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Using Boris Continuum to Make Transitions

Boris FX latest visual graphic and effects package, the Boris Continuum Complete 6 (BCC6) contains over 200 plug-in effect filters that work very well with media editing applications developed by Adobe, Apple, Avid and...[more]

Rotoscoping In After Effects

Rotoscoping is a visual effects technique that involves separating a subject from its background in a video clip, so that a different background can be used in its place. It's very similar in concept...[more]

Autodesk Toxik: How to Rotoscope

Rotoscope is an old process which has been used by the film industry since 1915 when Max Fleischer first invented it. You can use  Adobe Photoshop or Corel Photopaint to complete the task. Step1: Select...[more]

Combining Green Screen Effects with Rotoscoping

Green Screen effects are employed for a wide range of uses in animation, special effects, and film and studio production. The technique is also applicable to digital rotoscoping as well. Rotoscoping is an animation...[more]

Using Vector Graphics in Rotoscoping

Adobe Illustrator’s vector graphics allow photographers and videographers to easily create animations from live action video sequences or images. This is known as rotoscoping, and it is popular in stop-action animation. While generally you...[more]

Applying a Rotoscoping Effect in Photoshop

Rotoscoping is a visual effects technique that can be performed on photographs in Adobe Photoshop. It involves cutting a subject out of an original photograph, and then replacing that background with a new one....[more]

Creating a Video Game Avatar Using Rotoscoping

Rotoscoping is the process of tracing over a live-action film to create animation, and this is also a way to create a video game avatar. This is an advanced skill that requires some knowledge...[more]

Astrophotography Camera: Nikons VS. Canons

Nikon and Canon are some of the more renowned brands when it comes to astrophotography cameras. This is not to say that other brands do not produce their own models for use in astrophotography....[more]

Capturing HDR Photos with a Nikon D50 Camera

The Nikon D50 Camera enables you take excellent DSLR quality photos at an affordable price. It is also possible to capture a set of photos with different exposure settings so that you can use...[more]

Using High Dynamic Range in Astrophotography

Producing a high dynamic range image, also known as HDR image, is easy when using the proper software program. Easy HDR Pro is a useful image processing program, able to produce and enhance the...[more]

4 Tips for Good Moon Photography

Moon photography is definitely one of the most challenging assignments a photographer can take on. There are many factors going against you, and a very small window that could aid you in coming up...[more]

3 Useful DSLR Cameras for Astrophotography

The best DSLR cameras for astrophotography are made by Canon and Nikon. If you are not familiar with DSLR cameras, DSLR stands for digital single lens reflex camera. One of the best features of...[more]

3 Tips for Astrophotography

As the name suggests, astrophotography involves taking pictures of the night sky. There is no better picture than a picture that features the stars and the moon. If you are just getting into astrophotography,...[more]

Enhancing Paranormal Photography with an HDR Effect

Creating Paranormal photographs is possible by using HDR Photography. HDR combines three separate photographs of different exposures. It is possible to fake HDR effects from one photograph. This is one of the easiest ways...[more]

Enhancing Underwater Photography with an HDR Effect

Underwater photography can be a challenge at times. This is because you will need specialist equipment. Digital photography doesn't only make underwater photography easier, but it also makes different techniques possible. It's possible to...[more]

Enhancing a Wedding Picture with an HDR Effect

Setting up to take a wedding picture can be very stressful. There are many different techniques which can be used to create interesting pictures which will make your clients happy. One method is using...[more]

Tone Mapping for Graduation Photography

Tone mapping is a relatively new process in digital photography; it has been used in the past in 3D, but now it is used for image taking and editing, because it allows professionals and...[more]

4 Useful Tone Mapping Software Programs

There are many different Tone Mapping and HDR applications which are available. All of these have different features and will suit people with different objectives and budgets. 1. PhotoMatix PhotoMatix is one of the...[more]

Understanding Tone Mapping

Tone mapping is a technique used by video professionals and video aficionados to map one color set to another, in order to enhance the colors and appearance of dynamic images into mediums with a...[more]

Tone Mapping in PhotoMatix Pro 3

PhotoMatix Pro 3 is a versatile photo editing software with many features. One of the main features is that it enables you to create HDR images with just a few clicks, and it also...[more]

PhotMatix: Creating HDR Images

PhotoMatrix can be used to create some impressive photographs. One of the most useful features is using it to create HDR images. HDR actually stands for "High Dynamic Range." This can be created in...[more]

Understanding High Dynamic Range Rendering

The term high dynamic range rendering, better known as HDRR or HDR Rendering, refers to a fundamentally different approach used for the rendering of three dimensional scenes, shots, images and graphics. A lot of...[more]

2 Ways HDR Photos are Better than Regular Photos

HDR Photos are photographs that have a high dynamic range, which makes them better than regular photos. But, why is that? Here are two reasons: 1. Everything Can Be Evenly Exposed Dynamic range refers...[more]

HDR Software: Making Surreal Photography

There are many pieces of HDR software which can be used to create high quality photos that you will be proud of. A HDR Photo contains more detail than most digital photos. These are...[more]

HDR Darkroom: Working with a Single Image

It's possible to use HDR Darkroom with a single image to create a HDR photograph. HDR photographs contain more detail than a regular digital photograph. These are normally made by combining three images together,...[more]

