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MoviePlus: Using the Main Screen

The main screen of Serif MoviePlus provides a good user-friendly interface for all your editorial needs. Here are the main divisions of the main screen and their uses. Properties Panel The Properties Panel is...[more]

PhotoPlus: Restoring Color

PhotoPlus helps you bring pictures back to life or make them come alive. It is a powerful software application that helps you remove flaws, restore colors, resize snaps, adjust exposures, restore old and faded...[more]

Cutting Out Images in PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus is image editing software from Serif. The software enables the easy enhancing of digital images by adjusting brightness and contrast, cutting images and changing the background, enhancing color balance, resizing and even transforming...[more]

Repairing Photos in Photo Plus

Repairing photos, especially the old ones that need to be scanned, can be quite a pain and a hassle. The PhotoPlus allows you to accomplish this complicated task without any professional aid and saves...[more]

Using the Makeover Studio

The Makeover Studio feature of the Serif PhotoPlus X3 is a quick editor that gets the job done. It has a pretty easy to use and straightforward system to get you around the software...[more]

PhotoPlus: Using AlbumPlus Organizer

AlbumPlus, or PhotoPlus, Organizer is a powerful photo manager, providing a very wide variety of possibilities for you to manage your photos and photo projects. This article will guide you through the main features...[more]

Increasing Productivity with PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus allows its users to be more productive than ever, by providing a number of new improvements over its previous versions and the competition. The following tutorial describes various features that make you more...[more]

Complete List of Features for PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus X4, developed by Serif, is a user-friendly photo editing software that allows beginner and amateur level photographers and enthusiasts to achieve professional quality results. This article will examine a list of major features...[more]

PhotoPlus: Achieving Professional Results

PhotoPlus is an upscale photo editing application launched by Serif. It is a software product that gives you the chance to edit and manipulate the images you have in any way you want. Whether...[more]

5 Creative Tools for PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus is not only a sophisticated photo editing software, but it also has tools which let you get creative and achieve spectacular effects for your photos. Here are a list of 5 such creative...[more]

PhotoPlus: Creating a Vignette

PhotoPlus gives you the chance to use one of the most popular and common types of effects in digital photography and editing: the vignette effect. Sometimes you need to blend the edges of an...[more]

Magix Movie Edit Pro 15: MultiCam Editing

Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 is a sophisticated video editing program that offers even more today. Both professionals and amateurs in video editing know that Magic Movie Edit Pro is one of the simplest,...[more]

Magix Movie Edit Pro: Cloning

Magix Movie Edit Pro is a movie editing software with a lot of features and tools, which makes it easy for anyone to create some dramatic effects. You have seen in many movies an...[more]

Magix Photostory: Making a Slideshow DVD

Magix Photostory is a product from Magix, an international developer of media editing and software applications that has been in business since 1993. Magix Photostory 9 is one of their latest photo editing and...[more]

3 Useful Features of the Mobile Movie Maker

The Mobile Movie Maker can be installed on any mobile device to turn the mobile device into a portable movie theater. The Mobile Movie Maker can be used to convert movies into different formats...[more]

Magix Video Easy: Making Quick Home Movies

Magix Video Easy is the ultimate tool for making a perfect home video. It offers a rather unlimited choice of upscale video editing options and tools, special effects and numerous dubbing tools and instruments....[more]

Magix Movie Edit Pro 15: Mastering DV Recording

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 is a program that offers additional editing options and possibilities. It is a program that allows you to navigate easily, making use of numerous advantages both for amateurs and...[more]

Understanding Movie Edit Pro

The following article focuses on the Movie Edit Pro software suite and is a guide to get you up to speed with the software. Launching Movie Edit Pro You can launch the program by...[more]

Achieving a Cinematic Look in Movie Edit Pro

Movie Edit Pro lets you edit movie clips and add different kinds of special effects. A movie clip looks more dramatic when it seen in a cinematic format, and the same cinematic look can...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Slowing Down Your Video

It is very easy to create a slow motion effect with the Movie Edit Pro software. This software has many tools and features which will enable you to edit your clips and also add...[more]

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