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3 Great Film Directing Schools

If you are looking to succeed in the movie industry as a director, you will need to get the proper training from one of the top film directing schools in the world. Most of...[more]

Advantages of International Film School

Studying at an international film school can be a difficult choice for many people, but there are many advantages of studying at an international film school. Life Experience Living in an entirely new setting...[more]

Doing an Apprenticeship over Film Production Schools

For people wishing to pursue a career in the film industry, film production schools are an area of contention. Some people will argue that they're worth it and others will claim that it's a...[more]

What are the Top 10 Film Schools in the Nation?

Aspiring filmmakers gunning for a degree should look no further than the top 10 film schools in the nation. In no particular order, here is a quick rundown of the universities and educational institutions...[more]

The 5 Best Film Editing Schools

Going to one of the many reputed film editing schools can guarantee you a launch pad to put you into the big league of film editors. Almost all schools promise a great course and...[more]

Where to Attend Documentary Film School

Documentary film school is rare; these schools are often categorized in the same group as other film schools. However, that does not mean that art and media universities do not have the degree programs...[more]

Why Attend Online Film School?

If you are looking for a way to study film but do not have the time to get to a traditional film school, then you will want to look at an online film school....[more]

3 Top Film Schools for Screenwriting

The top film schools which have programs for screenwriting are located in many areas of the U.S. However, California houses all three of the top film schools. This is no surprise when you consider...[more]

3 Top Film Schools for Cinematography

Many people think that all of the top film schools are located in California. In actuality, the top film schools are spread out across the U.S., and here are three of them: 1. University...[more]

What Does a City's Film Office Do?

A city's film office is your one stop shop for everything you need to know about filming in that particular city. Permits The film office will provide you with all the permits you will...[more]

How to Obtain a Permit from Your City's Film Office

A local film office is generally put in place to grant shooting permits for famous movie location destinations. This is because almost any popular movie-shooting destination will effectively attract thousands of filmmakers. This is...[more]

Recreating a City from a Different Film Location

Finding film locations for your films can be very difficult and expensive. That's why it's popular to find ways to make other locations look the same. By shooting most of your film in one...[more]

Finding Cheap Film Locations in Your Area

Finding film locations is one of the most difficult logistical steps in production. You need to find a film friendly place that fits your story without breaking the bank. Some locations are just unreasonable...[more]

5 Good Film Production Companies

If you are looking at film production companies, either as a client to have them do some work for you or as a potential employee, it is important that you get to establish a...[more]

How to Compete with Big Name Film Production Companies

You need to compete with the big name film production companies if you're planning to start your own. Audiences won't care that you don't have the resources and budgets that the big guys have;...[more]

How to Start Your Own Video Production Company

Anyone who wants to start their own video production company will need to start with a few simple steps. By concentrating on the formation of your production company, you can ensure the foundation is...[more]

How to Find TV Filming Locations

New York and Los Angeles are the meccas in the United States for TV filming locations. But not every TV show is set in those two locations. That's because a lot of places in...[more]

What to Look for in Photo Shoot Locations

You won’t always have the luxury of shooting in a studio, and there will be times that you will have to scout for photo shoot locations. Before you pack up your equipment and models...[more]

Finding Photo Shoot Locations in Los Angeles

Going to the right photo shoot locations can dramatically improve your shots depending on the theme of your photography. Los Angeles presents some great locations for a photo shoot which are listed below. Backdrops...[more]

Advertising Movie Film Locations

Movie film locations can earn owners a lot of money. If you want your town to become one of these locations, then it is important to advertise it to the film making community. This...[more]

Preparing a Space to Become a Movie Film Location

Movie film locations are some of the most difficult logistics in production. Not only do they have to be right for the story telling, but there are a number of other practical requirements that...[more]

How to Become a Professional Location Scout

Being a location scout is a job of great fun, adventure and responsibility. If you love traveling, then you can look forward to traveling to a lot of new places and meeting a ton...[more]

What to Look for in a Location Scout

One of the most critical members of a modern day film making crew, a location scout is an individual who goes out in the field (outside the studio) and looks for places and locations...[more]

Do's and Don'ts for Location Scouting at Restaurants

Location scouting can prove to be very complicated, especially if you don’t know the things that you need to look for in an area. Because of this, there have been a lot of video...[more]

What Is Location Scouting?

Location scouting is the process of looking for locations in which to film your video production. It requires a lot of traveling, observing and talking to people. Requirements of a Location There are three...[more]

Telephoto Lens: How to Operate

Learning how to use a telephoto lens makes it possible to capture photos of things in the distance. This makes it possible to take photos of birds or other things that you can't get...[more]

3 Tips for Creating Rich Pattern Photography

Among the many forms of photography practiced, pattern photography is one that yields delightful results. Whether the patterns are natural or man-made, a well take pattern photo is always something to behold. Here are...[more]

What is Pattern Photography?