HDR Darkroom: Working with Multiple Images

HDR Darkroom is a photo editing software with high dynamic range (HDR) image editing capabilities. The following tutorial describes how to work with multiple images with this sophisticated software. Step 1: Taking Multiple Shots...[more]

PhotoStudio: Creating HDR Images

HDR PhotoStudio is an imaging enhancing program that's unique in the way it delivers high image quality. HDR stands for “high dynamic range” and refers to the PhotoStudio method of combining multiple exposures of...[more]

Aperture: Creating an HDR Image

Aperture is the photo editing and organizing software from Apple, which has many capabilities. Aperture being a RAW editor gives you the ability to create a HDR image from only one shot. This means...[more]

Elinchrom Octa Use in Fashion Photography

The Elinchrom Octa can be used in a variety of ways in the field of fashion photography. The following lists the various ways that you can make use of it in your fashion studio....[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Use the Speed Tool

In Final Cut Pro, the Speed tool is designed to change the speed of adjacent clips that are located in the Timeline. The Speed tool allows you to change the speed of those clips...[more]

Lightroom: Creating HDR Images

Lightroom provides photographers with a powerful postproduction tool that can be used to create HDR like images. Most people assume that they need Photoshop skills to create and produce HDR images. This assumption is...[more]

2 Ways HDR Enhances Photos

HDR stands for high dynamic range. It's a photography technique that involves combining several photographs of the same shot, taken at different exposures, into one shot. Our eyes have a very high dynamic range,...[more]

Simulating HDR in Gimp

Simulating a HDR (High Dynamic Range) effect is possible in Gimp, which is the popular and free image editing software. The effect is achieved by blending the photos with the help of layers. Let's...[more]

HDR Photography Usage with People

HDR Photography adds extra detail to your digital photographs. These photos are made by combining three differently exposed photographs to add more contrast. The resulting photograph will have much more detail and look different....[more]

HDR Photography Usage in Landscapes

HDR photography has become quite popular, as it dramatically increases the details of the various aspects in a photo. In normal photography, such a high degree of detail for the areas under shadow (and...[more]

Creating HDR Photography

HDR Photography stands for High Dynamic Range. This is a special type of photograph which contains much more detail than normal. Most photos have a short range which is displayed. HDR photos will normally...[more]

Getting the Most Out of Your HDR Camcorder

A HDR Camcorder is a range of video cameras produced by Sony. All of these have hard drives, which means that there is no need to worry about tapes or memory cards filling up...[more]

How a Flat Reflector Makes for Great Lighting

A light reflector is used to modify the lighting effect so that it is softer and falls more evenly over the subject. With the reflector, the harsh light is diffused and drastic shadows and...[more]

XS Litedome: Uses and Techniques

The Litedome package is an easy-to-use flash stand which makes various techniques possible. The Litedome kit is suitable for shoe flash mounts and comes with most of the things that you need--a standard connector,...[more]

How to Operate the Photoflex Litedisc Holder

The Photoflex Litedisc is a collapsable bounce card used mostly for still photo shoots. The Photoflex Litedisc is usually hand held by an assistant when the photographer is shooting because it is made out...[more]

Photoflex: Large Cinedome Pro Specs

The Photoflex Large Cinedome Pro is a professional piece of lighting equipment, which can be used in a variety of situations. There are three different sizes of Cinedomes available, and each of these are perfect...[more]

Photoflex: Medium Cinedome Pro Specs

Photoflex is a world leading manufacturer of studio and professional lighting for photographs. Its products are very popular among photography professionals who want to use reliable products to “light their way” to videos, photographs...[more]

Photoflex: Small Cinedome Pro Specs

The Photoflex Small Cinedome Pro is a useful piece of equipment. This makes it very easy to carry professional lights everywhere you go, and the small cine dome makes it easy to direct light...[more]

Alienbees Ring Flash: Technical Specs

The Alienbees Ring Flash is also known as the ABR800 Alienbees. The Alienbees Ring Flash is a ringflash system that is typically used by photographers. Photographers love using ringflash systems in their studios because...[more]

Making a Backlight Stand at Home

A Backlight Stand is quite a handy piece of equipment when you are looking to mount your light source. There are a variety of such stands available in the market and many are of...[more]

Making a Ring Flash for Cheap

A ring flash is a tool attached around the lens area of the camera. It is a mechanism which functions in the same way as a soft box, providing consistent and even illumination, yet...[more]

Picking the Right Alienbees Flash Unit

It can be a bit difficult trying to pick the right Alienbees Flash Unit. There are three different Alienbees Flash Units available. Those Flash Units are the B400, the B800 and the B1600. This...[more]

Alienbees B1600: Uses and Functionality

The B1600 is the top of the line studio flash unit that is made by Alienbees. The Alienbees B1600 weighs 3.7 pounds and has dimensions of 9 inches by 7.5 inches by 5.5 inches....[more]

Alienbees B800: Uses and Functionality

The Alienbees B800 is a studio flash unit that is self-contained. Alienbees makes three studio flash units, and the Alienbees B800 is a step above the B400, but a step below the B1600. The...[more]

Alienbees B400: Uses and Functionality

The Alienbees B400 is a studio flash unit. The Alienbees B400 is capable of producing up to 160 true wattseconds, 400 effective wattseconds and 7,000 lumenseconds. The power variability for the Alienbees B400 is...[more]