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Elinchrom: How to Use the Snoot

The Elinchrom Snoot is conical shaped accessory for a light source, which will restrict the area of light spread making it smaller. The Snoot comes with a grid attachment, which will make the small...[more]

Elinchrom: Understanding the Rotalux Softbox

The Elinchrom Company produces a number of softboxes for professional photographers. Under the company line, there are two types of softboxes: the ROtalux Deep Octa and the Portalite Softbox. Both products are simple to...[more]

Differentiating an Elinchrom Octa from a Softbox

The Elinchrom Octa has an exclusive design that has given this large portable softbox recognition within the international fashion photography world. Its popularity has been proven by the number of professional photographers that own...[more]

Elinchrom Octa: How to Use

Elinchrom Octa is highly sophisticated light modifier that can give very even and smooth light. It is a highly versatile piece of equipment for the photographer, as it can be used for getting different...[more]

Softbox vs Umbrella

Many people who are into photography will want to know whether they should use a softbox or an umbrella. Both of these work by softening the light from a flash, but they are better...[more]

Umbrella Lights: How to Operate

For photographers going pro, umbrella lights are pieces of equipment which are versatile and extremely helpful. This looks just like an umbrella, but with a reflective surface inside. The way it works is that...[more]

How a Lighting Umbrella Works

Light is very important when taking a photo, which is why a lighting umbrella might be so useful. All photographs are made up of light, and a lack of light could result in your...[more]

How a Softbox Works

A softbox is a tool used in photography to help light a scene or a subject more evenly. It creates a diffused lighting effect, producing a softer yet more natural lighting condition compared to...[more]

Making a Softbox for Cheap

A Softbox provides a soft and even lighting effect which is ideal for a shoot. The only problem is that this light modifying equipment is quite expensive when you purchase it at a photography...[more]

Lighting Umbrella: Making One for Cheap

If you have ventured into photography, one of the most useful accessories you can have is the lighting umbrella. This peripheral is a collapsible dome with a reflective surface. Best used for portfolio or...[more]

Understanding C Stands

In both photography and video production, one practically cannot survive without the ever-dependable C Stands. C Stands, or Century Stands, are a must-have for all your lighting needs and fixtures. Grips are most accustomed...[more]

Making a C Stand for 30 Dollars

Knowing how to create a C stand on your own is useful if you are an avid photographer. C stands--also known as century stands--are used in photo studios or by amateur photographers because they...[more]

Making a C Stand for 10 Dollars

The C Stand or Century Stand is one of the most necessary tools you will need in your photography. Whether you have gone pro or are merely starting out, no piece of lighting equipment...[more]

C Stand: Finding the Right One

The C Stand or Century Stand is an important piece of equipment in any shoot, as it should safely support the costly equipment you fix on it. There are a few types of the...[more]

Lighting Glass: Overcoming the Obstacles

If you want to take photos of glass objects, then you will need to learn all about lighting glass correctly. Photography is a great hobby to have and is also something that you can...[more]

Diffusion: Controlling Contrast

In the field of photography, light diffusion is one of the basic skills that photographers need to learn and master. It involves softening the light that hits the subject. Controlling the amount and type...[more]

Cinema 4D: Creating a Dolly Effect

Breathtaking animated cinema is really popular all over the world, and one of the most effective program out in the market today is the Cinema 4D, which allows you to manipulate camera angles. One...[more]

5 Useful Video Dolly Tips

A video dolly is a great tool to have in your filmmaking arsenal. But, if you don't know how to properly use it, then you're not going to get the smooth tracking shots you...[more]

Mini Dolly: Finger-Sized Skateboards

A mini dolly refers to a small dolly for small cameras. Video technology has advanced so rapidly over the past decade. Today's consumer cameras can shoot in HD and are far better than some...[more]

Creating a Dolly Shot with a Tripod

The dolly shot is the mark of a professional video. This smooth camera movement can easily raise a production's value with audiences. However, professional dollies and cranes are expensive to rent. It's possible to...[more]

Achieving the Dolly Zoom Effect Effectively

The dolly zoom effect is an in camera special effect that produces an unsettling look where the subject appears to be stationary with the background changing in size. It can also be executed to...[more]

Tripod Dolly: What to Look For

A tripod dolly is basically a wheeled platform that a tripod can be attached to which enables it to move. This movement creates a shot that is similar to the ones you would get...[more]

Tripod Dolly: Assembling Cheaply

A tripod dolly is a cheap and effective way to create dolly shots. If buying a tripod dolly is not an option for you, then you can easily make your own at home.  What...[more]

Making a Jib Arm at Home

A jib arm is basically a mini crane that is used on film sets to create crane like shots. It won't be the same as using a 50 foot Techno crane, but it still...[more]

Dolly Wheels: What to Look for

Dolly wheels are an essential part to a camera dolly's operation. Whether it's a dolly operating freely on the ground or if it's on track, the quality of the wheels plays a huge factor...[more]

Ladder Dolly: How and Why

A ladder dolly is a camera dolly system that employs a standard extension ladder as its track. The hardware needed to support this system is affordable, and the ladder dolly system is fast to...[more]

