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Adjusting Photo Brightness in Xara Xtreme

Adjusting the photo brightness in Xara Xtreme is a fairly simple task. The software comes packed with inbuilt photo correction tools that will help you make tonal and color based corrections in an image...[more]

Making a GIF Animation in Xara Xtreme

For Linux users, creating GIF animations may be challenging due to the limited number of programs available to them. For those in the know, Xara Xtreme is the best illustration program that works best...[more]

Making a Panorama Photo in Xara Xtreme

Creating a panorama photo is easy on the Xara Xtreme, if you know the necessary steps. Xara Xtreme is one of the most popular vector illustration open source softwares on the market right now....[more]

Xara Xtreme: Making a Polygon

Making a polygon shape in Xara Xtreme is fairly simple. There only a few necessary steps that you have to go through, and you will have your polygon in no time. Xara Xtreme allows...[more]

Slicing an Image in Xara Xtreme

In working with open source software, specifically for Linux, illustrators don’t look further than Xara Xtreme. A highly flexible image manipulation program for Unix operating systems, Xara Xtreme is a fast and feature-packed tool...[more]

Xara Xtreme: Making a Star Design

Creating designs on the Xara Xtreme is extremely easy. Though it’s not as popular as its Adobe counterparts, this open source vector illustration software is a great tool for those on the UNIX platforms....[more]

Changing the Background Color in Xara Xtreme

For UNIX platform systems, one of the best photo manipulation and illustration open source software available is the Xara Xtreme. This graphics design software is packed with features that can keep up with the...[more]

Xara Xtreme: Outlining Text

Out of the may photo manipulation and graphic design software available, one of the best you can find is the Xara Xtreme. This open source vector illustration software has enough attributes and features for...[more]

Xara Xtreme: Designing Individual Letters

Xara Xtreme allows you to design every individual object on your work plane, and this includes individual letters. And, like most other things in the software, it is actually quite easy to do. This...[more]

Making a Heart Pulse Animation in Xara Xtreme

Linux users know that when it comes to photo manipulation or illustration software, there’s no better program than Xara Xtreme. Xara Xtreme may be a simplified version of its contemporaries, but it has all...[more]

Making a 3D Pie Chart in Xara Xtreme

Xara Xtreme is a powerful image editing and website design package. This software includes all of the tools that you could possibly need to design and make highly professional sites. There are many different...[more]

Using the Instant Artist Studio

Serif Photoplus X3 is a photo editing software program that has a very interesting feature in it called Instant Artist Studio. Instant Artist Studio allows users to add effect filters to their photographs with just...[more]

DrawPlus: Working with Spray Brushes

DrawPlus by Serif has a variety of tools to make your job easier. You can create some stunning effects by using this software. The following tutorial examines the use of spray brushes, which can...[more]

DrawPlus: Tracing Photos

Serif's DrawPlus is versatile drawing software that lets you create stunning designs, logos and cartoons. Among its many features, it also lets you trace out and select objects from photos. The following describes how...[more]

Drawing a Cartoon Character in DrawPlus

DrawPlus is the versatile drawing software from Serif, which has a set of different tools that lets you create fascinating drawings, graphics, logos and animations. You can also use this software for photo enhancements...[more]

What Is Perspective Photography?

One of the most interesting types of photography is perspective photography. While other types of photography make people appreciate the beauty of places, perspective photography plays with the minds of people. People can have...[more]

3 Tips for Great Perspective Photography

Perspective photography adds depth and dimension to the picture. Perspective is an important part of photography, especially landscape photography. Knowing how perspective works and how to use it when taking photographs is key. Perspective...[more]

Picking the Right Aerial Camera For the Job

An aerial camera comes in many forms, which are perfect for different types of aerial photography. It's important that you choose the right type of camera for the job that you are attempting to...[more]

ArcGIS Software Basics

ArcGIS software is a program made by Esri that is designed to help businesses improve their workflow. ArcGIS can help with asset and data management, planning and analysis, business operations and situational awareness. With...[more]

Aerial Camera Systems: Understanding Rail Cameras

Aerial Camera Systems is currently the world leader in designing and distributing Rail camera systems. These cameras are highly specialized modifications of regular broadcasting cameras and are designed for smooth motion. What Is a...[more]

Using Aerial Imagery in Archaeological Digs

Aerial imagery is useful for lots of different purposes. It's possible to use it for construction sites and also to assist archaeological digs. The ability to see the land from a sky makes it...[more]

Using Aerial Imagery in Movie Production

As with many of the contemporary technical inventions, aerial imagery was first used for military purposes. When first aerial picture was taken in France from a hot-air balloon in 19 century, aerial imagery became...[more]

Obtaining Aerial Advertising for Your Small Business

Aerial advertising is a very specialized form of advertising that uses aircraft to display vapor-based ads or banners and mobile billboards in the sky. A popular offshoot of aerial advertising is the practice of...[more]

How to Become an Aerial Photographer

Becoming an aerial photographer is a difficult task. To become an aerial photographer, you will need to have extensive experience with aerial photo operations, you will need to have the proper equipment, and you...[more]

Finding a Professional Aerial Photographer

Finding a professional aerial photographer can help you to take some memorable and unique photos from the sky. An aerial photo sounds like something that is very easy to create. However, it's like no...[more]

Getting a Lay of the Land Using Aerial Maps

Aerial maps are basically photographs taken from above, generally from an airplane. These maps show detailed information about specific areas or topography. Online aerial maps do the same thing as traditional printed aerial maps,...[more]

Creating Aerial Maps for Construction Sites

Aerial maps are a great way of seeing things from a different perspective. This makes it possible to see the clear routes through a construction site and how the project is progressing. These aerial...[more]

How to Create Aerial Photogrammetry

Aerial photogrammetry is a useful way of capturing a birds eye view of various things. Creating areal photographs can be challenging because it is so different to other types of photography. You will have...[more]

What Is Aerial Photogrammetry?

