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How to Video Conference with a SIP VoIP Video Phone

An SIP VOIP video phone can be used to hold video conferences with people all around the world. These VOIP phones use the internet instead of conventional phone lines to place calls. The advantage...[more]

How to Choose a Free Camera Phone that Takes Good Pictures

When you get the option of choosing a free camera phone, it can be difficult to decide which one to get. Anyone who has a contract phone will be able to choose a new...[more]

How to Video Conference with a D-Link Wireless Video Phone

A D-link wireless video phone is a useful device which makes it possible to see people when you are on the phone with them. Normally, video calling is very expensive, however, these D-link phones...[more]

How to Download and Print Your Camera Phone Pics

Your camera phone pics deserve to be downloaded to your computer. By downloading these pictures, it's possible to edit them, print them out and even upload them to the Internet. Downloading and printing is...[more]

How to Use Your Cellular Phone for Home Video Shooting

If you want to shoot great home videos, you may just need the right home video phone as opposed to purchasing a really expensive camcorder. Smartphones now come with megapixel resolution sensors similar to...[more]

About Video Cameras: Popular Features and Options

It’s not easy to be black and white about video cameras because the market is teeming with options. There are cameras that cater to all kinds of needs and purposes. Some are meant simply...[more]

Unique Features of a Hybrid Hitachi Video Camcorder

If you are considering buying a new Hitachi video camcorder then you will need to consider their hybrid models. These hybrid Hitachi video cameras are unique and have a number of useful features. You...[more]

Should I Buy a Digital Camcorder with a Low Rating?

Many people will consider the digital camcorder rating when they are choosing a new video camera. However, these aren't actually as important as you might imagine. Just because a camcorder has a poor rating...[more]

Ready Made Picture Frame: The Economic Advantage

Anyone offering framed photographs will be able to speed up the process by using a ready made picture frame. These are also much cheaper than making frames yourself. These frames offer a valuable framing...[more]

Three Reasons to Use a Camera Crane in Home Movies

A camera crane is a device that is used in filmmaking to shoot a scene from a distance. Larger and more sophisticated cranes are operated with a videographer sitting behind the camera or via...[more]

How a GPS Camera Phone Knows the Location of Your Photos

A GPS camera phone is very useful because it not only makes it possible to take great photos, but you can also use it to identify your location. By using the GPS module in...[more]

3 Tips for Selecting a Good Camera Phone

The task of selecting a good camera phone for your needs requires research. Every day you hear of more new technology being incorporated into phones. What features do you really need in a camera...[more]

Exposure Benefits of a Camera Phone With Flash

When choosing a cell phone, you might be interested in choosing a camera phone with a flash. These camera phones are much better at taking photos because they have their own light source. While these...[more]

An Unlocked Camera Phone May Affect Your Ability to Send Pictures

Buying an unlocked camera phone makes it possible to use the phone on any network. However, it could make it more difficult to share your photos. Unlocked phones are very easy to buy, but...[more]

Send Pictures to a Computer with a RAZR Bluetooth Camera Phone

A Motorola RAZR camera phone is equipped with the latest features available on any phone. These have a high quality multi mega-pixel camera and bluetooth. It's very easy to transfer the photographs over bluetooth...[more]

Benefits of Optical Zoom in a Camera Phone

A zoom camera phone is a useful device which can be used to capture high quality photographs. Almost all cell phones have cameras built into them. However, few of these have zoom lenses. There...[more]

How Pictures from a 5MP Camera Phone can be Used for Web Pages

A 5MP camera phone is a very useful piece of equipment. At one time, the cameras included with phones were very basic and were a gimmick. However, modern cameras feature much more powerful cameras....[more]

How to Attach Voice Clips to Photos on Your Sanyo Camera Phone

A Sanyo camera phone is a very useful and powerful phone. While Sanyo might not be particularly well known for their cell phones, they are quickly earning themselves a very good reputation. These phones...[more]

5 Tips for Getting Great Cell Phone Camera Pictures

Taking cell phone camera pictures can be a little difficult because these have fairly basic cameras. A cell phone is designed mainly as a way of contacting people, and it does everything else as...[more]

Must My Camera Phone be in the Top 10 to Take Good Pictures?

You don't necessarily need to buy a top camera phone to take good pictures. There are plenty of phones that have good cameras and are considered one of the best phones available.FeaturesCamera phones are...[more]

How to Capture Video with Your New Nextel Camera Phone

Buying a new NEXTEL camera phone will provide you with a state of the art camera phone. These phones can be used to take still photos and also capture videos. There are a few...[more]

Indie Filmmaking: Low Budget Production Tips

Indie filmmaking is synonymous with low budget productions. Twenty years ago it cost a few thousand dollars to produce an ultra low budget indie because you needed to rent a film camera, pay for...[more]

A Filmmaking Equipment List for Low Budget Cinema

With the prices of high quality filmmaking equipment reducing dramatically and the availability of the Internet as a marketing and distribution platform, low budget/independent cinematography has had somewhat of a renaissance since the turn...[more]

Advantages of a JVC Camcorder with an On-Board DVD Maker

A JVC DVD camcorder makes it easy to record footage and then burn it straight onto DVD. This makes it very easy to film and then watch the videos back right away. There are...[more]