Pattern photography utilizes elements that are repeated. The repetition of lines, shapes, tones or color can create interesting images. There are photographers who use the pattern as the main subject of an image while...[more]

Three Easy Steps to Lighting of Photo Studio Backgrounds

Photo studio backgrounds can be fun to work with but if they're not properly lit then they're not going to look good. Here are three easy steps to lighting one the right way. Get...[more]

[number] Tips for Great Black and White Landscape Photography

Black and White Landscape Photography is an art of its own. You can’t just shoot as you would for a color photo and then turn it into black and white. You need practice to...[more]

What is a Vanishing Point?

Vanishing point occurs when two parallel lines appear to be converging in the distance. This is a perspective phenomena that occurs in general vision and is not unique to photography or special lens. However,...[more]

How to Make Interesting Vanishing Point Photography

It's very easy to add a vanishing point to your photographs by using Photoshop or other photo editing software. A vanishing point will instantly make your photos look much more interesting and special. This...[more]

3 Tips for Using Linear Perspective in Photography

Linear perspective in photography is a way to give the impression that there is depth in the picture. It creates a 3-D impression and makes the scene more realistic. There are ways to capture...[more]

What Is Linear Perspective Photography?

Linear perspective photography gives an impression of depth to the viewer by using real world parallel lines and making them converge in the plane of the photograph. This is also achieved by scaling the...[more]

Taking Pictures in the Rain

Taking pictures in the rain can create some very interesting results. By taking these photographs in the rain, you can capture some unique types of photos. However, the problem with taking photos in the...[more]

Applying Perspective Photography to Cinematography

Simply put, perspective photography is all about making things look bigger or smaller than they actually are. It can be used to skew perceptions, and it makes many different sized objects placed at different...[more]

Five Items to Use for Cheap Studio Lighting

When your shoot has a small budget then you have to resort to cheap studio lighting. After all, some sort of lighting is needed because it will improve the look of your image. Here...[more]

Retouching Nature Art Photography Images

When working with nature art photography, some aspects of the shoot cannot be controlled. Retouching can help enhance the photograph’s overall look. The following are a number of aspects that can be retouched when...[more]

Renting the Arriflex 235

The Arriflex 235 is a lightweight film camera that is great for situations when a camera needs to be mounted and moved for a shot. This camera can be purchased and it can also...[more]

Video Compression for the Web

Video compression is what makes it possible for digital video to be shared over the Internet, through a television, and on a DVD. Without video compression, we would either have high quality video files...[more]

Video Compression: Knowledge for Beginners

Video compression is the fundamental pillar in what makes digital video possible. It allows you to take high quality video and then compress it into a small file size, which can then be placed...[more]

Xara Web Designer: Handling Photos

Xara Web Designer is a very powerful and useful piece of software for creating websites. This software can be used to create professional looking results that you will be proud of. To use the...[more]

Xara Web Designer: How to Resize a Page

Xara Web Designer allows you to create and edit web pages using a range of simple tools and techniques. This article explains how to resize your web page design.Step 1: Selecting a Background PageThe...[more]

Xara Web Designer: Flowing Text Around Objects

Xara Web Designer is the sophisticated website designing software which lets you create some stunning web pages. The features and tools of this software make designing and editing a web page quite a simple...[more]

Xara Web Designer: Using the Text Tool

The Text Tool on Xara Web Designer allows you to add and edit text to your web page so that it meets the desired requirements. The Text Tool is simple and easy to use...[more]

How to Operate Xara Web Designer

Xara Web Designer is an easy-to-use website design software that allows users to create web pages from templates. But, how does a user begin operating Xara Web Designer? It is actually pretty easy.Step 1:...[more]

Xara Xtreme: Filling in Color with the Color Editor

While working in Xara Xtreme with objects that can be filled with color, you can change the fill color using one of two ways — the fill tool and the Color Editor. This tutorial...[more]

Creating a Drop Shadow in Xara Xtreme

A drop shadow or a “wall” shadow effect, applied to an object or a text, is largely used in photo editing, web design and animation. In general, it does not matter if it comes...[more]

Using the Transparency Tool in Xara Xtreme

The Transparency tool in Xara is normally used for converting opaque objects to transparent objects. Using the transparency tool in Xara Xtreme is easy. Objects that are on the screen can be altered so that...[more]

Xara Xtreme: How to Feather Photos

Xara Xtreme has very straightforward tools to feather photos. Feathering in this case means blurring the edges so that they blend in better with their surroundings. This feature is useful not only for photos,...[more]