventions made for the film industry. Handheld video shoots often encounter...[more]

Maintaining a Steadicam Archer

A Steadicam Archer is considered a major investment for cameramen and filmmakers, not just in terms of money but also time and effort in learning how to use the system. Using a Steadicam device...[more]

How to Walk with a Steadicam Archer

Walking with the Steadicam Archer is actually very easy. Simply put, you want to walk as normally as possible when you are wearing your Steadicam Archer. Believe it or not, the way that you...[more]

Steadicam Archer: Finding the Right Arm Adjustment

The Steadicam Archer comes equipped with a G-50 arm. The G-50 arm on the Steadicam Archer has a lifting capacity of 10 to 50 pounds. To adjust the arm of the Steadicam Archer, you...[more]

Maintaining Dynamic Balance with a Steadicam Archer

The Steadicam Archer is a system that allows users to freely move around while still containing all of their needed video production equipment. Basically, all the equipment is connected into a vest that the...[more]

Maintaining Static Balance with a Steadicam Archer

The Steadicam Archer is a state of the art camera mounting and stabilizing apparatus that is widely used by cameramen in the global entertainment and film trade. The aim of the Archer, as it...[more]

Attaching a Camera to a Steadicam Archer

The Steadicam Archer is capable of holding cameras that weigh 12 to 50 pounds. Before you attach your camera to the Steadicam Archer, all accessories that you plan on using should be attached to...[more]

Fitting the Steadicam Archer Vest

The Steadicam Archer comes with an LX Vest. It is likely that you will be wearing the Steadicam Archer for extended periods of time, so it is crucial that the vest be properly adjusted...[more]

4 Important Features of the Prolite

The Prolite is a camera stabilization unit that is made by VariZoom. The Prolite weighs only 17.15 pounds and features a 7 inch 16:9 LCD screen so that you can easily view what you...[more]

DVD Pro 6: Using the HD Menu Compositor

DVDit Pro 6 is a professional quality DVD authoring software suite that enables home users as well as professionals to author DVDs in a highly customizable workspace. The following tutorial looks at using the...[more]

DVD Pro 6: Understanding HD Transcoding

DVDit Pro 6 is a DVD authoring program developed by the Roxio label of Sonic Solutions. Because it was released in 2006, it does not have the ability to create Blu Ray Discs. Despite...[more]

DVD Pro 6: Creating a DVD project

The DVDit Pro6, developed by Roxio, is a high end DVD production application that lets you control every facet of your DVD creation process, from editing your videos in the timeline to adding audio...[more]

DVD Pro 6: Using the Attributes Window

Sonic Solutions DVDit Pro 6 is a flexible program used to create DVD-Video discs. The authoring process consists of several stages of work, such as importing media files (assets), creating movies, slideshows and menus,...[more]

DVD Pro 6: Using the Timeline

DVDit Pro 6, developed by Roxio Professional, is a high end DVD disc producing and editing application geared at video professionals, event videographers, independent film makers, post production facilities, as well as video enthusiasts....[more]

DVD Pro 6: Using the Project Window

The DVDit Pro 6 is a powerful, yet easy to use, video production software from Sonic Solutions. It can be used to produce excellent DVDs with multimedia content. Though it may require some familiarization...[more]

DVD Pro 6: Using the Preview Window

The DVDit Pro 6 showcases a range of professional features, including subtitle tracks and multiple audio, as well as clip playlist and association navigation control. The main Preview Window is generally used for editing...[more]

DVD Pro 6: Using the Palette Window

The Palette window in the DVDit Pro 6 serves a large number of purposes, and here are the important ones. Creating a Jacket Picture The Palette window allows you to create, edit and manipulate...[more]

DVD Pro 6: Working with the Interface

DVDit Pro 6 has one of the most user friendly interfaces among the video editing software. The following tutorial describes how to work with the interface of DVDit Pro 6. This software offers all...[more]

Roxio Cineplayer: Playing DVDs

Roxio CinePlayer is one of the best performing video and DVD playback programs you can have on your computer. Cine Player is able to provide high quality video playback, ensuring clear, high definition and...[more]

Toast 10 Titanium: Burning an ISO

Roxio Toast 10 Titanium is a CD and DVD burning application which can be run on an Apple Mac computer. This makes it very easy to copy and burn disks from a variety of...[more]

Transferring VHS to DVD with Roxio

With Roxio, you are able to store, convert VHS to DVD, and edit any media format so that it is playable on your computer or portable device. Roxio software solutions are ideal to preserve...[more]

Transferring Shows from Photoshow to Roxio Photoshow

Roxio Photoshow allows you to share your favorite pictures with your friends and family. You can combine pictures with family or vacation videos, and add effects, animations, and anything else you might want to...[more]

How to Re-Download Roxio Software

Roxio software is digital media software from Sonic Solutions that caters to all media users, from the creators to the consumers of digital media. A very easy to use media management software, Roxio, is...[more]

Roxio Popcorn: Understanding CSS Encryption

Roxio Popcorn is basically a DVD copying software. It can also make the video compatible to be viewed on iPods, PSP, 3G cell phones which are video enabled, and devices supporting H.264 and MPEG...[more]

Roxio Popcorn: Exporting to Youtube

Exporting to Youtube can be the simplest thing to do with the Roxio Popcorn software. With just a few clicks, your video is converted and uploaded to Youtube! This article explains the step by...[more]