3 of the Latest Consumer Video Camera Technologies

The latest video camera units have seen the implementation of a lot of new emerging technologies. The following article lists three of the major technologies implemented in the latest consumer video cameras. 1. High...[more]

Major Differences between a Consumer and Professional Movie Camera

Many independent artists mix different types of devices or even use only amateur movie cameras for low-budget, artistic projects, instead of a professional movie camera. Nowadays, a great movie can be shot even with...[more]

5 Unique Features of JVC Professional Camcorders

JVC professional camcorders are more expensive than the consumer models available. You will need to look at the features of these cameras to decide whether or not you can justify buying them. These professional...[more]

Feature Differences of a Micro Digital Camcorder and Full Size

If you are thinking of purchasing a camcorder, you will need to decide whether you should go for a micro digital camcorder or a full size professional camcorder. Before you decide on one of...[more]

What Features of a Digital Camcorder Do I Need?

Making a big purchase on electronics is never easy, and knowing what digital camcorder to get can be very confusing. There are several options available, catering to every budget and purpose. There will never...[more]

Tips on Finding a Low Video Camcorder Price

It isn't too difficult to find a low video camcorder price. Shopping engines are great for finding low video camcorder prices because they compare prices from many merchants. You can also find low video...[more]

3 Popular Ratings Websites for Digital Camcorders

Digital camcorder ratings are a great source of information and should always be viewed prior to purchasing a new camcorder. Due to the large variety of camcorders and their various features, careful research is...[more]

Benefits of Movie Camera with a Built-In DVD Burner

A DVD movie camera makes it very easy to create movies directly from your camcorder. The DVD can then be played back in a regular DVD player and viewed on your television. No Need...[more]

Importance of JVC Digital Video Camera Software Updates

JVC digital video camera software needs to be updated on a regular basis. All digital cameras use firmware or software to do a variety of tasks. As with many other pieces of electrical equipment,...[more]

How To Buy a Compact Camcorder: Must Have Features

Many people want to know how to buy a camcorder. Compact camcorders are very popular because they make it possible to take them with you anywhere you go. Modern technology is making everything smaller....[more]

Trade-offs of Buying a New or Refurbished Digital Camcorder

When you are in the market for a digital camcorder, you can purchase a new or refurbished digital camcorder. Many people shy away from refurbished digital camcorders because they don't want to waste money...[more]

Should I Buy a Used Digital Camcorder?

A used digital camcorder can be a great way to save some money when buying a video camera. New video cameras are often quite expensive. By buying a used camera, it is normally possible...[more]

Advantages of a Panasonic MiniDV Digital Camcorder for Home Movies

The Panasonic MiniDV digital camcorder enables you to record video in a DV format on MiniDV cassettes. This is the ideal device for recording home movies. High Quality Picture and Sound Recording Compared to...[more]

Digital Camcorder Buying Guide for Beginners

The points mentioned here will serve as a digital camcorder buying guide for beginners and help them make the right choice in their pursuit to take outstanding footage. Size, Features and Price You need...[more]

Comparison between a One and Three CCD Digital Camcorder

If you are looking for different CCD camcorders then a digital camcorder comparison is needed. There are two types of CCD camcorders. The first one is the single CCD camcorder and the second one...[more]

Video Camera Information on Tape vs. Hard-Drive

If you're looking to buy a new camcorder, you're going to need some video camera information on whether you should get one that records onto tape or a hard-drive. The technology has changed a...[more]

Advantages of High Definition Digital Video Cameras Over Film

High definition digital video cameras are fast becoming the preferred choice over their film counterparts, and this is happening for a number of reasons. People looking to purchase camcorders often ask about the advantages...[more]

Digital Camcorder Info: Major Features of a Consumer Grade Camcorder

Digital camcorder info can be pretty overwhelming for a novice and prove to be the source of a major pitfall while choosing the correct digital camcorder. Here are the basics and the major features...[more]

3 Tips for Getting a Great Film School Scholarship

A film school scholarship isn’t always easy to find, but if you look hard enough and work on your camera craft while at school, they are possible. The time to start preparing for achieving...[more]

Why Take a Course in Acting for Film?

Acting for film is one of the most difficult and underestimated jobs out there. Most people think it's easy, but it is far from that. It is physically and emotionally exhausting. It requires you...[more]

What is Cinematography in Film?

What is cinematography? Well, the name comes from combining two Greek words: kinema, which means movement, and graphein, which means to record. In film, cinematography refers to the photographing of the movie itself. The...[more]

8 Important Cinematography Terms

There are a lot of cinematography terms that one needs to learn if he plans on making a career out of working on a film set. Some of these terms are unique to the...[more]

Understanding Film School Ratings

If you are passionate about film and want to learn more, then you will be interested in film school ratings. These ratings will help you to choose the best school to study at so...[more]

How to Research a College Film School's Credentials

Choosing a college film school is an important decision. For many people, it's their first step to a career that can determine what they will do for the rest of their lives. Film school...[more]

DVD Film School: Learning at Home

Today, the chance to learn filmmaking in several fast steps is made possible with a DVD Film School. It will save you time and will enable you to learn new things and improve on...[more]

What to Look for in Film Directing Schools

The right film directing schools can prepare and equip you for a demanding career. The school you choose can launch your Hollywood career. Here's what you should be looking for in a film directing...[more]