Low Camera Dolly: How to Assemble

A low camera dolly is a specialized camera dolly that places the camera low to the ground so that it can capture some very nice low angle shots. You can buy professional low camera...[more]

Making a Wooden Dolly for Filming

A wooden dolly is a do-it-yourself camera sliding system that you can easily make on a Saturday afternoon in your garage. You'll be able to give some smooth movement to your shots, but it...[more]

Building a Slider Camera Dolly

A slider camera dolly is a great tool to have for your video projects. It allows you to have some subtle and smooth camera movement, without needing to use a regular dolly system. You...[more]

Making a Dolly Track with PVC Pipe

Dolly track is usually needed for smooth dolly shots. But, a dolly and track can be expensive for the independent low budget filmmaker to rent or own. So, how can you get cost effective dolly...[more]

Skate Wheel Dollies: Understanding and Operating

Skateboard wheel dollies make it possible for a dolly to effortlessly and silently move on track. Some dollies are exclusively made with skateboard wheels and can only be used on track, while others can...[more]

Glidetrack Shooter: Understanding and Overview

The Glidetrack shooter is a new piece of film equipment that should be a must-have for anyone investing in a DLSR camera that shoots HD like the Canon 5D. What makes the Glidetrack so...[more]

Doorway Dolly: How to Operate

A doorway dolly is the most basic kind of professional camera dolly system manufactured. At it's core, it's a wooden platform with wheels. But, it is more than that. Interchangeable push bars allow for...[more]

Dolly Track: How to Assemble

Assembling dolly track is all about keeping it secure and level. It takes some practice to do it right, but it is fairly easy to learn. To lay dolly track, you will need the...[more]

Building an iPhone Dolly

An iPhone is currently the most advanced cell phone camera on the market. You can shoot high quality video with this phone that can rival a traditional camcorder. But, because an iPhone isn't a...[more]

Building a Tripod Mounted Dolly

A tripod is the filmmaker's most essential tool for mounting the camera to obtain a steady shot. Steady shots are nice, but nothing says professional video more than the smooth movement of a dolly...[more]

How to Use a Camera Dolly

A camera dolly is a great piece of film equipment to have on your set because it can be used to add production value to your movie by creating moving shots with smooth movement....[more]

4 Uses of a Camera Dolly in Movies

Having a camera dolly for your movie can make a world of difference in terms of production value. Movies are motion pictures and that means that they require motion. If there isn't motion happening...[more]

Making a DIY Camera Dolly

There are basically two methods to making your own DIY camera dolly. You can either make one with wheels that can move anywhere, or you can build one that can only be used on...[more]

Creating New Blank Pages in Fotoslate

Fotoslate can help you create blank pages that you can use later in collages, scrapbooks and calendars. Creating new blank pages in Fotoslate is not difficult if you follow the program’s wizard. Here is...[more]

Creating Calendars in Fotoslate

Fotoslate is a very useful program if you wish to create your own photo calendars. The program has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-follow wizard that guides you through the entire program. If you wish...[more]

Using the FTP Uploader in ACDSee Pro

One of the greatest pleasures in taking pictures and videos is sharing them with your friends and family, and FTP uploader in ACDSee Pro can help you share your pictures quickly and easily. If...[more]

Uploading Images to Smugmug with ACDSee Pro

ACDSee Uploader gives you the chance to resize your images, choose captions and keywords and upload your pictures to a gallery in Smugmug. Uploading pictures and images with Smugmug is quite easy. The program...[more]

Uploading Images to Zenfolio with ACDSee Pro

You can use ACDSee Pro to upload your favorite images to Zenfolio using the proper uploader. Before uploading them you can edit the images, resize them, add metadata and keywords, and then share them...[more]

Emailing Images in ACDSee Pro 3

Emailing images in ACDSee Pro 3 is possible in a few easy steps. There is a “send email wizard,” which helps you email the images you want without opening an external email program. If...[more]

Uploading Images to Your ACDSee Online Account

Once you have perfected your images, you want to upload them to your ACDSee account. Ensure that you are on online mode, and log into your ACDSee account using your email address and password....[more]

How to Use the Lighting Tool in ACDSee Pro 3

ACDSee Pro 3 helps you manipulate photos and lets you adjust the lighting of a photo through the lighting tool. The following tutorial describes how to use the lightning tool in ACDSee Pro 3:...[more]

Using the Advanced Color Tool in ACDSee Pro 3

Advanced Color is a very useful feature found in the ACDSee Pro 3 software program. This feature allows you to have an overall control on the colors of your images and pictures. You can...[more]

ACDSee Pro 3: Understanding Presets

One of the most helpful things that you can do when you are working with programs, like ACDSee Pro, is save your very own presets. Not only does this make your work easier, it...[more]

Adobe Premiere: How To Set Up Your General Settings

Adobe Premiere Pro is sophisticated software for video editing and enables the user to edit projects in real time. Here are few basic steps for configuring the general settings. Step 1: Starting a New...[more]