Aerial photogrammetry is not a very popular form of photography. Basically, aerial photogrammetry is a division of aerial photography. With aerial photogrammetry, you combine aerial photography shots to create 2D or 3D models. Specifically,...[more]

Touching up an Aerial Photo in Photoshop

There are a lot of people who love to take an aerial photo when they are on a plane. The problem with taking an aerial photo is that it will always looks foggy because...[more]

Using Aerial Footage in Movies

Having aerial footage on video is an advantage to any movie. Once you have it in the bag, you have to pick the right moment that you can incorporate it into your movie’s narrative....[more]

Using Aerial House Photos In Real Estate

Elevated camera photography has dramatically grown throughout the twentieth century; it is used widely in movies productions, monitoring, artistic and scientific projects, and aerial house photos. Using aerial imagery in real estate is a...[more]

Aerial Filming: Using a RC Remote Controlled Helicopter

Aerial filming makes it possible to take photos and videos from a completely different perspective. Capturing these aerial films can be expensive as you need to hire helicopters or planes. There are, however, cheaper...[more]

5 Tips for Aerial Filming

Aerial filming is not as simple as clicking the shutter. It takes a lot of preparation and some specialized equipment to be able to achieve professional aerial photos. Experienced aerial photographers even refer to...[more]

How to Take Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is one of the hardest forms of photography. It will take some experience on your part before you are able to take the perfect shot from a moving object that is thousands...[more]

What to Look for in an Action Photography Camera

Purchasing an action photography camera is a major purchase. It is recommended that you use a 35 mm digital camera for action photography. When you are purchasing a camera for action photography, you should also...[more]

Making Alien Pictures in Photoshop

Photoshop has an amazing array of tools and features by which you can create alien pictures. Here's how you can make an ordinary person look like an alien by manipulating his photo. Step 1:...[more]

How to Touch Up Action Photos

Taking action photosis very challenging at times. Trying to capture fast moving objects can be very difficult. This means that you will need to edit the photos and touch them up. Touching up the...[more]

Using Action Photos in Magazines

Action photos can tell a story on their own and do wonders for magazines. Here is the process of picking dynamic and interesting action photos to display in magazines and articles. Step 1: Review...[more]

4 Tips for Action Photography

Venturing into action photography can be daunting both for amateurs and professionals alike. But, with the right preparation, equipment and a little bit of luck, you can come up with that winning action-packed shot....[more]

4 Dramatic Effects with Natural Direct Lighting

Producing natural lighting direct on your photographs can offer a great look if used and applied correctly. It is also a great option, as a lot of studios operate using only natural light because...[more]

3 Ways to Use Fluorescent Light Fixtures for Photography Lighting

Studio lighting solutions can be terribly expensive and can be a gating solution for most amateur photographers. Fluorescent light fixtures, however, provide a good alternative to traditionally expensive lighting equipment, such as a soft...[more]

How to Make a Battery Powered Video Camera Light

A video camera light makes it possible to film in high quality. Light is very important because it makes it possible to capture all of the detail in your scene. Without light, you simply...[more]

4 Differences between an IR and RF Wireless Flash Trigger

For professional photographers, the wireless trigger is a very useful gadget to enhance their projects. There are two main systems of wireless flash triggering, the Radio Frequency (RF) and the InfraRed (IR) options. Of...[more]

4 Portrait Lighting Tips with Three Canon 580ex Flashes

The Canon 580ex allows the photographer to use more than one flash to configure and achieve a diverse range of lighting effects. These effects are of high importance when it comes to portrait photography...[more]

How to Make a Ring Flash with LED's

A ring flash is a very useful device which can be used to make your photographs look much more professional. Correct lighting is very important when taking photos. A photo is made up of...[more]

Why to Add an Engraving to a Silver Picture Frame

A silver picture frame looks very special and makes any photo look much more important. As long as they are polished regularly and kept in good condition they look stunning. These photo frames can...[more]

Metal Picture Frame: When to Use

A metal picture frame is a useful way of protecting and displaying your photos. It's very easy to take lots of photographs thanks to digital cameras. It's also possible to print the photos out....[more]

When To Use a Glass Picture Frame:

A glass picture frame can be a good option as there is no color to clash with the photo or the room where the photo will be displayed and there is no need for...[more]

Using Panoramic Photos in Business

Panoramic photos can be used for business and personal use. These photos are made up of several different photos which are then combined. These create a very wide photograph which can contain a lot...[more]